Asteroid zips past Earth closer than Moon


An asteroid 100-feet wide passed between the Earth and moon on Wednesday evening, only 218,000 miles from our planet.


The asteroid passing by Earth at 4 p.m.

Asteroid 2014 DX110 remained a safe distance away from Earth, experts say.

The asteroid passed Earth at 33,000 miles per hour, presenting quite a spectacle.

“We continue to discover these potentially hazardous asteroids — sometimes only days before they make their close approaches to Earth,” Slooh’s technical and research director, Paul Cox said a few weeks ago when a similar asteroid zipped past Earth.

2014 DX110 is an “Apollo class” asteroid, which means it has an orbit that crossed the Earth’s orbit.

There are 240 known “Apollo class” asteroids, but astronomers believe there are at least 2,000 asteroids 1 km or larger that cross the Earth’s orbit.

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