Winston-Salem woman killed in fatal car wreck

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem woman is dead after a fatal wreck late Monday night.

Police say Amanda Leigh Cook, 39, of Winston-Salem, was killed when her vehicle went off the side of the road and flipped.

Cook was driving on the ramp from N.C. 66 to U.S. 52 when her vehicle went off the roadway, collided with several trees and rolled over onto its roof.

Cook died from her injuries.

“Speed and alcohol does appear to be a factor in this collision,” police said in a news release.

The investigation is ongoing.


  • FaithC

    “Officials say speed and alcohol seem to be a factor in the wreck.”

    This is so sad. At such a young age, killed due to drinking and driving. If you have a drink, just don’t drive!

    • Deb Booe

      Savannah, you wont remember me but your mommy was our neighbor when she was a little girl.I have a daughter that is her age & they played together all the time. Please keep what people post here in the right perspective, I dont want you to have to deal with anymore than you already have. No matter what happened, your mommy loved you guys. Losing her brother & then her daddy left an empty space in mommy’s heart that she couldnt get to stop hurting…If you would like to talk about ANYTHING instant message me on FB. I will be glad to listen. I am praying that God will give you, Hannah & Pax strength & peace. Take care Honey…Debbie (Collins) Booe

  • Stephanie Priddy

    don’t drink and drive. you might spill it. oops! too late. im glad she didn’t hurt anyone ELSE with her IDIOTIC decision! Got what she deserved. GRRRRRRR!!!!

    This was a comment on your Facebook post about this accident. Amanda was a friend of mine. She also has three children that are old enough to read the news. It’s a shame that fox 8 would allow this kind of bashing someone who cannot defend there selves for their children to read. I cannot believe she deserved to die. Shame on yu fox8

    • Deb Booe

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion but, we are adults & nothing is being said that is not a well known fact. Let’s be considerate to the family as they look for strength to deal with the latest tragedy in their life’s.Please…

    • Josette Crews

      How dare you? God will deal with you. I had to pray hard before replying to your outrageously disrespectful, hurtful, ignorant comment!!!! One of her children told me about the comment, an 8 year old!!!! The poor child just lost his mother and then sees your comment. Do you think that’s ok or are you that heartless? Ohh I’m going to have to pray harder because I about to lose my religion on you!!!!!! Dear Lord help us…..
      Fox 8- You should be ashamed of yourselves and you owe this family an apology!

    • Stephanie priddy

      I did not write the first paragraph of the above comment. It was copied from a person named jezzer and I spent two hours pleading with fox8 to remove it before her children seen it. Finally, chad tucker removed it. I in no way whatsoever would ever make a comment like that. Amanda was my friend. And on no way deserves those comments

      • Josette

        I received a phone call this evening explaining everything. I can’t believe fox 8 will not remove the post:-(

  • Josette Crews

    Praying for comfort for Amanda’s family and friends. I happen to be a long time friend and am deeply saddened. We weren’t as close as we once were but never the less I love her! To her three precious children please ignore negative post. As I said God will deal with unkind, mean people…. I love you Amanda Cook, gone but not forgotten.


    Dear amanda. U will be missed so much. I remember us growing up snd ur mom babysitting cody. As far as all the rude imature comments that amandas children r reading. Please do not believe everything u hear. There r always jelous people who don’t have anything better to do. Those people need to get a life and worry about themself. We all know who’s true in all our lives. We only have to answer to one person.. everyone else don’t matter. We all love u and will be missed Gina, paycence joey cody cristen. Meeks and crews

  • Elaine

    I lost my mom at a very young age,so I can just imagine what her kids are going through now and their future, people need to watch what the say, remember there are children that lost their mother

    • Deb Booe

      Paxton, I am sorry for your pain and pray that you will let God comfort you and make you feel better! <3

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