High school bans leggings, students disagree

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ROCKPORT, Mass. — No more leggings at school – that’s what’s happening at a high school in Massachusetts.

FOX25 reported that more than 20 students were sent home last week from Rockport High School for wearing leggings.

Faculty members at the school complained students were not complying with the dress code policy in the student handbook.

Teachers said the skin-tight leggings are too revealing – but students disagree.

“We’re not trying to be out there trying to be sexy or we’re trying to get boys attention we’re just wearing them so we can be comfortable,” said Katharine Boucher, a student.

Some parents said there are more important things that the school should be concerned about.

“I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous, there’s no reason for this to have been blown out of proportion. This is crazy, these poor kids,” said Janine Boucher, a parent.

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  • Kim says:

    These girls don’t need leggings! They are tooooo tight and def too revealing!!! These parents talking about poor kids!! Smh great job school it’s not that big put on some jeans Nd keep it moving

  • Sharon says:

    Not everyone is comfortable in jeans. Do these girls also have to get on their knees to make sure their skirts are long enough too? Banning leggings is a joke.

  • Sharon says:

    Btw, jeans can be skin right too.

  • My school doesn’t allow leggings/yoga pants unless you’re wearing a dress or skirt that comes to you knee. I’ve gotten in trouble many times over dress code, but it’s ridiculous. They want you to learn, but they take you out of class and make you sit in the office until your parents can bring you a new change of clothes. If your parents can’t bring you any, you get ISS. I’m not even trying to impress guys with leggings or yoga pants. They are just way more comfortable than jeans.

    • Kevin says:

      Honestly, this “comfort” argument is such BS. Wear SWEATPANTS then, since you don’t care about impressing people, and you just want to be comfortable.

      • Ashley says:

        They can’t wear sweat pants if they could they prob would

      • Hey Kevin, you obviously don’t know anything if you think that just wearing sweat pants is ok. Sweat pants can be too tight, just like leggings. Girls at my school have still gotten in trouble for that. Also, yoga pants and leggings ARE more comfortable. I’m sure you wouldn’t wear them though or know because you’re too busy thinking about how it promotes sex and is provocative. If you have no intention of impressing ANYONE what so ever, then I think, yes, it should be ok, but we have a lot of slutty girls nowadays. So please, take your argument elsewhere. Thanks.

  • Mr. Me Too says:

    Jeez, stop making this women’s rights. The pants are skin tight, and you can see through half of them.

    Hell don’t ban them, and grown men will keep gawking at your daughters.

  • For the first time in a very long time, I agree with the schools banning something, Leggings are ugly, they are fine under skirts, but worn alone they are obscene and I don’t use that word very often, If these girls really knew how cheap they look, then they would be glad that for once the school is doing something right, They should be banned from the streets also. One ugly piece of clothing.

  • Mrs. B says:

    I teach at a school in NC where leggings are banned as well. I agree that they are too tight. And tight clothing can be a distraction to the teenage boy population- who don’t need any additional encouragement through tight clothes to be distracted by the ladies!

    • Tiffani says:

      Girls should NOT be responsible for how well boys learn? Do you realize how absurd you sound? Girls should do this because it distracts the boys, and the boys don’t need more of a distraction. How about you teach your shitty sons that school is about learning, and stop blaming girls for why boys aren’t paying attention. You all are honestly taking sides with a school that sent home basically a whole class full of girls for being warm and comfortable, all because they’re worried the boys might get aroused? Jeans are just as constricting, next will they ban those as well? You are setting in these girls minds that they are responsible if the boys get a good education. You’re setting an image that the girls are not there for the same purpose as the boys. You all are real shitty people.

  • Wendy J. Colby says:

    If a teenage girl says she wearing tight leggings, makeup and the best clothing she can put together to be comfortable and not attract boys shes either an outright LIAR or a lesbian.Parents don’t be so naive and gullible..

  • I would have been thrown out too! I refuse to wear jeans…and to this day, I wear leggings. I think its ridiculous. I can see maybe if they were like tights where you could see thru them, but not what the girls in the picture are wearing.

  • Anna Bromley says:

    I saw a whole herd of teenie boppers and teenage girls walking around in leggings, a skin tight shirt, and high heels. It was disgraceful. Leggings under other clothes is okay, but leggings as the ONLY thing covering your lower half of your body? NO fricking way! Then they are disgusted when older men/boys only think of them for one thing. Stop putting it out there for the world to see. Cover yourself up, you are at school to LEARN, not to tempt boys/men to do sexual things. Plus, how comfy are you in the snow wearing only tights to cover you? Oh, what’s that? You’re freezing your little butt of, because you can’t stay warm!

