Durham principal announces school closure with ‘Ice Ice Baby’

Posted on: 10:22 am, February 13, 2014, by , updated on: 12:03pm, February 13, 2014

Who says teachers can’t be cool?

Administrators at a school in North Carolina decided to have some fun when they announced classes would be canceled because of the bad weather slamming the Southeast.

They rapped about the closure to the tune of that classic hip hop song, “Ice Ice Baby.”

“Alright stop. Collaborate and listen. Ice is back and the roads will glisten,” sung Michael Ulku-Steiner and Lee Hark, head of school and assistant head of school, respectively, at Durham Academy in Durham, N.C.

“Sleet falling down like a million missiles, bringing school delays and early dismissals,” they rapped.

“We had fun with it. It was very spur of the moment,” Ulku-Steiner told CNN later. “We’ll try to keep people guessing for sure.”

The message announced that Durham Academy, which has some 1,170 students, would be closed on Thursday.

When asked whether the video is typical of how future cancellations might be announced, Hark laughed.

“We were thinking about a rain delay message using Milli Vanilli’s ‘Blame It on the Rain,’ ” he joked.


  • (z1creep) says:

    “We had fun with it. It was very spur of the moment,” Ulku-Steiner told CNN later. “We’ll try to keep people guessing for sure.”

    It wasn’t spur of the moment. This was done to try to beat the Principle in Kentucky that did a similar video last week.

  • Kathy Rorie says:

    This is a cool way for you all to announce this. Good work!

  • Dorothy says:

    This is a “teaching” institution???? The message of USA being backwards, is the “lesson” that is apparent first and foremost!!! Great idea…..shameful delivery….

  • BP says:

    Saw this this morning on THE VIEW I think it’s cool.

  • jade says:

    anybody tryin to get famouse teach dont act like cornballs

    • SAL says:

      You are a perfect example of why teachers need raises. If they have to try to teach an illiterate like you they should have million dollar contracts. And you typed this in a world of spell check.

  • Allan Blevins says:

    When your head educators are this creative, it shows there are no limits to what a great education and imaginative mind can do. Lead by example…. Knowledge IS power and making a place to learn fun will encourage and make people want to attend. Sure they are having fun…. and they are communicating at a level most kids understand. Getting your point and messages across in creative ways is what works….. that is why there are commercials on TV, radio, and billboards. That is why the Superbowl has the best commercials… You get your point across by getting the attention of your target audience. Good job guys! I had great administrators in school, My kids also have great administrators in school, and so does Durham Academy!

  • Don says:

    Teacher here is sending you a hug. There is tons of research on drama infused curriculum instruction. To the haters, read the research. ( And learn to write)

  • jade says:

    private school preps go teach in a urban public school then try to rap principle and his boyfriend

  • The dork says:

    All of your comments herein just show us all how ignorant you really are. Can we say high school education?

  • Marcia says:

    i think i’m more nonplussed by the fact that they referred to “Ice Ice Baby” as a classic hip hop song…

  • Cj Allred says:

    It was awesome and I laughed my butt off. As a NC native, it’s a good feeling to have something positive to talk about in our school system. The rest of you grumpy people….relax. It won’t kill you to actually smile for once.

  • CFuerniss says:

    Those guys are awesome. Too bad the song wasn’t longer.

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