9-year-old saves mom who was pinned by car

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A quick-thinking 9-year-old is being crediting for saving his mother’s life.

Dawn Howe, 48, just finished making lunch for her three kids and was about to take her youngest, Cody, to snowboard lessons.

Dawn and Cody were in the minivan, ready to leave the garage. In a hurry, Dawn jumped out of the car to go inside for her sunglasses. But she failed to put the car in park.

She said she stepped out of the car and her foot got caught in the car’s door. She said she fell to the side and the moving car dragged her through the garage.

Dawn said she was pinned against the garage door and couldn’t move. She said she could barely breathe. That’s when Cody sprang into action.

Cody jumped into the front seat for his first time behind the wheel. Cody followed his mother’s instructions and was able to move the car forward.

Dawn ended up with a broken leg, but she said it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for Cody’s fast-thinking actions.

"I'm very very happy that I helped my mom,” said Cody Howe.


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