United Furniture considering Triad for $40 million facility, 200 jobs

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The Piedmont Triad is among several regions nationwide in the running for a $40 million, 1 million-square-foot United Furniture Industries manufacturing and distribution center that could create 200 new jobs.

The Triad Business Journal reports that United Furniture is evaluating locations in both Davidson and Randolph counties, where the company has options on hundreds of acres of land.

Robert Cottam, a consultant for United Furniture, told the Business Journal the company expects to make a decision on the location of the facility by May 1.

United Furniture is also considering sites in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Cottam said the company may also consider renovating an existing facility as opposed to building a new one, which would cost less than $15 million.

Construction is expected to being within 60 days after the company’s decision on a site. Cottam said United Furniture would likely begin hiring manufacturing, distribution and administrative employees in either July or August. The goal is to open the facility by 2015.

The company operates two plants in Randolph County, one plant in Davidson County and a 317,000-square-foot distribution facility at the Union Cross Business Park in Winston-Salem.

Cottam told the Business Journal United Furniture prefers to expand in the Triad, but the ultimate decision will come down to a variety of factors, including labor force and proximity to rail and major thoroughfares.

United furniture is the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of Simmons Upholstery furniture.

Source: Triad Business Journal


  • Tim

    I will just await the update later this month to say they decided to choose another location. We cannot even get a Trader Joes, so why would yet another furniture market provider come here when furniture market in High Point is now a thing of the past?

  • gabby

    They don’t pay enough to be treated as a slave and only get one break. When someone gets hurt they don’t even do anything to try to help the employee, not even a first aid kit. Then demand to return to work immediately. Never worked there myself but have seen and heard many inhumane circumstances.

  • Todd

    The High Point furniture market is stronger than ever. 60 to 80 THOUSAND attend TWICE a year. With a rich manufacturing history the triad would be a logical choice. Getting some of these people off the government dime and back to work would be nice too.

  • No More

    They just want incentive money. They will be here regardless. But will get hundreds of thousands for playing the game.

  • michelle

    I hope that it comes to our area! Manufacturing used to be our livelihood and I would like to see people back to work in this area. I love working in the furniture industry.. seeing a plain piece of wood become a beautiful piece of furniture is awesome. We need this in Davidson County! I think some people just forgot what a good hard days work can do for ya

    • Yep!

      Very true! I work for a large furniture company in Asheboro and yes they do hire and prefer illegal aliens. I’ve even seen illegal workers quit and come back under a different name. They also promote the illegals ahead of the American workers. I do plan to get out but there are other American workers that are feeling the effects of this as well. The lying has got to stop. BTW, want to know who the illegal aliens are? Just ask them, they like to brag about it.

  • Yep!

    Just wanted to add that the governor was hobnobbing with this Asheboro furniture company a few months ago. The Furniture United deal will be wrapped up by executives and politicians. We the citizens will be the ones coming out on the losing end.

  • Luis

    Haha funny, to all of you ignorant people who don’t know squat of how America works this country is made up of illegals, we actually do the job you lazy people don’t want to do! Trust you never ever see a Hispanic in the streets begging for money and food. It’s funny I am a 19 year old Mexican immigrant i am naturalized and I am legal now and myself I make more money then all of you ignorant people who just get on here to criticize instead of being happy that Randolph county is growing and expanding! And if you want to argue about it go ahead! I’m sure mature and grown people don’t sit behind a computer and argue on a news station website.
    Feel free to add your ignorant messages and comments I still make more
    Money than all of you put together and I pay my taxes. I graduated with honors from my school unlike the other kids at school at turned to drugs and being in prison. So before you open up your mouths look at how your own kids are. Look at your status in society and think twice before commenting on here and getting owned a Mexican illegal immigrant who has become naturalized and is legally present In the United States of America making 8 to 10 grand a month. Yes that’s right a 19 year old Mexican making more money In a month then what you any of you will in half a year. And this is for the people that are trash talking about my honest working people. Not the others who actually get on this website to read the news! :) have a good night.

      • Luis

        It’s very easy to lie behind a computer but the joke is on you “yep” who doesn’t even put their real name on here. Who decides to work at a furniture factory instead of looking for a better job an office job of some sort and being in your own country you can’t find a decent job without whining about everything! & no I’m not lying I will gladly show you my year to date this year, I hope it doesn’t make you cringe on the inside of what an “illegal immigrant” is making and how much more he is making! :D

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