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One dead, one injured in Rural Hall double shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- One man was killed and another man is in the hospital after a double shooting near Rural Hall Sunday.

The shooting was reported at 801 Rural Hall-Germanton Road around 9:50 p.m. Sunday night during an apparent home invasion.

Deputies found two men shot inside the home. One man died at the scene.

Deputies say the other man, identified as 73-year-old Kenneth Joe Wray, Jr., the homeowner who called 911, was taken to Baptist Hospital and is in guarded critical condition.

Officials with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office said Wray was at home by himself prior to the shooting. Wray was shot multiple times.

The deceased man was shot once. He was later identified as 33-year-old Thomas Jacob Bowman, of Winston-Salem.

Police say Bowman may have at some point lived on the property. It is currently unclear if Bowman knew Wray prior to the shooting.


    • W.Randall Crews

      That could be true but what do you think the out come would be if the home owner did not have a gun I hope the home owner will be ok I could care less about the one who broke in. a lot can happen before the law can get there to help. at lest the home owner had a fighting chance I would hate to think of what would have taken place if he had been unarmed. it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. this is the way I feel about this.

      • RachH

        There’s no indication in the article yet that the homeowner had a gun. We don’t know for certain yet whether the dead man is the intruder. He could have been a guest or family member of the homeowner. The intruder(s) might have shot them both and left. We’ll have to wait until the facts are reported before we know who shot who.

  • B

    Did I miss something from this article?? It didn’t say anything about the one killed was the one that broke into the house. Also, the article said a home invasion occurred not a breaking and entering type crime.

    • TJ

      Deputies found two men shot inside the home. One man died at the scene.

      Deputies say the other man, the homeowner who called 911, was taken to the hospital
      Don’t think the homeowner broke in his own home

    • RachH

      Um, TJ and Sinner, it doesn’t specifically say that the dead man was the one who broke in. It could’ve been, but there also could’ve been two men (one the homeowner, the other one a guest or a relative or….?) already inside the home when someone else broke in and shot them both. The homeowner could’ve called 911 after the intruder(s) left or, of course, you both could be correct that the dead man is the intruder. There’s really no way to tell for certain from this article. (as of 12:45pm on 2/17, that is — no doubt this article will be updated with the actual facts at some point and future readers will not notice the date and time stamp of my comment, nor realize the article was updated later, and accuse me of not being able to read).

      • W.Randall Crews

        Well one thing they did have a car towed from there that was in the story I am sure there is more to it but from what I have seen so far in the news that seems to be the case.

      • RachH

        I did see that a vehicle had been towed away, so I can see how that might indicate it belonged to someone who didn’t belong there, and was unable to drive away in it. Good case for the dead man being the intruder.

      • RachH

        Randall J, let me highlight a quote for you from one of my comments above: ****** …..(as of 12:45pm on 2/17, that is — no doubt this article will be updated with the actual facts at some point and future readers will not notice the date and time stamp of my comment, nor realize the article was updated later, and accuse me of not being able to read). *******

        You don’t pay attention. Most of our comments here were made YESTERDAY morning when very few facts had been made available. This article read VERY differently at that time.

  • JudahS

    A police officer told me this, most of these so called home invasions are drug deals gone bad or people who know each other who have some other problem. Not sure that is what happened here, but don’t assume these things are someone randomly breaking into a house.

    • W.Randall Crews

      All I can say is you are hearing a lot about these kind of crimes here in Forsyth County in the last few years and they can,t be all drug dealers I don,t know the home owner but I have not seen any thing to make me think drugs had any thing to do with it. all it tells me is crime is getting out of hand here.

  • sinnerfrank

    Homeowner 73 yrs.old ,bad guy 38 yrs.old Mighty fine shooting the old guy I hope will survive,a lesson to be learned,not all elderly people are helpless !!

  • b

    Home owner was not a drug dealer. I know the family. Maybe they were fighting with just one gun envolved. The home owner is a cowboy and he is one tough cookie even at 73. There’s not enough info in the article to know what happened but i’m not as smart as some of the other readers but thanks for the response to my comment.

  • Christine Bush

    My heart goes out to Kenny. He is a brave man. As for Thomas, he has made it past the Vail, God, please forgive him.

  • W.Randall Crews

    I don,t know him but my prayers are with him too. it just burns me up that people can,t be safe in there own homes any more and you here more and more of this going on all the time.

  • LM

    Most everyone on here is all, “Yay, the “intruder” got what he deserved!” You all do NOT know the real TRUTH behind what actually happened! You are just choosing to believe what you want to believe.
    Bottom line is, two people got SHOT…by GUNS. Take what you will from that FACT!

  • Jamie

    My mom and dad know the homeowner Kenneth Wray. Plus also my cousin work for the fire department so I kind of some stuff the guy that died was shot once. Kenneth Wray was shot multiple times so therefore how could he shot anyone

  • b

    The car was towed from the scene. One is dead from a gun shot and the other was shot multiple times. The home owner called 911. These are the only facts we have to draw conclusions on what happened. I assume from these facts that a gun was used andthe one dead is no longer breathing.

    • RachH

      On which website did you find his mugshot? I Googled him but didn’t see an article or anything else that included his mugshot. Can you point me the right direction?

  • Pam

    TJ Bowman had a heart of gold!!! He would help anyone he could!!! I personally DO NOT believe that he went into that home with a gun!!! He may have a criminal past….but let the one without sin, throw the first stone!!! His sister is devastated as well as the rest of his family!!!! Please keep your dumbass remarks to yourself until you have all of the information!!!!

    • Pam

      FYI to all the people that think they have all the facts….TJ was living in an apartment in the downstairs area of the home!!

    • Will Grant

      oh, brother…yet another mental midget completely misinterprets the “ye without sin…” teaching…

      you choose to gloss over his repeated criminal behavior and even though you don’t have “all the facts” you state that you “don’t believe” he took a gun and seem to think everyone should just take your word for it

      your friend was a wannabe thug who got popped, “Pam” hope this helps

    • RachH

      Pam, I don’t know these other idiots here but I’d like to apologize for them. Some people think they know everything and that God appointed them juror and judge over everybody. There are some of us out here who realize that a criminal past does not necessarily a cold-blooded murdered make. I am sorry about the loss of your friend/relative. Sincerely I am. Ignore these other fools because that is all they are.

    • RachH

      Big deal, Still doesn’t make him a murderer. He might be; he might not be. The only fact I know is that we don’t know all the facts yet. You are just one of the reasons our jury system is broken. Hell, who needs a fair trial, right? Let’s just let you and Will and Rick and the other idiots like them on here decide everything,

      • W.Randall Crews

        so now you sound like some of them that hold office this man picked a life of crime no one made him go down that path he did it on his own its never ok to break in and shoot some one in there own house they have all ready said the home owner lived alone. just so you know what is right and wrong. had he not done this his family and his friends would not be going though this now. I don,t think I would be calling the people on here fools are other names they sound like they would not put up with this either if it happened to them. WOULD YOU?

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