Daughter’s Facebook brag costs her family $80K

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MIAMI — The former headmaster of a Florida prep school lost his discrimination case against the school when his daughter decided to brag about the $80,000 deal on Facebook.

The Miami Herald reported that 69-year-old Patrick Snay worked at Gulliver Preparatory for several years when his contract was not renewed in 2010.

Snay claimed age discrimination and won an $80,000 settlement from the school.

But before he received the settlement, his daughter, Dana, a Boston College student and a part-time Starbucks barista, violated the confidentiality agreement by posting about the win on Facebook.

The agreement contained a standard confidentiality clause, prohibiting Snay or the school from talking about the case.

“Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver,” she wrote. “Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.”

The school appealed and won the right not to pay the settlement on Wednesday.

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  • angi

    Open mouth insert foot. When will people learn about posting things in public on Facebook. Guess she will now be working to pay for her trip and her college too.

  • MiMi LLawsonn

    Common sense…..perhaps they should have NOT SHARED the good news with anyone, especially since they agreed to confidentiality agreement……BUT IF it is like any other Judicial System cases NO ONE explained this to them. The lawyers are SUPPOSED TO BUT MOST OF THEM DO NOT TELL THEIR CLIENTS ANYTHING AT ALL….sad but SO TRUE. A GUILFORD COUNTY NC JUDGE was going to hold me in *contempt of court for not agreeing to a statement and my attorney told me NOTHING at all about this…and NEVER DID….Most attorneys SUCK. Of course I think we all know that the good old boys and girls stick together.

  • Kimiya

    Their daughter should probabaly go to college for a law degree and learn what a confidentiality clause is. You just made your parents lose 80G’s, no more christmas or birthday’s for you honey……biggest fail ever!!

  • Cindy McAllister

    I sure feel sorry for her father. It wasn’t him saying anything about it so how did they get by with doing this to him. She wasn’t the one who agreed to the clause he did. What they did is wrong but she should have known better than to open her mouth. Guess collage hasn’t taught her much.

    • laytonian

      Collage? Like when you glue things to a board?

      Cindy, CLUE: the father wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. He told his daughter, which breached the confidentiality clause.

    • Lee Goins

      ok stupid….the dad was not suppose to tell ANYONE…..not the mom, and not the daughter.

      Maybe you need to look-up and read what confidentiality clause really means….SMDH

    • cristal

      THAT’S what the DUMB a** ish gets!!! U sure SHE’S in college because SHE’s such a bimbo!!! THEY specifically said DO NOT SPEAK OF ANY OF THIS!!! Smh…

  • blueskyday

    His contract was not renounced? I don’t think “renounced” means what they think it means.

  • Dean (@iBrownguy)

    The Problem here is the spoiled self entitled daughter who hopefully learned the value of humility after all of this.

    Hopefully she doesn’t make it to Europe until she grows up a little.

  • Dave S

    Thats what happens to braggarts and boasters…If she wasnt so interested in making a look at me look at me post… Old man could be having pile a fun money

  • John

    First, I don’t think that a standard non-disclosure agreement prohibits you from talking to your wife and children about it. That would be an unreasonable burden, so let’s get off the dad’s back on this one. Secondly, while the daughter did act like a spoiled arrogant brat, she really didn’t disclose any of the terms of the settlement, so I think a better lawyer could get that ruling overturned on appeal. Lastly, none of this should have allowed these guys to get away with discriminating against someone.

  • GW

    Dad needs to appeal. It IS unreasonable for a court to expect “non-disclosure” to include immediate family. Secondly, it was the daughter, not the dad who made a public comment… and as someone already mentioned, no terms or conditions of the settlement were made public… only the fact that Dad won the case. Daughter acted irresponsibly, sure, but Dad won the case based on a valid and defensible claim. What right does the school have to tell Dad how he can use the money anyway? Give him his $.

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