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Local restaurants hurt by power outages, loss of food

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Local restaurants lost thousands of dollars worth of food after the ice storm Friday knocked out their power for two days.

Skipper's Seafood Restaurant on North Main Street was closed both Friday and Saturday.

"[We were] just waiting and waiting for the power to come back on," said manager Elaine Kaliviotis.

The restaurant didn't just lose customers in those two days but had to throw out more than 1,000 pounds of seafood.

"Even if there's a hint that it might be bad, you're not going to sell it," said co-owner Penelope Kaliviotis. "Seafood doesn't stay for long."

"It's terrible," Penelope said. "We were on pins and needles the whole weekend."

Even though the restaurant got a truck load of new seafood Monday, Kaliviotis said recouping from the losses will take a while.

"Of course it pains you," she said. "Hopefully our insurance will kick in."

It's a recovery the Kaliviotis family is confident they'll make after 34 years of serving seafood.

"You can't get upset with God for the weather," Penelope said. "What are you gonna do?"


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