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Animal advocates protest use of gas chamber in Davidson Co.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- The push to stop animal shelters from using the gas chamber has moved into Davidson County.

With signs in hand, a group gathered outside of the Old Courthouse in Lexington.

The animal advocates believe gas chambers are inhumane and lethal injection is the more humane way to euthanize an animal. Davidson County Board of Commissioners Chairman Larry Potts says the County's animal shelter does use lethal injection and only uses the gas chamber for dangerous animals.

"[The gas chamber is used for] only the ones that pose harm or danger to the staff. The ones that can't be held for lethal injection, we do use the gas chamber," he said.

Joyce Tester is against the gas chamber. She feels all animals should be euthanized by lethal injection.

"The commissioners need to listen to us,” she said. “They need to realize we are passionate about it. Animals don't need to be in the gas chamber 30 minutes dying."

Any changes at the Davidson County Animal Shelter will have to be made by Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.


  • chandler

    qoute from protester, “trying to save the animals”.
    Well hold sings and pass out flyers supporting neutering, spaying and adoption. I do think gassing is wrong, but most of the protesting is from supporters of triplit for sheriff.

  • G Man

    Let’s have Joyce & the protesters take turns holding the wild/dangerous animals. What’s wrong with these people? A pill in the animals FOOD???

    • Bgk

      Nice of you to pick out one specific name to call out. Funny that 90 other NC counties know how to do this to all animals because those did the right thing and got rid of gassing animals. What’s wrong with, Davidson? Plus the HSUS comes in to train all the staff PLUS GIVES $$8000-$10000 TO MAKE SHELTER IMPROVEMENTS! And it saves money.

  • Katsy

    Chandler. I was at the protest and only saw one person with a Triplett shirt on. How can you make such an assumption???
    G Man – they have instruments to use for rabid and wild animals. How do you think the other 91 counties in NC manage it. They don’t have gas chambers. They have dismantled years ago

  • Larissa Tuttle

    I’ve been working on getting the word out on getting rid of gas chambers for a number of years and do the press for the rallies in multiple counties. Hal is not running at Rowan or Randolph where I first did press. Do I think Hal would be a great sheriff, yes! It’s time to get someone in there who has the compassion needed to make progressive,modern changes in support of both the animals and humans. So no, this is not politically motivated. This event, like the other 4 recent rallies in other counties, was about the animals. And people have a right to want to vote for people who have similar interests in making the world a better place. Regards, Larissa

  • Gregg

    I agree, let’s send them the wild/dangerous animals. These freaks (animal activist) obviously have too much time on their hands. This most certainly is politically motivated. Vote for Triplet if you want to see whacko’s like this flourish..

    • Bonnie Henry

      It has never been political for me.bit is called compassion for animals who look to humans to care for them.what they give Greg is unconditional love. I guess it’s okay to abuse them and make them suffer???? There was one dog responsible for saving hundreds of people in the World Trade Center on 911. Perhaps you would feel differently if you had ever known the love of an animal. As many say, never trust anyone who does not love animals. You’re the freak!!!!

  • Willie Wonka

    Why would they torture animals to death for being homeless? why not show them some compassion and act in a more humane manner. It is cheaper to use injection, safer for the staff and the public, ( 2 gas chambers have exploded in NC in the past 7 years), and it is the right thing to do. There are proper tools, nets and long poles to use on aggressive or feral animals. Out of 100 counties in NC, only 10 are still using gas, soon to be 9 . Rowan will end it on 4/1. It is time for Davidson County to join the 21st century and end this barbaric behavior.. It makes everyone in the county look bad. ,

    • Chandler

      Rowan County hasn’t agreed to stop using gas
      They agreed to stop using gas on non- vicious animals only
      Same thing Davidson County does now.

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