DHL says they were not involved in ‘prank’ on UPS

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A representative for DHL says the company was not involved in the production of a video that apparently shows the company “pranking” UPS and other competitors into delivering boxes with “DHL IS FASTER” printed on the side.

The video was posted on YouTube by JvMNeckar. According to multiple media reports, DHL hired companies like UPS and TNT to deliver large black boxes to addresses that were “particularly difficult to find.” However, the boxes were covered in a “temperature-activated ink” that were chilled to sub-zero temperatures. When the black boxes were exposed to warm temperatures, the “DHL IS FASTER” slogan was revealed.

However, a representative for DHL tells Consumerist that while the company is aware of the video, DHL did not set up the prank or have anything to do with the production of the video clip.

“This was not something that was initiated by DHL,” a rep for the company tells Consumerist in an e-mail. “The video was created by an external agency for their own internal competition. We were aware in advance of the intention to use it for this purpose. We were not aware of any plans to share it externally.”

It remains unclear if the stunt was an actual prank or a staged prank for the purpose of the video.

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  • Jason Hiatt

    DHL? UPS please! An actually American company(ups) that pays their drivers VERY well. Although its a union they are doing fine. No money problems and still pay their employes great.

    • Alice Margatroid

      Why would you assume that a union would magically do worse than a non-union? The union benefits they receive incentivize better service and quality of life. Turns out, if you pay your employees more and make sure they have health care, they are better employees!

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