Teacher accused of forcing student to clean urinal with bare hands

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Jennifer Forshey (Broward Sheriff's Office)

Jennifer Forshey (Broward Sheriff's Office)

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- A teacher has been arrested after she allegedly forced a 10-year-old student to clean a clogged urinal with his bare hands, according to WSVN.

Police say Broward Community Charter School West teacher Jennifer Forshey, 58, was arrested Wednesday after being accused of forcing the student to clean the urine-filled, clogged urinal with his bare hands as a form of punishment for originally clogging it.

Forshey bonded out of the Broward County Jail Wednesday night and says she "did not do anything illegal."

She is charged with felony battery of a child by exposure to urine.

The 10-year-old boy told WSVN he felt embarrassed, adding that others at the school have been bothering him about the incident.

According to reports, the school became aware of the incident when the student went to the school's office asking for soap because his hands smelled of urine.

The family has hired attorney Joshua Hertz, who said the boy never clogged the urinal, according to WSVN.

The school has not commented on the incident. A comment is expected to come Thursday.

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  • Dan

    I don’t see a problem here! Most likely the kids own pee. A little soap and water and your hand will be fine. What you won’t do is stop up a urinal again!

    • t.b

      Exactly Dan….some people just dont get it. This country has completely lost its mind in the name of political correctness….glad ill be gone in 50 yrs and wonthave to see what a POS this world is going to become.

      • Rivkah

        WHAT?! Are you both insane? What she did was not only unethical, immoral and a form of bullying, it was extremely unhygienic and I hope hope hope, illegal. She should never work with children again, burned out old hag! Good thing for her she did not do this to MY child. Idiocy! There were many MANY choices of other discipline at her disposal. Janitorial staff are PAID to take care of clogs in a safe, clean manner. I hope you’re both neutered!

    • t.b

      people like you are the reason kids are little sh*t bags. So, instead of teaching this kid a lesson he’ll never forget, teach him , “hey i just got a golden ticket to do this again and again cause I WONT get in trouble…anyone that tries to punish ME WILL”……What a surprise this happened in Florida.

      • Rivkah

        t.b. (apropos that your user initials stand for a disease), please PLEASe say you are not a parent and never will be! Riiiight, clogging a toilet means he’s gonna end up in prison one day. Perhaps that is where you are posting from.

  • specialpurpose

    Please be serious. He clogged it, he cleans it.

    And what, he never peed on himself before?! Kids can be exposed to urine!!

  • Anna Bromley

    The kid clogged the urinal, he needs to clean it. The only thing she “should” have done differently, is to give him gloves. This kid is never going to learn that his actions have consequences if his family sues every time he gets in trouble and he is made to clean up his own mess. He’s just going to continue to do bad things, until it either lands him in jail, or in a casket. That’s what’s wrong with society these days. Parents think their little “angels” can do no wrong, and attack others for not letting the brats walk all over them. I think all of these kids should be put in group homes or juvenile systems after their 3rd offense, and not let out until they learn right from wrong.

    • Jks

      Seriously? Just gloves? Would you unclog a toilet with just gloves? I didn’t think so. I guess a plunger is out of the question? What she did was cruel and unusual. I hope she’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Stephen Melton

        Did you even READ the article? Do you know the difference between a toilet and a urinal?
        Did you also know that urine is 98% sterile? Did you know that worse stuff lives in your AC unit?
        Reading the comments can be painful…

  • Lee

    I see a lot bad responses on here first of all the janitor is suppose to unclog any toilet or urinal that’s his job it does not matter who clogged it even if it was a teacher or the principal just imagine this teachers response after this poor child unclogged it he should of wipe his hands on her shirt and then everyone would be saying way to go kid!as far teacher goes she looks like unhappy grumpy old b@&$&!!!!

  • C

    I don’t think what she did was cruel l would have given him a plunger and gloves and tell him to get to work. Janitors have enough to do without having to clean up behind another nasty kid who doesnt care about messing up toilets. This will teach him a lesson because people mess up public toilets maxi pads laying on the floor or unwrapped in the trash can pee on the toilet and floor number 2 on the walls just nasty

  • Jenn

    I agree with C. She should have given the boy gloves though. However, a urinal even when clogged is not large enough to NEED a plunger to unclog it. That’s stupid. Have you wondered HOW did this boy clog a URINAL? He probably put toilet paper or paper towels in the urinal. When I was a kid our school bathroom was trashed because kids would ball up wet toilet paper and stick it to the ceiling. This kid needs his parents to teach him how to respect public property.

  • Randall J

    So What! I have had to clean up much worse when my kids have puked or had a snotty nose. People are too coddled these days. Well maybe his boyfriend will help him clean up his messes in the future.

  • Jrobs

    Kudos to the teacher. Poor performance by the parents. This child could have learned a valuable lesson about negative consequences for irresponsible actions; instead he learns he is a “victim”. Our progressive society condones everything with a slap on the wrist and provides the cure with Prozac or Ritalin. We provide our children with an unrealistic world view that encourages them to be jackals, and then pretend they will grow up to be useful humans. The “bullying” garbage is the latest iteration of the helicopter parents having no scope of reality in raising their children. I am 27 years old, I threw wet paper towels on the ceiling in grade school, and would have thought clogging a urinal to be good fun at the time. That being said, if I went home and told my parents I was punished by cleaning the urinal with bare hands, I would have feared my parent’s wrath far more that stinky hands. Apparently 27 makes me a product of a bygone generation where we weren’t civilized. We are creating a generation of skidmarks in the world’s underwear, shi**y and embarrassing. By the way, urine is 100% completely sterile and poses no biological risk.

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