Ward by ward: A look at some projects in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem stock photo (Wikipedia)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — City officials and council members haven’t decided what will be included in a proposed bond referendum to be put before voters this fall, but here’s a list of what’s on there now.

The dollar amounts are rounded off. An asterisk (*) denotes projects that would be included only in the larger of the two bond referendums being proposed. A change in the size of the referendum and projects included in each is still possible.

- Northwest Ward: Fire Station No. 8 renovation ($2.6 million); Hanes Park restroom, track improvements ($500,000); Old Town water sprayground ($260,000*); downtown development ($3 million).

- North Ward: District police station ($3.5 million); Public Safety Center renovation ($10 million or $20 million*); Kimberly Park improvements ($400,000); Brown and Douglas Neighborhood Center security upgrade ($350,000); Piney Grove Park tennis court improvements ($350,000); Hanes Hosiery Community Center water sprayground ($250,000); Polo Road sidewalk ($1 million).

- Northeast Ward: Beaty Public Safety Center phase 2 ($7 million); Fire Station No. 9 renovation ($420,000); Blum Park improvements ($250,000); Fairview Park renovations ($200,000); Bowen Park restroom improvements ($150,000); Russell Community Center renovations, some with public school help ($150,000); Winston Lake Golf Course renovation ($750,000); Oak Summit Park water sprayground ($260,000*).

- East Ward: Happy Hill Park renovations ($5 million); Sedge Garden Recreation Center gym ($1.3 million*); Sedge Garden water sprayground ($250,000*); Winston Lake Golf Course renovation ($750,000); Winston Lake Park renovations ($4 million); Union Station upgrade ($9.1 million or $18.3 million*).

- Southeast Ward: District police station ($1.6 million); Former quarry park development ($4 million); Old Milwaukee Park development ($2.7 million*); Salem Lake Park renovations ($4 million); Easton Park water sprayground ($250,000*); Waughtown connector greenway ($300,000).

- South Ward: Griffith Park water sprayground ($260,000*); Old Salem sidewalk improvements ($460,000).

- Southwest Ward: District police station ($2 million); Miller Park renovations ($2 million); Little Creek Park water sprayground ($260,000*).

- West Ward: Fire Station No. 7 renovation ($2 million*); District police station ($2 million); Jamison Park development ($3 million); Hathaway Park water sprayground ($260,000*); rehabilitation of concrete-base streets ($2.7 million*).


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