Mother, two children killed in mobile home fire

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Mobile home in Davidson County is a total loss after a fire that killed a mother and two children (WGHP)

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A mother and two children are dead after a mobile home fire claimed their lives early Tuesday morning.

Officials say the call came in around 2 a.m.

The home is located in a mobile home park in the 8000 block of N.C. 109 in the Wallburg area. It was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived.

Family members say the mother who died is Kelly Stacy. Her children, 8-year-old Kaylee Stacy and 3-year-old Zachary Stacy, also died in the fire.

The children’s father, Ken Stacy, was outside the home when firefighters arrived at the scene. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns.

Family members say Stacy was released from the hospital Tuesday evening.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


  • Pat Snider-Odum

    so sad. Probably some form of heating device. It is sad what this state and this country has done. LIves are being lost because no one can afford to heat their homes.

    • DTOM

      “so sad. Probably some form of heating device. It is sad what this state and this country has done. LIves are being lost because no one can afford to heat their homes.” —

      You are right! This tragedy is someone else’s fault!

      God save us.

    • DTOM

      Really? No. I will install my own fire detectors. The fire department has better things to do. I expect you want them to change the batteries in the fire detectors every 6 months, too!

      What next? You want the garbage man to empty your trashcan?

      I find it amazing that some people think that basic fire safety is someone else’s responsibility.

      • tiredoftheselfishones

        And yes, the fire department does come out and install alarms in homes of families who cannot afford them, elderly people’s homes, etc. Perhaps they are more concerned with saving lives, than being self-righteous and drawing their cloaks of Pharisaical judgement about themselves. Jesus said: “The king will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant [they seemed], you did for me.’

      • Lisa Belanger

        Are you kidding me? We’re going to throw stones during such a tragic event when all the person was doing was reminding others of ways to prevent such tragedies!?!? Really!? It’s true. The fire department WILL install detectors in your home. I’m SURE they’d rather install a fire detector than to tote out injured humans. SMH RIP to the victims who were taken to such a horrible event. I pray for the families of the victims as well. May the husband heal quickly, body soul and mind. :/ I can’t imagine.

  • anonymous

    How did the man get out in time? Did he not yell for everyone else to get out, or even try to save anyone? It doesn’t make sense to me…

  • ashley brown

    This is my cousin and her two KIDS it hurt me to know this happen to them, it hurts that babygirl just had her 8th bday her life was cut short and LITTLE man didnt even get to expriance life. And Kelly was a great mother who loved her two kids to the fullest them kids ment the world to her, i feel sorry for my cousin husband his whole family got ripped from him. It is unreal. I just want. To ask god why but its not my place. I cant belive yall are gpne, we had plans soon but now they are gone. You and my baby couions might be gone but never forgotten now watch over us and let your spirit shine bright.#rip kelly and bug and little man. I love u fly with the angles now.

  • Melanie Hepler

    Ashley- I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to the husband /father as this will forever be on his heart. It is always very devastating to hear of young children whom pass way to soon. Please try to overlook the ignorance of some people. You dont know what you would do until you are put in that situation. Fly High Angels. Such a sad situation. :-(

  • TB

    So tragic. My daughter, who is soon to be 8, knows the little girl. Wallburg Elem just called to warn parents to discuss loss with our children before school tomorrow. Very hard to explain this to a child. Our hearts are breaking for this man and his family. Positive thoughts and words of love sent their way.

  • cristal

    Was the husband not by his wife?! Could he not woke her then go GRAB HIS KIDS!!!! I would grab none,even if I have to throw them outside!!!!

    • Don DeBerry

      This a terrible tragedy and if you or any one judges this before we know what happened are sick people and look at this man now has no family anymore so you should get you FOOT out of your throat so you can breath now.

  • P

    Read the Lexington Dispatch. He was in the bedroom, she was in the living room asleep with the children. Fire started in the bedroom, where he escaped. He tried to get back in the front door to save his family. You really don’t know if you weren’t there. Try to be more compassionate towards this family. It could have been any of us. Hug your loved ones a little tighter. He won’t have that chance. He needs support and prayers along with friends and family.

