Man gives homeless guy a ‘winning’ lottery ticket; homeless guy insists they share it

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Rahat, the self proclaimed “magician prankster” who has gained internet fame for his drive-thru pranks, is once again getting national attention after he gave a homeless man a “winning” lottery ticket.

In the video, Rahat said he recently noticed the homeless man near a shopping center he lives near.

“I’m going to give him this supposed lottery ticket, take him to the store and see how much money is won from this ticket. But little does he know, this is a losing lottery ticket. And the store clerk is in on it,” Rahat said in the video.

After Rahat told the homeless man he was giving him his lottery ticket, the man asked Rahat, “You sure my man?”

Rahat told him he would take him to the store and together they would turn in the lottery ticket.

“How does that sound?” Rahat asked. “That’s cool my friend,” the man responded.

Once inside the convenience store, the homeless man handed the ticket to the clerk.

“Oh my gosh. Guess what? You won $1,000 dollars,” the clerk said.

“You’re kidding me right? You’re kidding me right?” the homeless man said.

After collecting his winnings, he turned to Rahat and said, “I want to share it,” and attempted to give Rahat some of the money.

“That’s all yours man. You earned it. You won the lottery man,” Rahat said.

The homeless man, with tears in eyes, then hugged Rahat and thanked him for giving him the money.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, a long time. And never, never had a friend or somebody do what you just did back there,” the man said.


    • Tilesh

      A person ACTED and DID SOMETHING GOOD. Praying had nothing to do with this, don’t try and take credit for it through praying.

      • Molly

        Sometimes being good is more important than being right. Your comment may have been right, but it wasn’t a good thing to say.

      • Mary

        Sad that you don’t believe in prayers. Prayers are answered for those who are Christians and live for God. They are answered for the lost too if they confess their sins and ask Jesus into their heart and repent of their sins.

      • John

        Hell yeah Talesh I am with you. Prayers haven’t done anything ever. It is people’s actions that carry things through. If you want something done don’t pray that some fairy will do it for you, but rather get off the couch and do it.

      • RACI

        When your life is at an end let’s see how hard you pray to God for help. Believe or not believe, you have no right to tell anyone else what to believe. And I for one will pray everyday of my life for people just like you.

    • stephanie

      Prayers how dare you take away from what one MAN did for another God and prayers and good thoughts had nothing to do with it, It was the act and kindness of a single human being and no other out side influence it all came from him.

      • Juan R.

        We are all entitled to our own beliefs and, because of that, I respect yours. However, I will say this. If you don’t think that God had anything to do with this, it just goes to show that you don’t know how it all works. but that’s ok :) you are still loved. Let’s just all be happy for the man that may have a place to sleep for a few nights and three meals a day for a few days :)

    • cici

      I always found it funny when people felt good about themselves for praying for good things to happen instead of actually being the one that makes it happen.

  • allboymom

    Tilesh maybe the homeless man was the one praying and HIS prayers were answered by Rahat being such a good Samaritan….please don’t take anything away from prayer….enough of it has been taken by so many! God knows who has prayed…..not us!

    • Keila

      Please…could you show me exactly how any prayers (assuming they were even said) made any difference on Rahat’s actions? You, sir, are the one taking away from a good deed and trying to claim it as your religion’s. BUG OFF.

      • Molly

        Once again, I must say that anti-religious comments are counter-productive here. This is a good story. It’s good to complement a good story by sharing your own personal happy thoughts and opinions, regardless of conflicting beliefs. Share the love, friend! :)

      • Mike

        A good deed is done and is shared. Then someone thanks God or says prayers are answered. Why does that offend you? Where is your tolerance of others beliefs. Why not just say something about the story. I like this story because it shows the goodness that humans can show to each other. Fate-prayer-karma-luck-physics-magic. How about tolerance in others views. It doesn’t bother most people if you are agnostic or atheist. It is ok but please don’t put down others views. It is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

      • Tim

        Could you tell me exactly where u can prove prayers weren’t involved? A man needed something and a good person made it happen, who is to say that god didn’t put that man on his heart that day? Your intolerance is straight ignorant, I’m not saying u have to believe in god that’s a choice but don’t push ur hate on anyone else

    • cici

      It’s not so much taking prayer away, it is just a ridiculous idea to someone that someone merely thought for good deed to happen instead of actually taking real action to make it happen. It bugs me personally because through trgedies people pray, but what good does that do? Why would you only pray for something to happen in hopes that someone else would do it and then claim “oh, it’s because I prayed this happened.”

