WS/FCS schools discuss adding 20 minutes to school days to make up for lost time

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(Photo provided by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools)

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — The ice from last week’s storm is gone, but the clean up and discussion of school makeup days continue.

On Tuesday, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system will talk about adding 20 minutes to the end of every school day after spring break to make up for lost time in the classroom.

This proposal was sent to parents in an email by Director of Marketing and Communications Theo Helm.

“We believe that adding 20 minutes gives teachers enough time to make a difference in instruction without disrupting afternoon schedules more than necessary,” the email read.

School has been canceled eight times this school year, which Helm says is the most they’ve had to cancel in 10 years.

With their current makeup schedule, the last day of school would be Monday, June 16. To avoid having a makeup day on that Monday, the Board of Education is considering adding 20 minutes to every school day after spring break.

Thelm says the board thinks this is a more effective end to the year without having everyone come back for one more Monday of school after the seniors graduate.

That means school will dismiss 20 minutes later from April 7-June 13.

The issue will be discussed at tonight’s meeting.

Other school systems are adding days to the calendar, or trying to get the State to waive the days.


  • Concerned

    They need to stick to their makeup days that were scheduled and this shouldn’t even be on the table for discussion.

  • Bran

    take one of the spring break days away idiots. my daughter doesn’t get home until 4:30 as it is because her stupid bus is always late.

  • Concerned

    I think people need to either attend the meeting or call the school board and have this stupid decision overridden.

  • Wesley T Woodall

    That 20 minutes can make u huge difference in disrupting schedules that parents have formed around school schedules, etc. The state should just forgive some of the days and be done with it. If they’re concerned about classroom time, cut back on some of the “useless” time during school and make up the instructional time.. Use some common sense!

  • Jennifer

    math has never been my best subject so maybe I’m missing something here. How does an extra 20 minutes for 49 school days equal the same thing as ONE missed school day. It doesn’t!!!! This proposal is excessive in my opinion. Send them on a Saturday or take a day away from spring break. I encourage parents to respond to the link the school system sent for feedback

  • dewey

    the parents whine more now than the kids….when did your summer vacation become more important than your childrens education….and then the same parents whine about what their kids ain’t learning or the quality of education

  • Concerned

    Dewey, Our kids surely were not learning when they had a 2 hour delay all because it was “TOO COLD” to go to school! So apparently education is NOT their main goal for our kids. I’m sorry, but back in my school days in the 80’s, early 90’s and In Stokes County, who sees more colder and snowy weather than most, we went to school even if it was cold. But then, who knows, maybe the extra time is to compensate for the “too hot” days of summer coming up! I, too, am not a math proficient person, but I can say that 20 minutes extra a day for 49 days is way more than 1 make up day. And its funny how most of the people who say that parents are “whining” don’t even have kids in the Forsyth County school systems. Now I’m learning that Davidson county is also forgiving their missed snow days, so why can’t Forsyth County not be such scrooges?

  • sunshine

    Most high school students have to go to work after school. Me personally I have to be at work at 5 and it’s a 40 minute drive imma tell you know there will be a whole lot of kids signing out early.

  • Rich

    Sunshine, maybe you need to be in school because there is a difference between “know” and “now”. Also, “imma” is not a word and you are missing some punctuation marks.

    • its my business

      I thought sunshine’s post was fine. sunshine said – You know there will be a whole lot of kids signing out early.
      20 minutes at the tail end of the day just gives them more time to pack their book bags. I do remember a few years back when we had to get them to school 15 minutes early. (Except if I recall correctly, some kids had to stand outside in the dark to wait for the bus). 15 minutes here nor there, it should just be forgiven.

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