Guilford Co. parents frustrated by winter weather school closings

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Winter weather has disrupted class schedules in the Piedmont again. While kids aren’t complaining about the changes, it is becoming a headache for parents.

“It gets to be an inconvenience, especially when you drop your kids off at 8:30 in the morning, then have to pick them up at 12,” said Stewart Harper.

Harper isn’t the only Guilford County parent who has had to rearrange their schedule due to school closures.

“The children, they’ve just been out an excessive number of days this year,” said Jackie McCoy. “We had a vacation set up at the end of summer, but now they’ve tacked on two or three school days, so now we’re having to change our plans for our summer vacation.”

What makes the situation even more frustrating is winter isn’t over, so all school officials can do is plan for the worst to keep everyone safe.

“We don’t want a situation like Atlanta where it could be much worse, so I would prepare to be on the safe side,” said Leigh Morrison.


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