Incredible photos of snow along the Outer Banks

Posted on: 10:23 am, February 12, 2014, by , updated on: 11:59am, February 12, 2014

Up to 10 inches of snow fell along the Outer banks on Tuesday.

Note: This storm is not related to the storm that will impact North Carolina on Wednesday.

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  • Fred says:

    Unusual, I’ll give you. But “Incredible” (esPECially for a news organization!)? You folks spend too much time on Facebook.

  • FOX 8 in High Point, NC is THE BEST for local news, as well as, sending crews out to Ocracoke Island and Outer Banks on this MOST UNUSUAL inclement weather conditions. In my opinion, they are THE BEST in content, up-to-date happenings, and they are just an EXCELLENT NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS, AND THE ONLY STATION WHO PROVIDES US WITH SOME GOOD NEWS—BOB BUCKLEY, MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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