‘Homeless Jesus’ statue causes controversy in NC town

DAVIDSON, N.C. — A statue of a homeless Jesus Christ is sparking debate in Davidson.

Some say the statue sends the perfect message of reminding Christians what’s important. Others say the depiction of Jesus as a vagrant is sacrilegious.

The statue shows Jesus sleeping on a bench in front of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church.

The crucifixion marks on the feet offer the only clue to the man’s identity. “Homeless Jesus,” is a statue by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz.

Cindy Castando Swannack called the police after thinking the statue was a homeless man.

“Jesus is not a vagrant, Jesus is not a helpless person who needs our help,” Swannack said.

St. Alban’s Rector David Buck said the statue is beautiful.

“It’s Jesus representing the most marginalized of society,” he said.


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