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Police dept. suggests purchasing a gun for a woman on Valentine’s Day

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Is a gun the quickest way to a woman's heart? A police department in Texas thinks so.

The Rosenberg Police Department posted on their Facebook encouraging men to give their women the gift of safety this Valentine's Day.

Safety, in the form of a firearm.

One gun dealer says woman make up about 45 percent of his sales. They even offer pink and purple pistols for the ladies.

Gun experts said they can be good gifts but they do stress gun safety should be a top priority for new users.


  • Richard Nance

    An Excellent Idea, a Woman should be protected at all times, either by a loved one or she should carry her own Gun or method of Defense especially in this day and time….just shoot & ask questions later….

  • JT

    No, joust–you don’t get to teach an 18th century revisionist history course here. Read the whole thing–and don’t forget that whole well-regulated militia (this day and time’s National Guard) thing when you do it. More to the point (you know, the main idea of my post which you obviously did not/cannot read), those who shoot and ask questions later are dangerous, and unfortunately, it’s that mentality that predominates gun culture here in the U.S.

    • Stephen Melton

      Actually, the “shoot first” crowd is NOT the predominate group, altho many would like you to think so.
      Everyday, more people defend themselves, and never shoot, that those that THINK they are defending themselves, and actually do.
      Those that know, know the escalation of force ideal and use it as it was intended. If its not taught in the CCW classes now, it should be.

    • Anthony

      In Heller, the SCOTUS unanimously agreed that the second amendment is an individual right, and the National Guard has nothing to do with it. Furthermore it is a right to both keep and BEAR (carry outside the home).

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