Two arrested after 6-year-old girl found in filthy, rodent-infested house

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Robert Veazey, 62, and his daughter Sarah Veazey, 38, were busted for child cruelty after the little girl was found living inside a decrepit home just outside Atlanta on Sunday.

GEORGIA — A mother and grandfather in Georgia were arrested after police say a 6-year-old girl was found living in a filthy home without running water.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the child, who’s name was not released, was placed in protective custody after she was found in the home her family shared with 12 cats and two dogs.

Police were called to the home Sunday following a dispute between neighbors.

The deplorable conditions were discovered shortly after. Police say the animals had defecated on the floors of the cluttered home, which had sagging floors and rodents in the ceiling.

“For bathroom facilities in the residence, there was a bucket being used and then emptied into the toilet so that the toilet is over flowing with feces,” the arrest reports read.

It was reported the home had been without running water for over 30 days.

Sarah Veazey, 38, Robert Veazey, 62, were arrested Sunday night and each charged with child cruelty.

Both Veazeys were being held on $10,000 bond for the felony charge.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    • anom

      what is your problem….this poor child is the only thing that should be being discussed..hope they never get her back!!

  • I M Wise

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  • michelle

    Ignorance is rampant here. Clean is clean and dirty is dirty, it has no preferrence to race or color. Poor kid deserves better. What does color have to do with it?

  • michelle

    Racism is taught and is a learned behavior as is obvious here. Do us a favor and take that somewhere else.

  • SMDH

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  • regina

    its very sad the little girl deserves better I was always taught cleaniness is the next thing to Goodness.I will be praying for her the two needs jail time.she shouldn’t be sent back to live with them.

  • Bedwell

    Really!?…what I don’t understand is what the race, education level, the presence of both parents etc has to do with this innocent child?? I read the story & my first thought is that poor child is lucky to have been discovered before she was exposed to life threatening illnesses. In my opinion, the post listing the college degrees etc sounds just as ignorant as the “barely graduated high school. ” I am just thankful that this child will finally know what a clean hot bath feels like, to lie in bed at night without falling asleep to the sound of rodents running…anyone who made this story about anything other than the child needs to take a step back & reevaluate.

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