Both sides line up to get messages out on Davie school referendum

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Davie County School Superintendent Darrin Hartness speaks to a group of Davie County about the proposed new Davie High School and the required bond referendum. (David Rolfe/Journal)

DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. — With a little more than two months remaining until the highly anticipated school-bond referendum in Davie County, groups supporting and opposing a new high school are ramping up their messages, using a variety of new and traditional platforms to reach undecided voters.

On May 6, Davie County residents will vote on a $54.4 million bond issue to help pay for a new $56.3 million high school on Farmington Road that would replace the current high school in Mocksville.

What to do with that school is an issue that reappears every few years in Davie County. In 2007 and 2003, school bond referendums that would have paid for renovations at the current high school and a new high school in eastern Davie County were overwhelmingly rejected by voters.

This year’s referendum, while dealing with the school, is unlike the others in one fundamental way — it will be for one new school, on 53 acres near North Davie Middle School that the Board of Education leases from the county. Part of the current high school would be renovated for school offices for the central office, and the rest could possibly be razed for a new recreation complex.

Official referendum committees have sprouted over the last few months, one for and one against a new high school. Each is using tools not used in past referendums — including Facebook and websites — to pass along information and spread their views.


  • Learnthelaw

    All I smell in the air is your stupidity frank. I’m selling my houses in Davie if they don’t build a new high school.I’m more than happy to help pay for a new one but can not continue to pay taxes if they continue to put this aside.

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