Crazed cat attacks baby, forces family to call 911

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- A fat cat with a bad attitude attacked a baby and forced a Portland family to hide in a bedroom before calling 911.

Police were called out to deal with the crazed kitty at The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

The man who called 911 told the dispatcher the cat "went over the edge," and was charging at them every time they opened the door.

"He's trying to attack us," he said. "He's very, very, very, very hostile."

911 operators confirmed the baby did not need medical attention before sending officers to the scene.

"The 911 operator stayed on the phone with the caller to ensure the family, including the dog, remained safe in the bedroom as the cat screeched in the background," a Portland Police Bureau press release states.

The responding officers snagged a dog snare to use in case it was needed to take the alleged cat criminal into custody.

The cat, named Lux, weighs 22 pounds.

When officers opened the door to the apartment, a black and white Himalayan darted into the kitchen, "attempting to flee custody," police said.

The dog snare came in handy, as it was used to put the cat behind bars in a crate.

Officers then told the family it was safe to come out of the bedroom.

"The cat remained behind bars in the custody of the family and officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city," the Portland Police Bureau stated.

A motive for the feline's frantic behavior has not been revealed.

"He's got kind of a history of violence," the caller told a 911 dispatcher. "He's kind of a violent cat already. But he's really bad right now."

Source: CNN/KPTV


  • Sandy

    I seriously had a cat just like this that attacked all the time. He got so bad that we had to have him put down. Animal Control had to take him from my house. We raised him from the time he was a few days old b/c the mom died. I always wondered if it was because he wasn’t disciplined by him mother. Other than me! I really thought we were the ONLY ones that this has happened to.

  • Julio

    I don’t agree with the decision. Attacks a baby, then the whole family, and then is released to the family with no bond and no court date? What’s wrong with this picture? :-)


    I think this story is appalling. First, let me say, I had a mean cat that I had to have removed from the house, but for these people, #1 to have a cat that weighs THAT much is unhealthy, secondly, to KICK the cat, if he treats the cat THAT way, maybe THAT is why the cat is allegedly mean. Idiot. How are they taking care of this obviously somewhat neglected cat. YOU NEVER EVER KICK AN ANIMAL.

  • bella07

    Sounds like these people made this poor cat respond like this. They kicked him! Maybe he should be given to someone who respects animals.He did not even attack them anyway.

  • Valerie Beverly

    They need to call guy from the show “the cat from hell” and see why it acts like that and having one put down is not the answer but it would not be around my child again

    • GC

      I agree, having it put down is not the answer, when I have had problem animals in the past I put them down myself, I’m not going to have someone else do it.

  • Mel The Cat

    Purrrrrr….Yeah, Lux was really pissed that after years of getting their undivided attention, along came this little snot-nose baby, and now he gets treated like a third-class citizen.

    I told Lux to do like I do when my person starts acting like I don’t exist–I wait until she is all nice and comfy on the couch or the bed, then I pull a surprise attack–I pounce and grab her feet and with a one-two punch, I wear those freakin’ feet out! Scratching, biting, and clawing the meow mix outta those suckers.. hehehehe

    Afterwards, I act all contrite and she rewards me.. LOL

    I told Lux he was going too far, but oh well, he seems to think his nine lives will last forever.

  • GC

    Every time I’ve ever had a problem cat around the house I’ve put it down myself- instant solution, no need to call police or animal control, or to hide in the bedroom. Any cat or dog that bites its owner, for any reason, has no place anywhere near me, my home, or my family.

      • GC

        I’ve got quite a few other animals which I love very much, and I take good care of, but they aren’t biters. I will not tolerate an aggressive animal, period. There are children around and I will not have an animal that shows a tendancy to be aggressive because I value peoples lives and health much more than any animals. if I have to choose, I will choose the person every time.

  • Melanie E. H.

    Any feline, once hit, may very well attack right back. It hurts them to have their fur pull, so any child should be kept at a safe distance fro a pet until they are instructed on how to care for their pet. Do not throw your pet outside; the distance from you and the outdoors makes them insecure.=trouble

    • anom

      I agree, and these people shouldnt get Lux back!!! First the child shouldnt have been able to pull the cat’s tail AND SECONDLY THE FATHER KICKING THE CAT!!! What would we do if someone did this to us!! Please dont let these people have ‘pets’ anymore!!

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