    • not2happy

      Thank you for this update and clarification of circumstances. I’m not sure who these people are who are commenting so judgementally, but real life circumstances are often not like we see in the movies… man and wife sleeping peacefully side by side with children tucked into special age- and gender-appropriate little beds with a stuffed animal under their arms. In real life, children get fussy, people get sick and move to other rooms, sometimes people just stay up too late watching a movie on the couch and fall asleep. There’s no nefarious circumstances here, just a tragedy and a man who lost the ones he loves. How about we put away those stones we’re so tempted to throw, and show some love.

    • mr5

      Officials say the mother and one of the children were found in the bedroom, while another child was found in the hallway.

  • Ashley

    I am just heart broken by this, I didn’t know Kelly well, but I met her through a group on fb that we both were in. I bought a pair a Kaylee’s PJs from Kelly just a few weeks ago & we spoke on the phone (lol for the first time ever) but for like an hour we just talked & talked like we were best friends or something :) she was my age & our lives were so similar too. I bet she was such a good person, mother, friend, & so on!! My heart is with you & your babies Kelly, fly high & in peace friend!! Your lives are with God now, rest in peace sweet angels!! † † †

  • Billie Piner

    I am the neighbor of the Stacy’s, and I would just like to say, the husband came out the window because that’s the only way he could escape and he did try to save them, by going back in the front door but got burned and had to be taken to the hospital, and the flames were so bad, so high, there was nothing anyone of us could do except the fire dept! I know, trust me, if I could of gotten in there to get my best friend and my childrens best friends…I would of and so would all the other neighbors, it was before you sit here saying who leaves there family, or who lets someone die..think about all of us that tried, and wished we could of saved them, and how he watched his wife and 2 kids and I watched my best friend and my childrens best friends (like my other kids) burn to death alive while there was nothing he or I could do!! its so heart breaking, were all so sad, some need to think about things before they talk about people they don’t know or things they don’t have any idea about..unless you were in my back yard like the rest of us screming for there lives and begging to get them out. ..then you don’t know what happened, but I can tell you im 30, and have NEVER seen anything this bad, or burn this fast!!! please pray for peace for her husband, family and all of us friends and neghbors that had to watch so helplessly!!!!! wishing we could of!

    • blueskyday

      So very sorry for your loss… what a horrifying, traumatic experience for you. I apologize for the rude comments of others…. there are people who are praying for you and the father/husband, and all others involved….

  • Robin Backer

    they say it only takes about 60 seconds for a Mobil home to burn to the ground what do you hateful speaking people think you could have done that these friends and family of this women and her kids didn’t try ..and i bet you don’t have a BIG RED S on your CHEST we are not in the movies people, it is so easy to judge others let’s all just pray for this Man and his friends who tried to do what they could… May God watch over you all

  • cristal

    This is just so,sad!!!! IT’S horrible and while a mother and 2 KIDS lost there life people want to,act stupid and childish and argue with others on here.DON DEBERRY THREATENED ME CUZ OF MY COMMENT.. REALLY?!!!? can you not pick on a man? No because ur a piece of shit. I have a opinion like EVERYBODY else on here!!! I may not like what,others have to say bUT u don’t see me replying to the comments saying rude things. By the way what I said MADE NO SENSE! ALSO I’M VERY GOOD FRIENDS WITH THE SISTER OF THE HUSBAND SO I KNW MORE THAN MOST OF YOU PEOPLE!! EVERYBODY grow up and post ur opinion and go on with ur life!!! These people can’t….THEY are dead and u adults are acting like KIDS saying rude things!!! Smdh

  • Amy

    Praying for this family. In an instant life can be taken. Not many will or can even attempt to comfort who is left behind. We all can just pray that God will take him in his own hands and protect him.

  • H

    My daughter went to school with kaylee our thoughts and prayers are with the father and the family and everyone involved my heart breaks for this father and the family

  • Destin Morgan

    I may not be a Christian but I do hope that his family is in a better place and I know he’s going to be ok (I’m the son of one of his work-friends) and when he came to our house the other day I could see that he can move on. It may seem difficult for him but he has plenty of hope in him, so much that if you were to see him around 1 year later he would be a new happy man. Even though we can forget the past we can still look towards the future and keep your wishing and prayers and what ever else you do and give him hope to keep moving on. Keep safe and Blake will be thanking you in another life.

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