    • FaithC says:

      What year do you live in? Cover yourself up? If you want to live in a society where woman have to “cover up” then you need to move to another country where it is law.
      Men and boys have to keep themselves in check. It is not the responsibility of woman to do it for them. That stopped, (as it should) in the 1970′s.

  • Lincoln says:

    It’s school the focus should be on school work and anything that detracts from that should be removed. The girls may be comfortable but I’m sure the boys pants get tight and what the teachers says isn’t as interesting. If my school had done that I might spell better.

  • Natashia says:

    Honestly, the guys are gonna be distracted either way you look at it. We there you’re wearing leggings or not. You go to school for 7 hours and you really don’t wanna be there in jeans all day you want to be comfortable, and quite frankly good luck with keeping it banned there gonna get there way around it somehow.

  • FaithC says:

    Leggings are comfortable. I wear them all the time. I can move in them with ease. I also wear a long enough top to cover my butt. but that is my choice. Banning them is ridiculous.
    As far as the boys are concerned…they need to be taught no matter what a woman wears, it is her right to wear it and she is not to be judged, but respected. I am not talking about actions. I am talking about clothes. All they are doing is teaching boys that it is ok to blame the girls for their, (the boys), poor actions or disrespectable thoughts.

  • Stephen says:

    So it’s OK for teachers to wear their leggings to work then? They are there for 8-12 hours depending on their position and additional duties. Why do we even have work attire? High school is supposed to get kids ready for the real world, correct? Most jobs don’t allow revealing clothing like leggings, spaghetti strap shirts, exposed bras/cleavage, etc. Shouldn’t we prepare these kids for that? I hope that there is an equally strict no sagging pants policy at this school.

    • Alicia says:

      Stephen thank you for bringing some logic to this long strand of posts. You jane made the only intelligent point in have read this far and parents would be wise to agree with why you are saying

  • Steven says:

    Her is my opinion. Yes leggings are ugly, but if a girl wants to wear them let them because they are not revealing at all! You can not see any skin at all! Also all guys gawk at girls regardless of what they wear. They are guys that’s what they do. And Wendy j what ever that last part was they don’t have to be lesbian or a liar how do you know what they are thinking are you psychic? No your not and to throw lesbians is rude because do you see lesbians walking around saying them wendy’s this or them wendy’s that no so don’t call out the lesbians. You guys who think leggings should be banned from schools that’s like saying you can eat a sandwich with you’re favorite topping let them do what they want its a free country oh actually no nevermind i take that back because if we were a free country we would be able to do what we want when we want and people always find something to point out and change. What are people going to do next put people in black bubbles so one can see anything is life GET OVER IT!

  • Anna Bromley says:

    Leggings hide nothing, which means they are revealing. If you want to tell me that leggings with no skirt or shorts over them is not revealing, go and look at the little girls walking around in skin tight neon animal print leggings in the mall I work at. Then you can tell me that you can’t see every inch of what their Mama gave them through those tights. You might not be able to see their actual skin, but you can see every curve. That is distracting, not only to boys, but any other student. It is also distracting to the teachers. And if it’s okay for the students to wear what ever they want and “be comfortable”… What if I was a nudist and more comfortable in nothing at all, would it be okay for me to go to a highschool and not have a stitch of clothing on? If your child has to wear something to be more comfortable to learn, send them to school in a pair of pajama pants! At least then they are actually covered!

  • Steven says:

    You are going to see curves in anything you wear duh duh duh duh and i had to put four duhs to mke my point that your stupid. I MN yeah its easier to notice the curves but do you see them banning skinny jeans they just need one more thing to (female dog) about. And and leggings ate pj’s did you proof read that^^^ to make sure you don’t sound stupid because obv. It didn’t work!

    • April says:

      ummm..sweetheart you might want to proof read what you posted instead of worrying about proof reading others posts!

  • AJ says:

    Despite what some idiots who have no idea how to dress seem to think, leggings are not pants. They are undergarments. Do schools let children show up in their underwear?

  • Anna Bromley says:

    AJ, I wish there was a like button. I would click it on your comment!

  • Danner says:

    Banning leggings…. sounds like yet, another poor reason for people to be hypocritical. Girls/woman should NOT feel guilty for how others perceive them, more less people shouldn’t be so perverted to TRY to see n vision what they got goin on under their clothes. Thats YOUR fault if u got a sick and twisted side. Maybe u shud seek some professional help,before your sick fantasies u allow to become a reality. N girls or woman shudnt be so judgmental, im preeeetty sure u got some jacked up flaws with yur probably busted self, why u act like u got good reasoning to comment!!!

