Family sues police after alleged attack on elderly minister

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J.W. Loy

SALISBURY, N.C. — The family of a 92-year-old pastor is accusing a Salisbury police officer of slamming him into the ground at an assisted living center, breaking bones in his pelvis.

The family filed a lawsuit against that officer and the city of Salisbury, according to WSOC.

J.W. Loy, 92, is a minister and spent his life serving his community. He was living at the Salisbury Gardens Assisted Living facility last year when police say he became belligerent started waving his cane at staff members.

Family members say officers, including Officer Chris Hamm, approached Loy, grabbed him behind the collar and slammed him to the floor.

Shari Keller said her father suffered broken bones in his pelvis and spent four days in the hospital.

Hamm’s attorney said in an email Tuesday Loy was trying to hit the other officer with his cane and Hamm grabbed the elderly man by the shoulder.

The email stated Hamm attempted to break the fall, and, “This was not the officer’s intent to injure Loy.”

The city has promised a thorough investigation of Salisbury police.

Source: WSOC


  • Tired of government

    There is NO excuse for this! I just wish the poor man would have gotten one good shot upside that offficers head!

  • Dean Behrr

    It’s a wonder they didn’t shoot him. A lot of them are just looking for a good excuse to blow someone away. Then they could say the cane was a deadly weapon.

  • FaithC

    He is 92, how hard could he have waved the cane. Just stand back until he put it down and then take it away.
    It was a cane not a gun. I will assume the cops were faster than this elderly man and could move out of the way.

  • jwelton50

    I would like to know why the police were even called in. When medical ‘professionals’ deal with the elderly they should know that they sometimes get confused and upset and there should have been enough orderlies to handle the situation without injury to the patient.

    • allboymom

      you are absolutely right!!! no need for arrogant officers who just want to bully people & assert their authority. the officer should have told the center to handle this, that’s what they get paid for. I try to teach my children to respect authority, but you can’t respect someone who doesn’t respect his elders or community. I bet he’d be pretty pissed off if it were his parent…..

  • Marvin

    Officers think they have some superior authority to do as they please.
    I hope they find him guilty and gets fired.

  • Really.....

    “This was not the officer’s intent to injure Loy.”

    Well, Loy got injured on your watch, soooo man up…….it is never anyones intent to hurt, but, if you have to make that statement, then your intentions are sorry…

  • Ruth Smith

    No excuse for this. After being a care giver for years, these types of things happen, but never has an officer ever had to subdue my mom or other patients I’ve had in the past. This is unprofessional and I personally hope that the officer/officers are brought up on charges. This should not have been dealt with in this manner at all. Where were the medical professionals at this time?. There must have been a standing order written from his Dr. in case days like this happen. My prayers are with Mr. Loy and his family. And to add to this comment, the officers will get older one of these days and will need medical professionals to take care of him. Wonder if they will call the officers on him?

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