SC officer shoots NC man reaching for cane

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Bobby Canipe, 70

CLOVER, S.C. — A police officer in South Carolina has been placed on paid leave after investigators say he shot a 70-year-old Lincolnton man who was reaching for his cane during a traffic stop.

Investigators say the officer thought the man was reaching for a weapon.

Deputy Terrance Knox, 24, stopped Bobby Canipe, 70, of Lincolnton, N.C., Tuesday night in Clover, for an expired tag.

Deputies said Canipe got out of his truck and grabbed a walking cane out of the bed of his pickup. The deputy thought the cane was a weapon.

According to WSOC, Knox fired his gun at Canipe several times, striking him once in the stomach area. It was reported Canipe had surgery Wednesday at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, and is expected to survive.

Sheriff’s spokesman Trent Faris said Knox reacted to what he thought was a threat. He said Knox immediately tried to help Canipe after the shooting.

“It does appear at this time that Deputy Knox’s actions were an appropriate response to what he reasonably believed to be an imminent threat to his life,” Faris said.

Friends of the family tell WSOC that Canipe is a disabled Vietnam veteran, who is active in the VFW in Lincoln County.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is now investigating the ninth officer-involved shooting of the year in South Carolina.

Knox is on leave until the investigation is over. The Sheriff’s Department does not plan to release the dash cam video from the deputy’s patrol car.

Source: WSOC


      • Brittius

        By your constant commenting shooter, I have no clue as to your age or intelligence so I include that in the event that you were unaware.
        I do not get paid for this so I really cannot see the point of people behaving foolishly. This Old Marine grows weary of comedy by the day.

  • b

    He failed that shoot don’t shoot sanario. I hope the young officer gave a verbal warning before he opend fire on the old man with a cane.

  • fred

    “It does appear at this time that Deputy Knox’s actions were an appropriate response to what he reasonably believed to be an imminent threat to his life,” Faris said.

    Would it be OK if I had shot him?

    • chucky1992

      I think most of us could guess the answer to that question. My guess is 70 year old Mr. Canipe was not running toward him with the cane so I wonder how it was perceived as an “imminent threat”. Hmmm.

  • Tammy Drake

    In todays time i understand they never know what is going to happen when they pull someone over alot of officers have been shot and kill in the past few years .

  • Tberryjack

    Young Cop just learned how his group will make ANYTHING he does be OK! How he not only gets praise for it but a paid vacation as well. Old man just learned how it’s only because the young Cop was a bad shot that he’s still alive and that Cops AREN’T “Protectors of the People” like they used to be but Protectors of each other. I used to ride with the Sheriffs Dept in Buncombe Co, NC back when Cops were friends of the people and used their brain, but things have made a turn for the worse and most Cops are just plain out Bullies now days. Good luck Mr. Canipe, my prayers are with you and for your speedily recovery, without God’s help would be hard since you’re 70 but hey, just think, you’ve taught that young Cop a valuable lesson, Do something wrong and get a pat on the back and get a paid vacation…

    • nctaxpayer13

      I would have to agree that the lesson will be that the next time he can empty his service weapon, kill a poor ole geezer, get a few paid days off, while his partners in crime justify a attempted homicide or homicide.

  • nctaxpayer13

    The may be lucky this did not happen in North Carolina. The trend here seems to be that an office is completely justified in completely discharging all amo in their service weapon, on unarmed ‘citizens in distress’ looking for assistance (ball players), or mentally challenged persons with a steak knife while being held down by other officers. A cane would be considered a deadly weapon assault weapon if used like a baton (Billy Club), and would justify the use of deadly force (killing) the old man.

  • Rhonda

    The cops there function on the Good Ol’ Boy system and they are usually ALL bullies and thieves. Serve and protect is definitley what they do. They serve themselves and Protect each other from getting caught. I was a victim of a SC cop and he ended up assaulting another couple because he was always protected when he f*cked things up for other innocent people. They are almost all garbage and need to be ran out of the force but they will continue to get away with their evil deeds because how do you get an officer arrested when his buddies are running the show?
    Video is our friend against the cops and Youtube the media to air their disgrace for the world to see cause they hate exposure.
    I bet the next thing said is the car had faulty video equipment that is normal MO for them.

    • B

      This wasn’t police abuse. It was a mistake. Clearly the officer thought the man was armed. You think he was crying after because he was so happy he got to shot someone that night??? Get a life drama queen

  • Rob

    why not release the dash cam video if there is nothing to hide mistakes happen, I think it should be public record remember protect and serve

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