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Man found guilty in 2012 beating of toddler step-daughter

Kilah Davenport (left) and Joshua Houser.  (Photos courtesy: WSOC-TV)

Kilah Davenport (left) and Joshua Houser. (Photos courtesy: WSOC-TV)

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A man was found guilty Thursday in the 2012 beating of his 3-year-old Cabarrus County step-daughter.

WSOC reported that Joshua Houser has been found guilty in a Union County courtroom in the beating of Kilah Davenport.

The jury decided the crime was a result of two aggravated factors – the victim was very young and crime was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel.  The judge’s sentence for Houser will be impacted by that decision.

The jury started deliberating Wednesday.

Houser has said since the beginning that he didn’t hurt his stepdaughter.

In a courtroom, he reiterated that and described to jurors what he remembered about the day that Kilah was rushed to the hospital.

Houser said any damage he did was to a wall he said he punched out of frustration with a 911 operator.

Houser’s attorney had him show in court how he hit that wall.

The prosecution told the jury the hole was made when Houser threw Kilah’s head into the wall.

Prosecutors said hair matching her DNA was found in the Sheetrock.

The victim had to have emergency brain surgery and will be in a wheelchair the rest of her life.

Source: WSOC


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