  • Steven says:

    They arnt underwear are they in the underwear section in walmart no they are in the pants sectiom yet you have the nerve to call others idiots haha your the idiot lol wow there is absolutely zero hope in humanity. Why not instead of paying attention to what students wear why noy get their perverted teachers banned because i see more headlines about teachers messing with students then the amount of times clothing items got banned.

  • Anna Bromley says:

    I’m pretty sure Walmart is the only place that doesn’t sell them in the undergarment section then. Every department store has them either with the socks, or the undergarments near the shapewear. And please, go back to school yourself, because you can neither spell, nor form a proper sentence. If I’m sick for thinking girls should respect themselves by covering up and not showing the world everything, then I’m sorry, I’ll stay being sick. I guess expecting young girls to have self respect, and know that they don’t need to be little skanks, is asking way too much these days. I’m just oldschool I guess. I think an education and knowing how to spell and speak intelligently is more important than how many people stare at you, or how many people add you on facebook, just because they want to see your barely clothed selfies. I think this is why they have banned things like leggings, extremely low cut tops, high rise shirts, and even baggy pants for the boys.

    • April says:

      I agree Anna

    • Tabitha says:

      I have been reading all the comments on here. I just want to say thank God there are still some intelligent people out there. I have four children and am old school as well. My children go to public school which has also banned leggings and skinny jeans. Either way you would never catch any of my children dressed inappropriately.

  • Michelle says:

    Leggings are not pants… if you think pants are tight then wear sweat pants

  • Kimberly says:

    Sweat pants are JUST as comfortable as leggings…and no where’s near as revealing :) If in fact all you’re trying to do is be comfortable.
    But I think you’re trying for more than comfort…I get it…I wear leggings too…but I won’t wear them without something covering the special parts!

  • Kimberly says:

    And to add I’m glad there’s a school out there trying to enforce the dress code! I’m tired of picking my son up from school and seeing these young girls dressed like either working a city corner or headed out for night on the town. It’s not appropriate. Daisy Dukes, spaghetti strapped tank tops and sheer leggings have NO place in the schools. These young girls need to be more worried about getting an education and learning self respect than attracting or distracting other kids.
    And for those of you who think we need to teach our boys to have respect for women…your right! Now if you can start teaching the young women to have some self respect we’d have an even playing field!!!

  • albedamn says:


  • audrey says:

    I agree with the school. Leggings are no more than thick pantyhose. School is no place for them. It shows a lack of self respect.

  • DaNikia Ettson says:

    The way boys and girls dress these days is all over the place so wouldn’t it just be easier to have uniforms instead of banning certain items of clothing?

  • Why is there so much drama to this. The fact is that when your kid started school they gave you a handbook and in that handbook is a set of rules that you and your child probably signed. Follow the rules!!! It’s not like they are trying to throw new rules at you. It’s been there all along. It’s just that no one (child or parent) was responsible enough to follow it. Just make all the kids in America wear uniforms. They are there to learn, not to impress people.

  • ZombieKiller says:

    Ban camel toes.

  • Kayla says:

    And I suppose rapes are the female victims fault too right? They must be asking for it wearing such “provacative” clothing. They’re “asking for it” right!?

  • Linda says:

    I agree that leggings without a long shirt or sweater coming past the butt should be banned. However, I had a granddaughter that wore yoga pants to school and they were not banned, however one of her teachers sent her to the office to “put on a pair of boxer shorts the school had provided for students that came to school not properly dressed”. Now at the beginning of the year we read and signed the dress code and their clothes where purchased accordingly. Now yoga pants are not skin tight and are flared, however when the teacher sent her to office, my granddaughter refused to put on boxer shorts that she did not know who had worn them before or if they had even been washed and where size mediums and she wears a size 000 in Juniors so she asked to call me to bring her some different pants and she was not allowed to do that. To me her in boxers many sizes to big falling down or with a rope tied around them would be more distracting. Violation of civil rights!?! I went to the school had a meeting with assistant principle and expressed my concerns and with pictures of her in yoga pants (front and back) and pictures of her in skinny jeans (front and back) and he agreed that skinny jeans where more revealing but also said that the dress code was at the discretion of the teacher. Now if that is the case why do you have to sign a “school” dress code in the handbook instead of a dress code from each teacher? I can buy two pair of yoga pants compared to the cost of one pair of skinny jeans and it went to school board and now girls can wear yoga pants and I suggest that all schools either all go to uniforms or allow sweat pants or go back to old school where girls had to wear skirts and dresses,, no pants, coullotes or shorts, and boys had to have shirts tucked in and pants where you are suppose to wear them and with belts.

