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IRS warns taxpayers of phone scam in the Piedmont

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

During this tax season, the Internal Revenue Service is warning the public of a telephone scam that sounds like the real deal.

Scammers are posing as the IRS and threatening taxpayers to give out personal information over the phone.

“These are very sophisticated telephone scams,” said Mark Hanson, with the IRS. “Somebody calls you they have your name, they have your phone number, they have your social security number and they’ve also found a way to make caller ID make it appear like the call is coming from the IRS so it’s very convincing.”

Hanson says the scammer will call and say that you owe the IRS money. They tell you to pay with a prepaid money card or they ask for your credit or debit account number. He says emails are also a problem.

“Many times throughout the year, but especially now as people are expecting they tax refunds, people get emails that look like they are from the IRS. We see phishing scams. The IRS is not going to send you an email asking for sensitive personal information.” says Hanson.

Hanson says the best thing to do is not talk to the scammers at all, but if you feel like your information has been compromised, you should file a report with your local law enforcement or with the IRS. The report can be found at


  • Teresa Weis

    I have recieved two such calls in the last six months of this nature. Both calls were made to my cell phone, which is all I am using at this time. Both times as soon as they comment that I owed back taxes I disconnected the call.

  • Christi Renee Hazelwood

    I think these are the same people that called my mom 2 days ago. She said they spoke with a foreign accent and said they were from “Internal Revenue” (not the internal revenue service) so she was suspicious and hung up on them.

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