Home security system offers protection for those on a budget

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A security system called SimpliSafe claims to protect your home with no contract and no commitment all while being much more affordable than other systems.

SimpliSafe uses a built-in cellular connection to communicate. It comes with a key pad just like typical security systems and sensors you install yourself on doors and windows.

FOX8 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter recently put the system to the Deal or Dud test and found that it was definitely a deal.


  • FaithC

    Finally a security system that is low cost, with no contracts. Sounds as if the $15 a month would be worth it.
    That sound would wake you if someone were to break in at night.
    Along with it you should have your CC permit and have you gun at your bed side.

  • Tom McLallen

    We have SimpliSafe. Forgot to un-arm the unit on arriving home one day and within a few seconds, the company called, asked for our password and asked if we were ok. That is good service.

  • Questioning

    Sounds good however we have sketchy cell service in our rural area. No computer to obtain wi fi either.

    • Kevin Raposo (@Kevin_Raposo)

      Hi, Kevin here from SimpliSafe. We actually have two different cell providers just in case cell reception in your area is poor. We use T-Mobile, and Verizon which have great nationwide coverage. You could also plug the system into your wifi router as well if cell reception is an issue in your area.

      • flamanar

        How can you plug the system into your wifi router?? You would need an Ethernet connection…and the base system only has 2 phone jacks. No Ethernet-out ports.

    • Freddie

      I had that concern too. It also has a built in phone jack. If it doesn’t pick up a cell signal it goes right to the direct phone line.

  • Harry Chappell

    I have left messages here before and haven’t gotten any replies. I would like to know if you have plans in the future to offer cameras for your security system. A reply would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Kirk Brundage

    I had simplisafe but I thought the equipment was kind of cheap. I bought a new system at Costco from a company called Link Home Security and the system is much higher quality and the monitoring is still really inexpensive.

  • Gleason Malicote

    Just installed this system in our vacation home, it notified us of a power outage and I was able to call the utility company to make sure power was restored. I love this system and would recommend it to anyone that needs a security system that won’t break the bank!!!

  • Shantram

    I have this system and it works fine. I have also referred it to others. Every one enjoys it! The customer service is great as well!

  • Scott Manning

    I have this system in my 3500 sq ft home and its monitored. Excellent system. I just upgraded this week to add an addition keypad with the Simplisafe2 system. Strongly recommend system. Easy install and update or adding additional sensors.

  • Jim Ogann

    I have two systems. One has already thwarted a burglary. Customer service is excellent +++. They also work with multiple Cell systems now so don’t assume you are too far out in the woods to use it. Comments about cheap construction are wrong. Looking inside the base unit, everything is top quality. They are also adding new sensors at a good rate. Fire, Water, Freeze, CO, as well as entrance and proximity. They also have refurbished systems from time to time on their web site. One of mine is a refurb and it looked and worked like new.

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