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Some Piedmont residents still without power after ice storm

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Life is far from back to normal for many in the Pleasant Garden community.

Many are still without power as trees and power lines can be found dangling over many roads.

“It’s a hardship,” said William Alston, who has a few lights on thanks to a neighbor helping with a generator. “When you don't have lights, any water, any way of cooking it's a hardship.”

Power is not expected to be restored fully in the Pleasant Garden area until late Wednesday.

“We've had to go from making plans for one night without power to ‘let’s make plans for several nights,’” said Marcia Leonard, a parent of two. With no electronics, she has been putting her kids to work picking up storm debris in her yard and the neighbor’s yard.

“Yard work on the nice days or you find a place that has power where they can plug in [electronics] for a while,” she said.

Preparing for the return to school Tuesday is also a challenge for families without power and running water.

“You are going to have to have clothes plus make sure you can get to the schools. Some of the roads are still not passable,” she said.