Neighbors frustrated by stray flock of guinea hens in Elon

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ELON, N.C. -- Neighbors on Spanish Oak Road in Elon are trying to figure out what to do about some unwelcome visitors.

“I'm 74 years old and I've never encountered anything like this before,” said Lydia Bryant.

Bryant says a flock of guinea fowl, or guinea hens, just showed up about two weeks ago and the fast-moving birds have been making their presence known ever since.

“I’m mystified,” said Walter Bryant.

The Bryants say the biggest issues are the guineas are loud and leave their droppings everywhere.

“They have no favorites. They will go anywhere, to any neighbors home. We all have had their courtesy call,” said Lydia Bryant.

Bryant says animal control told her they can’t help, so she’s hoping someone who wants the birds will adopt them.

Until someone does, the Bryants have resorted to desperate measures. They’re barricading themselves in their house to keep the guinea hens out.

Guinea fowl are native to Africa, but they’re domesticated and bred locally.


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