‘Producer Whitney’ talks about her ‘No Body Shame’ viral dance video

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Whitney Thore, better known across the Piedmont as "Producer Whitney" on 107.5 KZL's Jared and Katie morning radio show, visited FOX8 on Friday to talk about her "No Body Shame Campaign."

Thore posted several "Fat Girl Dancing" dancing videos on YouTube that have gone viral over the past week. The videos are part of a "No Body Shame Campaign" that promotes self-confidence.

"I think back to when I was 117 pounds... that's when I first engaged in disorder eating. What's wrong with our society when 117 pound women have eating disorders?" Thore said.

Thore said she's been doing the dancing videos for the last year, but it was only recently when her video went viral after it was featured on several news websites. 

"My co-worker Jared Pike suggested I put these videos on YouTube and call them 'Fat Girl Dancing," Thore said. "Now I have eight blog posts and a tiny website, and suddenly it's a campaign. I don't know where it's going, but I'm excited for the ride."

Thore said she initially gave up dancing when she gained weight.

"I thought I had lost it, because once I started to gain weight I stopped dancing. I didn't even dance by myself. I remember I was about 280 pounds alone in my apartment in Korea and I danced by myself for the first time in 5-6 years. It was such a cathartic experience I cried and I thought... I have to have this in my life. I cannot avoid dancing," Thore said.

Thore said the most important part of her "No Body Shame Campaign" is encouraging people to find what makes them happy and pursue it.

"I want everyone to be able to seek their joy and know that their body doesn't limit them... their looks don't limit them. People will try to shame you and they will try to make you feel bad. We all deserve to live a life of happiness and do what we love," Thore said.

For more about Thore's campaign, visit NoBodyShameCampaign.com.


  • John Leonard II

    They can delete negative comments if they so chose. Its their site not yours. Its a campaign about being comfortable with yourself. Its not promoting weight gain or a unhealthy diet. Its about liking you for you. I bet you dont like yourself do you Will ? Im sure you try to act as if you are amazing, and guess what ? You are… we all are. Seriously Its ok to just be happy with life. I wish I had her confidence. Also im proud to say that I am a friend of Whit’s and if you were to talk to her for just five mins you would be as well.

    • Will Grant

      meltdown….I never said the mods couldn’t delete comments “John Leonard II” ; I actually said they could delete them…but they couldn’t delete the truth.

  • ThanksforIncreasingMYinsurancepremium

    It is ok to be confident, but why promote a condition that increases chances for Diabetes, hypertension,Increased prescription consumption and poor quality of life as an elder.
    Also people don’t realize that when a person is this Obese their medical care is limited. Limited due to equipment weight limits, Medical Imaging limitations.

  • Ashleyaml1075

    This campaign is about loving yourself and your body. I am an aml of 107.5 and whitney has mentioned several times anyone size shape race can joun this campaign their are even skinny people that are not comfortable with something about their body this campaign is not sypporting obesity it is helping those that may be over weight or obese or tio skinny love therir body for what it is. I support you Whitney and everyone else in the campaign…..

  • WhyDoesEveryneedAcceptance

    I bet if she put as much effort into working out as she put into prepairing for this god awful video she would be in better health and feel better about herself.

    FACT: Eat LESS and move MORE is a reciepe for weight loss.

    • Will Grant

      amen…of course, speaking such simple truths can be labeled “hate speech” and therefore not protected under the Constitution if these larda$$es and lefty types have their way

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