      • crooked

        Mike said it well… and i agree with what you said too about taking action and being the doer of the good deed.
        But what does praying do? I have been with people who are at their lowest of lows, where it seemed everything else have failed them and all they can do is wait… some find that extra strength to fight on in a prayer… for others, praying seems to lessen their pain…
        what gives one the right to take that away from them?

      • Holly McAllister Harrison

        There is no REPLY button for Tim, but can you prove prayer was the reason this happened. It goes both ways ya know. The first person and all who responded to them should have just kept religion out of it completely. Everyone should know by now that as soon as God is mentioned then the arguments start. Not only that, but they are more than arguments after a few replies. It turns into an all out war with insults and beliefs being forced on one another. If people are just going to stir shyt then they should keep it to themselves. Let’s just say this a great thing and a wonderful gesture/event on this man’s part and leave it at that. I am sick of all the bickering on blogs and posts. It is getting pathetically old. So old that when the Dead Sea was alive when it should have stopped.

  • albedamn


  • Athena

    What a touching story. I wish there were more people like that in this world. That is something when the homeless man was trying to share I could not stop crying.

  • Luke

    I have no problem in religion, other than those with stupid blind faith that claim the deeds of one human (who, judging by his name, is probably NOT Catholic/Christian), is an act of God. Just praise and take note of this man’s actions as a PERSON, and try to do good things of your own accord.

  • Bob

    When a doctor performs a life saving surgery and success, it’s because of God. When a doctor loses a patient, it’s the doctors fault. God and prayer have nothing to do with our lives. Quit reading out of a book and act for once.

    • John

      I agree with you Bob. It is sad that people cannot think for themselves, but rather have some cult tell them what to do through a book. If the bible said the only way to rid yourselves of sins is to jump off the empire state building you would ALL do it. FYI: Yes, Christianity is a CULT. Definition of cult: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

      • Colby

        Cult: A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
        God Bless John. Hopw you find the Love!

  • red

    we see things not as they are but as we are. people of faith saw this act as a hand of God and those who do not believe in God never ever claim this to be as God’s act…faith allows one to see God beyond what is seen…

  • livinsimply

    My word. Why does everybody have to argue all the time. Why can’t we all just acknowledge that it’s a beautiful thing? Each person just sees it through their own life experiences and beliefs. So what? It’s beautiful, and that’s that.

  • Bran

    What a wonderful thing. It is good to see a human treating another human well. I don’t know if it was all his money or if he got a group to pull together but that was a wonderful thing he did. The look on the homeless mans face made me burst with tears. That was true gratitude and appreciation. There was a true homeless guy that slept near my husbands work and my husband used to give him food. He also allowed him to come into his store and hang out for a little bit to cool off or warm up. He would charge his phone for him too so the guy had it to help him look for work.

  • Dawn

    God is awesome!! He meets our needs, he takes care of us, and loves us…even when we are unfaithful to him.

  • John

    Why does everyone give god credit for all of the good things but no one blames him for the misfortune? If he is in control, why do loved ones get cancer and genocides happen? If there is a god why do we have so many problems? None of you religious people have ever seen god, or angels or whatever else you believe in. No one who has told you stories has seen these things. I have read Harry Potter, but I don’t think Voldemort is real. The Bible is a great NOVEL. It is a story that was meant to teach LESSONS. Wasn’t ever meant to take literally. There is no fairydust and magical spells of Narnia. Get a clue.

    • hollandshoaf

      John, if the bible is just a novel, how do we explain the 2000 fulfilled prophecies in it , scientific revelations, historical and archealogical accuracy, the 40 authors over 1600 years writing in perfect congruence ?

    • Rob

      Yea, I don’t see why this turned into a religious thing. One person decided to do a good thing for another person… that simple.

  • Mikhail

    Idiot religious hypocrites would of course put this all on the work of a prayer as justifucation for their laziness. A lazy “christian” is one who sees a person in distress and says that they’ll pray when they have every obligation and resource to help which unless your homeless you have. cmon people a guy did something nice for another person which is more more than those who claim themeselves as christians who pray in front of a tv do. this was the work of generosity not a pointless prayer.

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