Beatles mark 50th anniversary of Ed Sullivan appearance

It was 50 years ago today that America was first introduced to the Beatles.

The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in Feb. 9, 1964.

The four-piece band would go on to become the biggest act in rock history.

FOX8’s Brad Jones found that it’s a performance that still gets people talking – half a century later.

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  • JT

    Man, makes me sad for this generation. Who’s their John Lennon? Miley Cyrus? Justin Bieber? Gimme a break. This was music that raised the national consciousness regarding Vietnam, the civil rights movement, world peace and tolerance and so many other things. Today’s music just doesn’t do any of that–it’s all about excess and materialism. Faith, if you have any of their stuff on Apple vinyl, HANG ONTO IT! It’s worth a small fortune. Frank, no one listens to you anyway–you’ve proven yourself to be tone deaf on so many other things, why should we be surprised at the fact you have no idea what music is?

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