Many Duke Energy customers told power should be restored by Wednesday night

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Most Duke Energy customers across the Piedmont have been told via automated system that their power should be restored by 11 p.m. Wednesday.

People in areas including Alamance County, Randleman, Liberty and various parts of Guilford County have been told power will be restored by Wednesday night.

Crews are out working to restore power after a storm hit the area Friday, causing downed trees and power lines, strong winds and heavy power outages.

High Point City customers (not Duke) should have power fully restored by Sunday, according to High Point City Manager Strib Boynton.

About 100,000 people are still without power in Guilford County as of Saturday afternoon. There are also several thousands in Alamance, Randolph, Davidson and other Piedmont areas.

Some areas have declared state of emergencies including Guilford County, Greensboro and Burlington.

A bakery owner told FOX8 Saturday if power is not reestablished within 24 hours, his business will lose around $70,000 worth of frozen and refrigerated goods.

He said the goods are three weeks’ worth of labor.

“We are praying heavily. This is a real hardship for a small business,” Mike Rawlins said.


  • WB Ryan

    If it costs his business $70k in revenue for 2-3 days without power, then he should have spent $10k on a backup generator system. Can’t feel sorry for stupid.

  • Latisha

    I think it’s a disgrace duke Energy should be ashamed as much as we’re paying for service all these increases they shouldn’t sleep until power is restored.not to mention they are quick to cut your power off barely want to work with you they are money hungry hippos signed a very dissatisfied customer

    • nate

      I don’t know about you but i pay duke energy to provide me with electricity. And i get wht i pay for. I agree with you on the keep getting higher prices. But most of the blame falls on the home owners and the city. The cities were behind on cutting tree branches away from powerlines and transformers. Residents could’ve cut or payed to hv cut those dead dangly branches that they’ve been lookn at all year. As soon as we get a good storm thn down they go. I feel bad for the ignorance of most of us but we are somewhat responsible for this as well. The first thng u here ppl say is that we wasn’t prepared. Key word, “WE”.

  • Shayla

    It sad and I know some people can be quick to judge area businesses and people with power but no one plans for this to happen. No planned for power to be off for more than 24 hours too. Some people need to have compassion and not judge.There are people and children that are suffering.

  • Paulette Byrd

    Yes, they call you and tell you that your Power is on but, it is NOT at 4:00AM!!! And then you get on the internet to see how long and you are not on the list.

  • Diane Purcell

    I’m still trying to figure out how I got turned on, yet a friend around the block isn’t. And she has a relative on the same street that is on – yet she is not. Yeah I know all about grids but I have a hard time believing that on the same street, out here in Mcleansville, you can have such a strange situation.

  • Bonita Bennett

    I’m still baffled that the City Manager of High POint said the work crews retoring energy can’t work at night because they can’t see!!! How can they see at 8pm but not at 1am?? At least Duke Energy called in additional companies to help and worked around the clock….

  • t

    FOX8… it is states of. emergency. Not state of emergencies. Who.does your editing?! ALMOST every article has a mistake. Really unacceptable in your business, don’t you think???

    • G-Muse

      Oh calm down. You still understand the context of the story. People like you who have to complain about simple grammar mistakes really need to concentrate your energy on other things in life.

  • tammy o.

    Baffling to me that the mall is up and running and we live 3 blocks away with my father battling cancer and immobile (this is noted on our duke power acct.). Temp in house down to 35 degrees and duke advised my mother to call medical transport to take him to a “warm” place. Obviously the mall is more important than the well-being of a human beings health and welfare. I understand that this ice storm was an act of God, but there should be some priorty in what is taken care of first.


    I agree no one plans for this type of disaster…hind sight is always 20/20…a little compassion goes a long way!

  • Midway

    As much money Duke Power gets, they should be working day and night. To learn my power will not be return before Wednesday is crazy. Food going bad and having to stay in different places with my children is crazy. To see the power trucks sitting in the Old Winn DIxie parking lot with workers chilling pisses me off. They do not care……..

  • Jo Anne

    I feel bad for the people with families that are without power. I also feel the same way about the business as they have families to support as well and we depend on them too. Don’t judge others unless you have judged yourself first. Just pray we all have power soon and for the men that are working hard to restore it. Pray that we are not cost for the labor to repair the power as it is costing us enough to just eat and try to stay warm in this time of power outages.

  • Diane Purcell

    Many of the linemen working their butts off to get everyone up have no power at their OWN houses. Yes this is aggravating – but often when you see them standing around they are awaiting the go ahead from other linemen further down the path. Crews need to be rotated so they can also rest. They’re doing the best they can – yes, maybe Duke, as a company, needs to do better, but don’t blame the linemen who are out there doing whatever they can do.

  • Christopher

    If you want your power restored quicker, just tell Duke Energy you’re willing to store some of their coal waste. They need some off site locations.

  • Brittany

    Wish they’d hurry up and get power back on in Thomasville!!! Near Randolph st . There has been a power line in our the road the past 2 days & trees on lines in a Lot of places. have yet to see anyone near my house working to solve anything.

  • Tom

    I haven’t seen a single power truck in Thomasville since yesterday when there were 21 of them(Yes, I said 21…I counted) in Wallcliff which just by some happy coincidence is the neighborhood where the Mayor of Thomasville lives. Anybody else smell something rotten? Why aren’t they spread around over town.

  • nate

    I understand that there is situation with weather but all i keep hearing in we wasn’t prepared or no one planned for this. I feel bad for those who can’t help themselves but everyone else should b ashamed. Life is full of unexpected events. Americans are so spoiled. Should’ve bought a generator instead of that I-phone or play station. Now its the power companies fault why we’re cold and in the dark. Energy companies are here to help not live your life for you.

  • nate

    The funny thng is that ppl will sit on their fannies and demand that somebody else come fix their probs. Ppl lived thousands of years without electricity. Today without it, millions will die. Wake up n rake up ur own yrd. Stay away from downed lines. Watch how long ppl leave dubri n broken branches n their yrds waiting on someone else to come fix thr probs.

  • Joe

    All I have to say is its pretty bad when all that’s wrong with our road on franklinville is the fus came out of the. Transformer all they have to do is have somebody come and put it back in but no we have to be with out power for 3 dates or more no one came and looked yet

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