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Boy points finger like a gun, gets suspended

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OHIO — A 10-year-old was suspended from school after a teacher said the boy pretended his finger was a gun and pointed it at another student’s head.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the fifth-grader, Nathan Entingh, said he was just “playing around.”

Nathan, who attends Devonshire Alternative Elementary School, said kids at his school always play around like that.

His father says the three day suspension is too overboard.

District spokesperson Jeff Warner said Principal Patricia Price has warned students about pretend gun play numerous times this year.

Warner said Nathan put his finger to the side of the other student’s head and pretended to shoot “kind of execution style.”

Warnings including three newsletters were sent home with kids, he said.

Read more: The Columbus Dispatch


  • fred

    All children who do this should have their finger removed.
    Their parents should be jailed for not knowing how to raise a child.
    Just kidding
    But what does the future hold?

  • jessie

    oh, scary finger!!!!!! those kid have on raising!!! arrest them, for playing cowboy!! its immoral!!!!

    come on, stop being a warden.

  • Captian Re-Wipe

    In Wichita My 10 Year old autistic son was doing this gun finger last year. The teacher warned that We would be called. He continued and we were called. Were told that if he continued that he would have to be sent to the office.
    My son is autistic so he just didn’t under stand because that was a character celebration on his game. The solution was clear. We told him if you don’t stop the finger thing we are going to take all of your video games and give them away. You will never get another game or gaming system.
    He has not been in trouble for this since.

    • Matt

      How dare you threaten punishment to your child. There is no wrong in this. A real parent would have went straight to the school board and however far up they needed to to get these stupid liberal idiots all fired for trying to punish our kids for their idiotic agenda to brainwash our kids into thinking firearms are bad things. Protect you and your family’s rights.

  • David

    Well….. if any of you people had ever been shot by a finger gun, you wouldn’t be complaining how childish this is. It really really hurts bad.

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