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High school bans leggings, students disagree

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ROCKPORT, Mass. -- No more leggings at school – that’s what’s happening at a high school in Massachusetts.

FOX25 reported that more than 20 students were sent home last week from Rockport High School for wearing leggings.

Faculty members at the school complained students were not complying with the dress code policy in the student handbook.

Teachers said the skin-tight leggings are too revealing – but students disagree.

“We're not trying to be out there trying to be sexy or we're trying to get boys attention we're just wearing them so we can be comfortable,” said Katharine Boucher, a student.

Some parents said there are more important things that the school should be concerned about.

"I just think it's absolutely ridiculous, there's no reason for this to have been blown out of proportion. This is crazy, these poor kids,” said Janine Boucher, a parent.

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  • Kayla

    And I suppose rapes are the female victims fault too right? They must be asking for it wearing such “provacative” clothing. They’re “asking for it” right!?

  • Linda

    I agree that leggings without a long shirt or sweater coming past the butt should be banned. However, I had a granddaughter that wore yoga pants to school and they were not banned, however one of her teachers sent her to the office to “put on a pair of boxer shorts the school had provided for students that came to school not properly dressed”. Now at the beginning of the year we read and signed the dress code and their clothes where purchased accordingly. Now yoga pants are not skin tight and are flared, however when the teacher sent her to office, my granddaughter refused to put on boxer shorts that she did not know who had worn them before or if they had even been washed and where size mediums and she wears a size 000 in Juniors so she asked to call me to bring her some different pants and she was not allowed to do that. To me her in boxers many sizes to big falling down or with a rope tied around them would be more distracting. Violation of civil rights!?! I went to the school had a meeting with assistant principle and expressed my concerns and with pictures of her in yoga pants (front and back) and pictures of her in skinny jeans (front and back) and he agreed that skinny jeans where more revealing but also said that the dress code was at the discretion of the teacher. Now if that is the case why do you have to sign a “school” dress code in the handbook instead of a dress code from each teacher? I can buy two pair of yoga pants compared to the cost of one pair of skinny jeans and it went to school board and now girls can wear yoga pants and I suggest that all schools either all go to uniforms or allow sweat pants or go back to old school where girls had to wear skirts and dresses,, no pants, coullotes or shorts, and boys had to have shirts tucked in and pants where you are suppose to wear them and with belts.

  • a man

    personally I like them. I don’t want my daughter or wife wearing them but for anyone else with a decent figure….. go for it. BOW WOW!!

  • a man

    I do have a question for the ladies out there though. as a man, relaxed fit jeans and a soft t shirt is comfy for me no matter where I am at or what I am doing. However a womans idea of comfort changes. seems when they go out into the public, the tighter or restrictive the better, yet when they get home in private, loose sweatpants and their husbands t shirts that are 3 sizes too big is comfy. just seems to be exact opposites but achieve the same feel for some reason. I am not being critical of either so please be gentle with your response. I am simply asking to clear up the confusion.

  • sherry gehr

    lots of schools across America has dress codes that dont allow the students to wear anything but kakhis and collared shirts . These girls have it easy

  • Jason

    I agree with the school’s decision. I do not have girls, but God has blessed me with 4 boys. I look at it this way. All responses I have seen have been about the female figure. Would teen women and families be ok with teen males wearing leggings to school because they are considered comfortable? We all know with skinny jeans and leggings you can see curves, but I do not think you would want your daughter seeing male body parts with leggings. You have to look at it both ways and if females can wear it then what’s to say you can’t hold a male back from doing the same. In my opinion I would even go as far as to say wrestling outfits are to revealing for males to be wearing.

  • Cassondra

    Its not the leggings that are the problem. If a kid is walking around in any article of clothing u can see through and u can see the outlines of everything she owns maybe the parents should say hey that’s not really appropriate for school….and the public probably doesn’t wanna see it either but when u turn 18 feel free to dress the way u want. Doesn’t work in the workplace though so if you want to be “comfortable” at work you probably wanna be a stripper. Kids know what is appropriate and what isn’t and so do parents. If they see someone violating dress code they should be punished. Banning specific pieces of clothing is just going to be tedius. I think the parents that allow their kids to go out the way they do should also have to bring them a new change of clothes.

  • Diane

    When I was in school the dress code was very simple. It was basically dress as though you were going to work….they were preparing you not just for college but for going out into the work force. Therefore, you didn’t wear anything that was inappropriate, our parents knew what the dress code was and they made sure they enforced the rules of the school at home….simple. It was never oh the poor kids!! That is the problem with todays society, everything has become acceptable when it really isn’t!!
    I agree with you Cassondra!!

  • Tabitha

    I think it is ridiculous that they are banning everything they are just leggings. They cover and jeans can be just as tight and show the same thing all of us kids hate school and there strict dress codes are making kids hate it even more. We wear leggings because we not only have to go to school and sit there for 6-8 hours we have to sit in the small uncomfortable desks I’m tired of parent saying there opinion because they don’t have to go there and deal with it. We don’t go to school to look good or impress the boys. To be honest have the girls don’t want to get ready at all we all wanna wear legging because we don’t wanna spend ten min trying to sqeeze into a pair of jeans. Calm down worry about a way to fix all these budget cuts and fix our school before you try to fix the students and what we wear at least we show up and get good grades.

  • critic writer

    fox8 u censoered my post and didn’t post it now my attorney said we have a good lawsuit case so now i am sueing you and you will be out of a job

  • Krista

    I think the schools banning leggings is crazy. school systems are taking the dress code to an extreme I do think you shouldn’t come to school showing to much skin but lord. personally if you don’t buy my cloths you aren’t gunna tell me what I can and can’t wear. We are there to learn and I think it’s stupid to blame girls for boys getting distracted? Like boys are going to look at girls point blank period no matter what they have on. That’s just life. My school hasn’t banned them yet and schools are getting to strict . It’s dumb ! Get a life

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