Candy shop offers free ‘Fat Tuesday’ fudge to anyone over 300 pounds

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Can’t a little Missouri candy store have a little fun? Fat chance.

An offer by the Route 66 Candy Shoppe to hand out free fudge to anyone tipping the scales at more than 300 pounds has become a weighty issue in the Ozark town of Waynesville.

“FREE FUDGE for anyone over 300 pounds on Fat Tuesday! Walk, run, waddle or ride your motorized wheelchair down to the Route 66 Candy Shoppe! See you Tuesday!” says the store’s Facebook page.

After all, isn’t the idea behind Fat Tuesday to overindulge and have a bit of fun?

Candy store offers free Fat Tuesday fudge for 'fatties'Former customer Deb Czuprynski isn’t laughing.

“It made my blood boil,” she told CNN affiliate KSPR. “It may be a joke to them but to other viewers they can’t help it, some will die because of obesity, no one should ever make fun of it.”

Shop owner Charley Dill said it’s just a fun way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

“We are not trying to make a statement or do anything to offend anyone,” he said. “We just thought it was a good way to invite people to come in and have a good laugh.”

While the offer may not appeal to everyone, Dill said “fellow fatties” from Columbia — about 100 miles away — have told him they’re loading up the car and plan to flock to his shop.

Dill even suggested future specials, like free candy for pregnant women on Labor Day.


  • bella07

    This does not sound very nice to me.I do not fall in this category but it seems to me they are trying to make fun of people that are overweight.Certainly not a good idea.I would not even shop at their store!

  • Tberryjack

    People try to get OFFENDED about things now days. The Owner of the Shop looks to be over 300 lbs himself, and he was probably just trying to say for anyone his size that loves it the way he does. He’s not putting anyone down, he’s not making fun of anyone, he’s just saying the he loves his own candy and people his size probably will too. Get over it people. I’m getting older, I don’t get mad when people make old people jokes, I wear glasses now days and don’t get upset with anyone making 4 eyes jokes, I’m disabled with a bad back and don’t get OFFENDED when someone makes a joke about someone that can’t straighten up. We can ALL get Offended by something if we are looking to get Offended, but it’s STUPID getting OFFENDED by such things. Everyone needs to try to enjoy life more and you will if you quit trying to find things to get mad about, and Hey, don’t get offended just because I called it STUPID because if you do, then I was talking about YOU.. Grow up people, you act like a bunch of children that haven’t learned to over look the small stuff. Life isn’t a bunch of Roses and I learned that a long time ago, and people don’t say things just to please you. I’d be VERY Surprised if those that are so Offended by what he said don’t Gossip about Others, and IF they do then what they do is a lot more Offensive than what he did. STOP your Gossiping, Then and only then can you start judging others on what they say, Maybe not even then….

  • Tberryjack

    I’M SHOCKED, simply SHOCKED that a 300 lb+ candy store Owner would make a joke about giving his candy away to someone his size, it’s so Offensive that he’d make fun of himself. Oh Shut Up Whiners, he didn’t do it to hurt anyone, he loves his candy and thought others his size would too. If he had said skinny people or muscular people or perfect people or people with black hair or blonde hair or Yellow, Red, Black, White or Green people or people that can jump 2′ or mean people or only nice people or any of billions of other kinds of people someone would have taken Offense. People now days just try to find a reason to play an Offensive Card. It’s so dumb to waste life looking for things to make you upset, let me pull out my snot-rag, Oh, sorry, it’s all used up now and worn till it’s full of holes from every one else that’s been offended by something… <Smile today, and don't get offended, it's good for your soul) and IF this Reply Offends YOU, then your being Offended over it Offends me.

  • Tim

    If your obese and offended, then instead of reading this news feed, get you sloppy self to the gym and lose weight! he isnt making fun of anybody and if he had skinny sunday and handed out a crumb of bread, all the chunky people would be mad and say he is discriminating against the blubber.
    Grow up people, this is just a way to drive business and get some much needed news coverage and publicity. Go back to eating your hardee’s fat burgers and extra cheese fries.

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