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Guilford Co. Schools, WSFC Schools to keep make-up days in place

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Guilford County Board of Education has voted against reinstating spring break days that are being used as make-up days.

The vote means that April 14, 15, 16 and 17 will be used as make-up days and Friday, April 18, will be the only day students and staff have off during the spring break week.

A petition on was recently created asking the school district to forgive the missed days during which a State of Emergency was declared.

“I'm just asking the school board to please to find it in their heart to get together and consider the families of students and well as all the administration and staff members and allow them to have their spring break,” said Carmen Bunton, one of several parents who spoke before the board Tuesday night.

The board did look at other options, including adding time to the end of the day and adding days onto the end of the school year. Both of those ideas came with additional problems. Staff also recommended not making up days on Saturday which is considered the Sabbath by many in the community.

The board decided to stick with their original calendar for the year that was put in place in December 2012.

“When we do put into a calendar a date that may possibly be a make-up day for inclement weather, we mean that,” said Board Member Nancy Routh.

Dealing with the same issues, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools were looking at extending each school day 20 minutes from spring break to the end of school to help make up for losing eight days.

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education on Tuesday dropped a proposal to lengthen the instructional day.

That plan would have allowed the school year to end on Friday, June 13, after all the earlier bad weather days have been made up. Now students and teachers will have to come back for one more day on Monday, June 16, to finish the year.


  • t

    Way to go Nancy Routh!!! I’m so glad the board made the right decision! Education first. Carmen Bunton et al just don’t get it.

  • No More

    Glad to hear the GCS board did not listen to these whiney soccer moms. They can still get to beach for a long Easter weekend and drink plenty of wine.

  • Cgm

    Some parents/teachers had plans other than the beach. Some families use spring break to tour colleges or visit family. Many teachers use these days to make doctor or dental appointments. There would have been no problem adding minutes to the end of the day. The comments here so far are very rude. I hope Faith C attends class these days, and learns how to spell. Sorry the “soccer moms” as you say want to spend time with their kids and you guys don’t. Your kids would probably rather be in school anyway than home with No More, Faith and t.

    • bella07

      Good call!They have already had enough days off These families have the whole summer off to do their fun activities Most jobs do not even get a spring break or a summer off. .As for doctor or dental appointments, that can be done any afternoon. These people need to stop whining!

  • MickeyMDB

    Quit belly aching about teachers. Most of you have no idea what teachers go through — imagine your husband is diagnosed with blood cancer and you need to take time off. Most JOBS allow you to just take leave….however I’m sitting here in a hospital room making lesson plans, coordinating my sub, grading papers (at least trying to), and checking work e-mail daily. I’m on family medical leave, except I’m doing almost every aspect of my job. I’m just not going to campus and teaching the lesson. Is that fair? NO! Have some respect for the people who are tirelessly trying to educate your children, and quit treating us like lazy babysitters. I challenge anyone to come step into my shoes, right now, and try to navigate the chaos that is happening right now. Oh by the way — my husband, who’s laying in a hospital bed, fighting blood cancer is a teacher as well….with the SAME requirements. So SHUT UP!!

    • observer10

      I’m sorry for your difficulties, but don’t cry about your schedule or benefits to any person working in the private sector.

    • Concerned Parent

      I express my empathy to you and wish the best for your husband BUT when YOU chose to be a teacher you already know what to expect and what your requirements would be or you should have and if you didnt do your research that is your fault. Don’t get upset with everyone else because of your decision, if you are not happy then find another job that will allow you all the “perks” that you wish to have. Not every parent considers teachers as babysitters!

      • MickeyMDB

        I guess I should have researched what happens when your spouse is hospitalized, diagnosed with blood cancer, and hospitalized again 12 years ago when I began my teaching career. You’re right. I’m not looking for “perks”….I’m looking for basic human compassion for my situation in regards to my ability to work.

    • dewey

      smoke another you SHUT UP and calm down….no one said a thing about teachers whining…you jumped on your soapbox without even reading….it’s really hard to defend public educators when you come on here with a hot mess like that firing on all cylinders and no one has said a thing about teachers

      • MickeyMDB

        Good call!They have already had enough days off These families have the whole summer off to do their fun activities Most jobs do not even get a spring break or a summer off. .As for doctor or dental appointments, that can be done any afternoon. These people need to stop whining!

        That seems to be directed at teachers. So thankful my teachers did teach me how to read.

    • dewey

      you said it seems to be… you’re not sure…it’s just how you COMPREHEND it eh… read it, but chose to take a personal affront….hope your hubby gets better, but I still haven’t seen a single comment here downing teechers(sic)

  • Cora Knight Collie

    I think this is a great call! I have a lot of teachers as friends that would disagree with me but my reasoning is legit. I have a struggling 4th grader with a reading disability. He gets extra help in school and outside of school but these days missed have been crippling to his improvment. Then to add another week to it especially when EOG’s are right around the corner. I’m sorry but my child can’t afford another week off of school. I love my children and would love to have more time with them, but its my job as his mother to put his needs above what I want. Education comes first! All I’m saying is, not every child excels in thier education with ease, please keep this in mind.

  • Diane Purcell

    I understand why they are using spring break, but I really think they need to make different plans for next year. Some of us are divorced parents and need the spring break for our child to visit the other parent in another state or too far away for weekend visits. This isn’t about entitled parents wanted to go on vacation – it’s about visiting potential colleges for seniors and their families, visiting family etc. I DO think the students had enough ‘breaks’ due to the bad weather, but it’s getting pointless to plan anything for spring break due to these makeup days. I think Guilford County should plan to cut some of the early release days and workdays or plan on Saturday makeup days for those winter closures that go beyond scheduled expectations.

  • Kim

    What rude people you have all been- no one can possibly understand every different situation affecting the spring break issue, whether from a student OR teacher’ s perspective. But I have read many stereotyping generalizations in just the few above comments- please have some basic decency, folks! We are reading this article to find out the decision of the board meeting last night, NOT to hear you jumping on some particular person’s personal character. Wine drinking soccer moms, whining, and brain dead? Mercy people, can ‘t you construct a more clever retort?? Grow up- you sound like a 13 year old bully on Facebook. A more mature response is that we all want the best for our schools, but may have different views on how that plays out on this issue. Keep that in mind and enough with the petty personal attacks.

  • Tim

    Will, you sound a little angry. Take a deep breath and wind down a little. Your day will be much more enjoyable.

    • Will Grant

      Oh, brother….you’re quite the armchair psychiatrist for someone who has to work a double shift at some loser job just to make ends meet, “Tim.”

  • Cgm

    Will Grant should attend classes with the children. It seems he has no class. He doesn’t play well with others.

  • sara

    I enjoyable read and I have more than a few similarities with you likewise re backing a trailer and struggle with technology and marvel at how much better the kids are than me have only just got the hang of facebook you are a mile in front of me re twitter well played you !

  • Cgm

    I wish Will Grant could come up with some other method of name calling besides “white knight.” He uses it for every article he tries to argue about. I don’t need manhood classes, I’m a woman. That’s how I know, Will, that women are not emailing you…ever…about anything. You get on these threads and give off unprovoked hostility so I’m sure you are unhappy and quite backward, ignored, or bullied in real life. Good luck with that. I guess me and the other soccer moms will keep walking past you at the gym while you with you were part of the crowd, any crowd.

    • Will Grant

      Oh, brother….if you even go to a gym, “Cgm” I would imagine you’re part of that crowd in size 3xl lavender sweatpants who do a grueling 20 minute stroll on the treadmill at 2.1 mph while you watch Ellen, so our paths won’t cross in the gym.

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