Petition asks Guilford Co. Schools to forgive missed school days

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A petition has been started asking Guilford County Schools to forgive missed school days when a State of Emergency was declared.

The petition states, “The students and staff of the Guilford County School system want and deserve ALL of their spring break vacation.”

The petition already has over 2,000 signatures. Parents, students and teachers have signed the petition.

Following the most recent missed school day on Monday, GCS announced the make-up day will be Thursday, April 17 — a day previously scheduled as a spring break day.

With this make-up day in place, the already-shortened spring break has been nearly eliminated.

Due to past inclement weather this winter, make-up days have been scheduled during the spring break week for April 14, 15 and 16. This leaves only Friday, April 18, which is Good Friday, as a day off for students and staff on that week.

In addition to schools being closed following a State of Emergency declaration on March 7 and 10, schools were also closed Feb. 14 and a make-up day scheduled in the spring break week, after Governor Pat McCrory declared a State of Emergency for a winter storm. The Feb. 14 make-up day was scheduled for April 14.

In Alamance County, the school system said due to the “extreme weather event and state of emergency situation,” students will not make up the last four missed school days (March 4, 7, 10 and 11). The March 4 makeup date would have been this past Saturday, March 8.


  • layton

    I agree that we should have full spring break back. it isn’t our fault that the snow fell. they do know that nobody is gonna go to school for spring break right? I know that we missed school but we are already caught back up. we don’t need extra school to prove the county right.

    • dewey

      get used to the fact that life ain’t fair…..the sooner you learn this, the less disappointed in life you’ll be…….until you are 18, your ONLY job is to get an education….you all have missed several “work days”, not necessarily your fault, but your “check” would be short, and you’d have to live with that…………….as a taxpayer, parent and resident nutcase, I’d be grossly remiss in seeing these days forgiven because your parents can’t get a deposit back from a Myrtle Beach motel

  • Olivia

    I think it’s good and not so good…I think it is good because we have a Shorter year (which students middle school students love) but it isn’t good because we are behind on our education and the more work, the more grades, and the more grades a better chance we have of getting a good final score. Also, teachers can’t teach what they want to in time.

  • Kate (student)

    The point is…. Alamance county doesn’t have to make-up the days due to the state of emergency that guilford county also had, they however can make up days on the weekends and we cannot….. The whole spring break is not needed but it would be nice to gain a few back due to power outages and things beyond our control…. It’s highly annoying reading comments that claim we are complaining when in reality it simply isn’t fair. I’m not reading any comments that say Alamance county is in the wrong but yet guilford county is being shamed upon because the students just want the same treatment.

  • RachH

    Work during the summer? Gasp! I have news for you – unless you become a teacher or marry well you’ll be working summers all your life. And summer reading? One day when you actually grow up you’ll wish you had time to read during the summer.

  • Melissa Gray

    What about the parents who have jobs and are in danger already of losing their jobs do to how many days they have had to miss!! There is nothing wrong with keeping the kids in school for spring break. If your so worried about your vacation time then just take your kids out of school for that week anyways since apparently your not worried about your kids education to begin with.

    • RachH

      Exactly, Melissa; students and teachers commenting here so SELFISHLY think that they are the only ones affected by all the bad weather this winter. Many people had to miss work and either went without pay or had to use their vacation days which they can never get back. People who have jobs in the real world don’t get to make up days (because we work all year anyway!) so that money’s just gone, and if those of us who are lucky enough to even get paid vacation days had to use those vacation days because of the bad weather, well guess what… those are just gone, too. So I guess that little vacation we might’ve been planning to take will just have to wait until we can earn some more days; most people, as we all know, don’t get 10+ weeks of vacation every year like teachers do, so when we have to use our relatively few paid vacation days because of bad weather it actually has a real impact. Teachers have enough time off during the summer to travel the world; most of the rest of us are lucky to get enough paid days off to take a few long weekends here and there. Rest assured no teacher suffered any financial loss in terms of salary or paid days off due to the bad weather. SICK of their whining.

      • Irritated Teacher

        RachH, teachers are unemployed during the summer, not on vacation. They do not get paid, yet are required to attend workshops and meetings, without being paid. Spring break days were not make-up days, but turned into make-up days, and our “vacation” days were swapped for the days we were out due to the weather. Whenever school is canceled for students, it is not canceled for staff, and the original workday is swapped for a regular student day. So yes, we get paid for those days because we would have anyway. Did I mention that no teacher gets paid during summer?

        I will not give busy work during the former spring break days, which is what some people want to hear, but I will also probably have angry parents because the students who stay out those days will have to make up the work. Teachers cannot win no matter how hard we work. People will always think we are complaining and we can’t wait for summer. Did I mention that we do not get paid during the summer?

      • RachH

        You can absolutely choose to spread your salary out over 12 months and get a paycheck every month, and your paychecks will still be as much or more than the average NC worker, depending on your years of experience, so as far as I and many other people are concerned you most certainly are on vacation during the summer. You’ll have to try that argument with someone less intelligent and uninformed than myself. I know you all already have a lot of people convinced, but they’re just ignorant of the facts. While you’re not geting rich as a teacher you certainly aren’t any worse off than the average person AND you get better benefits than most and you only have to work part of the year.

  • Lynn

    “If they used their teachers workdays and planning periods wisely they wouldn’t have to do their work after hours”

    Teacher workdays and planning periods usually consist of meetings and more meetings :)

  • s

    Take a second and remember that our teachers are the ones that are educating us and raising the next generation of leaders to run this country. If you don’t like it, how about you come sit in a classroom with a bunch of teenagers or kindergarteners and try and teach them. Everyone who has posted on here has done it in a polite reasonable manner. Those of you that have gotten on here and posted about us “whining, “you’re doing the same thing. So just stop. You “adults” are acting like children bickering back and forth. I have the up most respect for anyone older then me, but you all are fools if you think I respect you. Grow up and act your age, not your shoe size. Its pathetic sitting on this website and yelling at us. Pathetic.

    • RachH

      Blah, blah, blah…. heard it all before. Your parents should be raising you, by the way – not your teachers. I raise my own children; they go to school to learn, not to be raised. Also, it’s UTMOST, not “up most” . See why you need to spend more time in school? And “grow up and act your age, not your shoe size”? That’s funny. Thanks for that blast from the past.

  • Barbara Ann Jones

    Funny how the Eastern part of the state is FREAKING out about having to make up 7 missed days when the Western part of the state goes through this on a regular basis every school year. Many Western districts have missed almost a whole month of school over the course of the winter. They start school the beginning of August and go until the middle of June. Raleigh never jumps up to forgive any days for them! Now that it has affected the Peidmont and Eastern half of the state it is a big deal. Just do what the rest of the state always does–extend the calendar and make up the days!

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