Guilford County crews prepare for coming snow

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With snow in the forecast, Guilford County Department of Transportation teams are loading their trucks with salt brine and pretreating highways and interstates.

If the forecast for snow is right, Antonie White with the Guilford County DOT feels this will be a very long week.

"Monday will be our last normal work day. Tuesday we will get ready for plowing and we won't leave until all the snow is off the roads."

Meanwhile, Greensboro Field Operations teams will pretreat major roads like Wendover Avenue, downtown streets and bridges with 50,000 gallons of salt brine.

Mike Mabe with the City of Greensboro says it's easier for crews to pretreat Greensboro roads at night.

"[There is] a lot of stop-and-go traffic which takes a lot longer and we found that our brine operations run more smoothly overnight."

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