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See how strangers react to boy shivering outside without a coat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A small boy is sitting on a bench in the bitter cold … without a coat.

What would you do?

When an 11-year-old boy sat at a bus stop without a coat in Norway, hidden cameras captured how strangers reacted when they saw him.

The Huffington Post said the Norwegian branch of the SOS Children’s Villages International charity conducted the experiment to see how people would truly react.

The experiment is part of a campaign to provide warm clothing for displaced children in Syria.


  • FaithC

    Even thought I could not understand their words, I understood their actions.
    It asks what would we do…I always keep a heavy blanket in the car, I would have wrapped the child in it.

  • Lisa Allen

    I couldn’t understand the language but understood the actions. Tearfully I am proud to know there are good people. So many children go without nd don’t deserve to.

  • Nature Island Girl

    Reblogged this on Nature Island Girl Speaks and commented:
    This touched me. I saw the link of FaceBook and clicked on it, felt the need to reblog. We may not understand what they are saying but we can definitely understand their actions. Why don’t we seek to do a good deed each day. Be Encouraged! Nature Island Girl

  • Robert

    My natural inclination would be to help the child any way I could…but in the U.S., that would easily be miscontrued, especially if you are a man. Sad that it has to be that way.

    • Chris

      Agreed. I wont go near kids in need of help for fear that the cast of “How to catch a predator” will be waiting just around the corner.

      • wanda denis

        Chris its so sad that you and many other men have to you do. I’d say freak it an take the chance because that poor child would die if exposure if u don’t! I see it kind of took a little linger for some folks to help him. He would be frostbitten waiting. But thank god they did in the long run! I admired a few of them mainly the dude in the tank top. He just sat there looking not the east bit cold maybe its cause he warmed that baby boy up. Thats the humane thing to do!! God bless all who came through !!!

      • Lucas Edwards

        You don’t tend to worry about being caught as a thief unless you are one. Just saying that’s a better way to look guilty or suspicious than it would if you actually helped.

        People in the US tend not to help for the same reason they don’t when it comes to politics. They support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to even pick up a pen let alone help someone out in the cold. Kinda sad and shameful all around.

  • Mojo907

    Initially your comment started positive, but then you…well…read what you said again, and see if it’s still a positive statement.

  • Geraldine Duddley

    we as humans need to step up to the plate & do more for other humans & not think about what someone might think or say about what you’re doing. what that young boy was trying to show us was very inspiring to say the least we all could learn from him.

    • pamela stephen

      This act of kindness love deep care concern demonstrated by strangers is breath taking thank God we still do have people who sacrifice their health to give another warmth that was truly amazing God bless

  • Even

    a tip
    For English, choose English on the captions icon in the youtube media player.

    What would you do if you saw a freezing child?
    We set up a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. This is what happened.

    The film is made to raise awareness of the sitation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s Villages is their winter-campaign. Children in Syria are freezing – send an sms and donate a jacket.

  • Pearl Barber

    i also have blankets in my car i would wrap one around him 2 if it was that cold might even wrap my own around him couldnt see a child suffering breaks my heart with all the bad things about children on the news

  • Jess

    It doesn’t matter the language. We’re all human. Wish people would care like this for all people, no matter their age, gender, or race. There’s always going to be people to twist a good action, but don’t let that stop you. Nonetheless, the way people reacted here was a great start. Though even the people who only gave gloves kind of threw me off. As long as they were sacrificing something to help another, they still helped.

    • Jan S

      Check the maps Wichita State! Syria is way north of the equator and it is not all desert. There are some very cold areas where it snows in the winter. Also, many refugees are in the mountains in Lebanon where winters can be very cold and snowy.

    • Stephen King

      Did you study Geography at school?…….might I suggest you get yourself an Atlas…..or Google it!………..that’s like saying New York is near Brazils rain forest!………

    • pauper_made_prince

      -40? Hard, painful, but I imagine many would. I know I would. I grew up poor and basically was this child during BC winters.

      Granted, the school took issue with kids being inside during breaks and felt the need to call parents if kids shared winter clothes or lecture parents who’d try to bring such items for those kids who did not have them.

      Ultimately and eventually though, my family lost their home to a fire. The community came together, gave us a place to stay, gave me better clothes and various other items then I had ever had up to that point, even ensured we were well fed.

  • techbowlpacman1492

    So, it’s nice to see people help but what about the people who are performing the experiment? They’re the ones who made child sit on a bench at a bus stop and freeze to find out if someone would lend them a coat.

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