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Man accused of decapitating his wife found guilty of first degree murder

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Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Maria Magdalena Rodriguez

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who was accused of killing and decapitating his wife in 2010, was found guilty today in Forsyth Superior Court of first-degree murder and two other charges.

Rodriguez, 38, was also found guilty of first-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Maria Magdalena Rodriguez, 31, was reported missing Nov. 19, 2010, and her body was discovered Dec. 12, 2010, in a wooded area at the end of Williamsburg Road.

The jury began deliberations Wednesday, and deliberations ended Thursday without reaching a verdict after about nine hours.

Deliberations were to resume Friday but were postponed by inclement weather.

The next phase will be the jury deciding the sentence.


  • 2Cents

    Illegals? She couldn’t possibly have been illegal, after all she is wearing a McDonald’s unform cap in the photo. Surely McD’s isn’t breaking the federal laws and hiring illegals. Surely not!

    Very tragic and sad that she died in such a manner. He should be deported if he’s illegal. Let his mother country house his criminal self for the next 60 years.

  • Elaine

    Lord, this young lady was killed and all Will has to say is STUPID S*** you only do that to get a reaction well here goes one GROW THE F*** UP and get a life.

  • Judi Walker

    Some of these comments are horrific. Some precious children are without both of their parents. I taught one of their sons and these comments make me sick. My heart aches for their children. A person’s death is nothing to joke about or make rude comments about.

  • 2Cents

    You make an excellent point, Judi Walker. it is very sad. But since you mentioned it, exactly WHO is now supporting these children? Us, the DSS system, you? I’m not taking anything away from the tragedy that occured, but realistically, if these folks were here illegally; we are now left paying the bill to house this guy for decades and support his children for decades more. Why? Despite the tragedy that occured, those are some very valid questions. *Disclaimer: I realize the article does not say they were illegal, but my questions are directed as if they were.

  • Will Grant

    comments “awaiting moderation” oh, brother

    delete all the comments you like, but you cannot delete the truth about “Elaine” and “Judi Walker” having meltdowns and being full of themselves.

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