Father of NC teen charged with killing grandmother speaks out

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Treyvon Evans (WTVD)

DURHAM, N.C. — The father of a 17-year-old charged with his grandmother’s murder is talking about his jail visit with his son.

Kenton Evans told WTVD that Treyvon Evans is a good person, and just made a mistake the morning police say he stabbed 62-year-old Carolyn Hemingway to death.

The teen is also charged with stabbing his 4-year-old brother and will remain in jail without bond until his trial.

Treyvon Evans and his father recently spent some time talking in jail and Evans said his son told him he did not do it.

“I know for a fact he loved his grandmother, so how it got from the point they were supposed to be arguing to the point that she’s no longer here, I have no idea how they got to that point,” the elder Evans said.

Source: WTVD


    • bray

      I’m just trying to figure out how the two are related in any way? Have you ever done anything that deserved punishment and gotten away with it? Does that mean that mean that someone should have shot and killed you? No one ever said that Treyvon was perfect but he didn’t deserve to die just because there was a possibility that he could have grown into a criminal.

  • carthos walker

    A mistake is forgetting your book bag, this father should have remained silent. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • felix

    This “kid” knew what he was doing and needs to be in jail. Horrible crime committed by a horrible person.

  • OldSoldier

    Just a mistake? What was stabbing the 4 year old? Stop making excuses. What justification is there for killing your grandmother and stabbing a 4 year old. NONE.

  • Cecil

    That little piece of trash did it and now he’s lying about it. His father just doesn’t want to believe his precious boy is a killer. Put this young criminal in jail and throw away the key. He is trash.

    • Tracey

      First of all “innocent until proven guilty, second what makes you call him trash without knowing. third I knew you loser would respond to this article but not to “Louisiana’s longest-serving death row prisoner walks free after 30 years” who was innocent yet convicted by an all white jury!!!

  • 420 Associate

    Is the father in jail also? Anyway that wasn’t a mistake if you do the crime accept the punishment.

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