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Lottery winner played late wife’s birthday numbers

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GEORGIA -- David Greeson knows the numbers 5 , 7, 11, 23, 31 by heart. Not only because they won him the lottery, but because they remind him of his late wife.

"Her birthday was 11-23-57 and we were married on the 31st of October. Since her passing on December 6th, I've played those numbers every night, " Greeson said.

After three months, those numbers won him $78,000.

"First thing I said was 'Kathy, our numbers hit."

After 26 years of marriage, Kathy's death came suddenly. She died within a couple weeks of being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

Greeson says his wife loved to travel and that's why he wants to use the money to go back to the places where they created so many memories.

And while Greeson says the money is a nice bonus, ultimately, the jackpot was matching those numbers. "I hope it's a sign from her that she's ok."

Source: WTVC