More than 35,000 Duke Energy customers without power across NC

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Duke Energy said it has 4,200 people working to restore power to thousands of Piedmont families.

Duke Energy currently lists 35,342 customers in North Carolina without power. This includes about 12,000 in Guilford County, 14,000 in Alamance County, 4,000 in Randolph County and 3,000 in Davidson County.

The number of outages is coming down, but some people are still wondering why their neighbor may have power, but they don’t.

FOX8 spoke to Lisa Parrish with Duke Energy via telephone on Sunday to get answers on how Duke prioritizes its repairs.

Garey Edwards, Utilities Director for the City of High Point, says there are still 1,200 outages among City of High Point customers. Most of the outages are on the west side of High Point. Edwards said it may be Tuesday before power is fully restored.


  • Weindy

    We do not even see any power companies out working – only the company removing trees and limbs – very frustrating to send kids to school today who have been without power and hot water for a bath.

  • chucky1992

    I know it is unlikely that any of the people working to restore power will see this but I want to express my most sincere Thank You to them. I know that they have spent a lot of time away from their families and maybe even have their own damages to contend with yet they are working around the clock to restore our power. We take something like energy forgranted and forget how valuable it is until we loose it. I am so happy to have mine back now. Thank you Duke Energy, Pike Electric and all of the other people who have worked hard to restore power to the masses. (Not a power company employee for those who might think that) :)

  • Tim

    These people are working around the clock and odd hours, so be patient and be thanful for what you have. Maybe now people will understand or appreciate more of the poverty life and homeless folks who suffer from this type of emergency every day! Some by choice, but alot have nothing and lost everything as well during this storm. Homeless have lost tents and all of their belongings that are slim to begin with. Maybe instead of looking outside your window for lights of a utility truck, you drive to a shelter and assist those that dont have the luxuries of power when it is turned back on.

  • Paul

    The wait times for tech support at North State are over 90 min. The techs are working as hard as they can. Just a very high volume.

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