Aluminum can collections help firefighters buy smoke detectors for residents

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- Smoke alarms save lives and there’s proof of that in Reidsville.

On Feb. 11, Melvin Lane, Jr. and his 82-year-old dad were asleep when their home caught on fire. The smoke alarm woke them up.

“By the time we got out of the house the smoke and heat were so intense,” Lane said.

The father and son made it out of their home by the time firefighters got there.

“During the process he said ‘Thank you for what you did’ and we of course responded no problem and I said ‘I’m glad that smoke detector went off and you guys were able to get out’ he said ‘Thank you for that too,’” explains Reidsville Fire Marshall Jay Harris.

Reidsville firefighters were the ones that installed that smoke alarm back in 2012.

“If it wasn’t for the fire alarm, we probably wouldn’t have heard it. We would’ve been hurt or killed,” says Lane.

In the past two years the Reidsville Fire Department has installed more than 120 smoke detectors. They collect cans from the community and then cash them in to pay for the detectors.

Reidsville firefighters will install a smoke detector for any homeowner who needs one at no cost. All you have to do is call the fire department. They will also change your batteries if you need.