Power restored to all Guilford Co. schools; will be on regular schedule Tuesday

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — As of 9:45 a.m. Monday, Guilford County Schools said power had been restored at all schools.

Monday afternoon, GCS announced schools would operate on a regular schedule on Tuesday.

Crews are still working to clean up tree limbs and power lines near 70 percent of schools

"The magnitude is such that with just in-house folks, we can't handle all the work. We're outsourcing a lot of the cleanup, so the costs will be large," said Gerald Greeson, director of maintenance.

Principal Shelia Gorham discovered significant water damage at Allen Middle School Monday morning.

"We walked into a little bit of a disaster zone," said Gorham. "We expected traditional ceiling tiles to be soaked. We didn't expect anything like this."

Gorham says water soaked through the roof over the weekend, causing water damage and flooding in seven classrooms. She says students will not be back in the classrooms affected until they are deemed safe.

"We do have money that we do set aside for emergencies, so we will be able to cover the costs of this. But it will be at a strain for the district. As you know, the budgets are very tight this year," said Greeson.

The school system closed all its schools on Monday.

The make-up day will be Thursday, April 17, according to Guilford County Schools Director of Communications Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan.

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  • Alfred

    They should forgive the days since a state of emergency was declared! Almanace county has so why can’t Guilford?????

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