  • a man says:

    personally I like them. I don’t want my daughter or wife wearing them but for anyone else with a decent figure….. go for it. BOW WOW!!

  • a man says:

    I do have a question for the ladies out there though. as a man, relaxed fit jeans and a soft t shirt is comfy for me no matter where I am at or what I am doing. However a womans idea of comfort changes. seems when they go out into the public, the tighter or restrictive the better, yet when they get home in private, loose sweatpants and their husbands t shirts that are 3 sizes too big is comfy. just seems to be exact opposites but achieve the same feel for some reason. I am not being critical of either so please be gentle with your response. I am simply asking to clear up the confusion.

  • sherry gehr says:

    lots of schools across America has dress codes that dont allow the students to wear anything but kakhis and collared shirts . These girls have it easy

  • nono says:

    Rules are Rules. If these little girls can’t abide then take a ride.

  • Jason says:

    I agree with the school’s decision. I do not have girls, but God has blessed me with 4 boys. I look at it this way. All responses I have seen have been about the female figure. Would teen women and families be ok with teen males wearing leggings to school because they are considered comfortable? We all know with skinny jeans and leggings you can see curves, but I do not think you would want your daughter seeing male body parts with leggings. You have to look at it both ways and if females can wear it then what’s to say you can’t hold a male back from doing the same. In my opinion I would even go as far as to say wrestling outfits are to revealing for males to be wearing.

  • Cassondra says:

    Its not the leggings that are the problem. If a kid is walking around in any article of clothing u can see through and u can see the outlines of everything she owns maybe the parents should say hey that’s not really appropriate for school….and the public probably doesn’t wanna see it either but when u turn 18 feel free to dress the way u want. Doesn’t work in the workplace though so if you want to be “comfortable” at work you probably wanna be a stripper. Kids know what is appropriate and what isn’t and so do parents. If they see someone violating dress code they should be punished. Banning specific pieces of clothing is just going to be tedius. I think the parents that allow their kids to go out the way they do should also have to bring them a new change of clothes.

  • Diane says:

    When I was in school the dress code was very simple. It was basically dress as though you were going to work….they were preparing you not just for college but for going out into the work force. Therefore, you didn’t wear anything that was inappropriate, our parents knew what the dress code was and they made sure they enforced the rules of the school at home….simple. It was never oh the poor kids!! That is the problem with todays society, everything has become acceptable when it really isn’t!!
    I agree with you Cassondra!!

  • Heather says:

    North Stokes High School in Danbury ,NC has had a ban on theses leggings for a long time now.

  • Tabitha says:

    I think it is ridiculous that they are banning everything they are just leggings. They cover and jeans can be just as tight and show the same thing all of us kids hate school and there strict dress codes are making kids hate it even more. We wear leggings because we not only have to go to school and sit there for 6-8 hours we have to sit in the small uncomfortable desks I’m tired of parent saying there opinion because they don’t have to go there and deal with it. We don’t go to school to look good or impress the boys. To be honest have the girls don’t want to get ready at all we all wanna wear legging because we don’t wanna spend ten min trying to sqeeze into a pair of jeans. Calm down worry about a way to fix all these budget cuts and fix our school before you try to fix the students and what we wear at least we show up and get good grades.

  • If the price of admission to get a free or nearly-free education is not wearing leggings, just comply with the dress code and be grateful.. #firstworldproblems

  • critic writer says:

    fox8 u censoered my post and didn’t post it now my attorney said we have a good lawsuit case so now i am sueing you and you will be out of a job

  • Adam Warner says:

    school should be spending time more wisely?? how about the person who decided this was news worthy and wasted the time reporting on it?

  • TONYA says:


  • Krista says:

    I think the schools banning leggings is crazy. school systems are taking the dress code to an extreme I do think you shouldn’t come to school showing to much skin but lord. personally if you don’t buy my cloths you aren’t gunna tell me what I can and can’t wear. We are there to learn and I think it’s stupid to blame girls for boys getting distracted? Like boys are going to look at girls point blank period no matter what they have on. That’s just life. My school hasn’t banned them yet and schools are getting to strict . It’s dumb ! Get a life

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