Cooking ideas for Lent

The religious season of Lent started last week. What did you give up?

For many of us, observing it means giving up a favorite food.

Chef Marcus joins FOX8 from Texas Roadhouse Monday morning to share some alternative, delicious meals.

Blackened Salmon recipe

Fresh salmon filets
Clarified butter
- Favorite Cajun seasoning or
- cayenne, chili powder, garlic and salt and pepper to taste

Step 1
shake an even layer of the seasoning mix on salmon to taste
heat clarified butter in a skillet until it is smoky hot

Step 2
gently place the coated filets into the pan (use tongs and don’t splash the butter).

Step 3
Cook the filets evenly on both sides until it yields to gentle pressure.

Cooking Tip -- The butter and seasonings create a crust due to the high temp, and lock in the juices.

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