Getting food to restaurants, stores during winter weather

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Foster-Caviness food services has been distributing fresh foods for more than 25 years. They cover territory in the Carolinas and Virginia.

Don Bode says their teams are in constant motion delivering to restaurants, military bases and local school cafeterias.

So far this year, Bode says the snow has not slowed down bringing produce into the distribution center in Greensboro. But it can affect schedules for their deliveries when businesses and schools close.

"As of today orders that were going to schools today that are closed, we're moving those to another day. But they still have to get there this week," Bode said.

They have to make up any delays as soon as possible to keep food fresh. Bode says stellar communication in the company has kept things smooth in recent months.

Meanwhile Food Lion store manager Eddie Lamb in Jamestown says winter weather means ordering extra product before the storms hit.

"We've had a very busy winter. We had a lot of weather situations coming up, so it's definitely driven some business up in ways we didn't plan for originally," Lamb pointed out.

He said they check the weather forecast five to seven days ahead of time to keep shelves stocked.

"We definitely try to plan," explained Lamb. "We'll bring it in. If we think there's any kind of weather coming in, we'll go ahead and order extra just to make sure we have the product on hand for the customers."

Weather in other parts of the country impacts deliveries and prices, too. The USDA announced this week the ongoing drought in California could drive up prices of fruits, veggies, dairy and eggs. The agency also predicts higher meat prices this year even without any additional severe weather.

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