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Man steps up, pays off students’ negative lunch account balances

Posted on: 11:59 am, February 6, 2014, by , updated on: 07:42am, February 7, 2014

man2HOUSTON — A man, upset after hearing about a Utah school that trashed lunches for students with delinquent lunch account balances, paid off 60 negative lunch account balances at a Houston elementary school this week.

Kenny Thompson, a longtime school tutor, said he felt the need to act after hearing about the incident in Utah, he told KPRC.

“I’m like, ‘Wow. I know that’s probably a situation at my school, and the school my son goes to, and the other schools I mentor at.’  So I came in and inquired about it,” Thompson said.

man3Thompson learned that many kids at Houston’s Valley Oaks Elementary School were already on a reduced lunch. Many have parents that can’t afford daily meals that cost 40 cents. That’s when Thompson took $465 of his own money and paid off the lunch accounts for 60 children.

“These are elementary school kids,” he said. “They don’t need to be worried about finances. They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

man4Thompson said many students that have negative balances will skip the lunch line to avoid the embarrassment. He hopes this will give them the confidence they deserve and the nutrition they need.

“When I left the building knowing that they were getting fed, they didn’t have that stress.  The best money I ever spent,” he said.

Source: KPRC


  • Flossie says:

    This is what America should be about. Helping our own!

    • Jude says:

      You need to consider, though, that these are elementary school children. Can they earn money themselves? IMHO it’s not fair to punish the children because their parents can’t or won’t scrape up $2 a week!

    • news2me says:

      Oh my Biz
      No No No…We must always help the innocent children..and others who are less fortunate…….I have ..I do…and I always will…..This man did a wonderful deed….We can not live happily and selfishly…Reminds me of the Pigs I have seen slopping up their food while the children are hungry…??????

    • You’re right Flossie, Where are the rich with their Millions and Billions? Why do we feed other countries but can’t feed our school children. Oh I’ll hear about how people should fend for themselves and such, but then so should other countries the USA helps with Millions.

      • Les says:

        People rich with their millions? Pete, why is it up to the “rich” people to pay out? It is a government problem. The politicians are rich, why aren’t they bailing out us poor slobs? Another liberal thinking it is the ‘rich” folks who need to spend their made money. It is al our problems, not just the rich.

      • For those of you that want to berate the poor.

        Did you know that in 20 years since the WEALTHY got NAFTA passed,
        that the US have lost 1 MILLION jobs .

        Then the great lawmakers have still not passed extended unemployment benefits….so ya, folks are now going on
        6 weeks of no income coming in.

        Our lawmakers are letting people get evicted, shut off notices.
        While they still collect their paycheck, they have abandoned the
        American worker.

        Pray companies like Bain doesn’t buy your place of employment, because they will ship your job overseas too.

      • agreed, but people that aren’t taxed to hell and gone need to remember, before you share your wealth ( or blessing) with communities other than your own, bless your own. Charity begins at home!
        Bless those other countries AFTER you’ve determined that there isn’t a local need, and ONLY after you’ve determined so.

      • Alex Muller says:

        Just to say, I’m from the UK, and in the UK, kids get fed cause people pay higher taxes. We also get free healthcare, crazy I know. The reason these kids haven’t been fed is cause your schools are allowed to decide who they feed. The rich with their millions and billions do not care. Maybe instead of blaming countries that I can only assume you mean such as AFRICA. Where there are 100s of millions of starving, not a little bit hungry, starving children, you should blame your law makers and politicians for not trying to make sure something as simple as feeding kids in schools, something Europe figured out a long time ago, is being done. Don’t blame countries less fortunate than yourself, after all, if America is so great, surely it can feed children at school.

      • Not to be a jerk, but the rich pay the lions share of the federal taxes which allow the reduced lunch programs to begin with. Not sure it is up to the rich to dish out more money. Maybe a better solution would be for the federal gov’t to quit giving out pork projects and put it to good use.

      • all of you people criticizing and blaming the libs or the conservatives… LISTEN UP… we are entering an era where the wealth is all going to the super rich and even the middle and upper middle classes are dwindling… BLAME people like the Koch Brothers who want no regulation so they can exploit our land for their own benefit… they are the original ‘entitled twins”. Attached is a Harvard business study, read up if you have the guts!

      • Von says:

        because the money ain’t going to feed the other children. it will go striaght into the sponsor pocket…

      • Alan Porter says:

        Good point Pete. Never mind the conservative here who wants small government but thinks the government should be taking care of the problem.
        Gotta love how we always see celebrities and rich folk pleading with the average citizen to donate donate donate. Ever see the meme that says something like “You make $15m a year, I make $15/hour. YOU donate!” It’s no different with this scenario. Where someone got the idea to take lunches away from KIDS…sigh. Society can be ridiculous sometimes…

      • Bileven says:

        Those rich are what holds up our economy and being told they MUST pay more and more…

        Think about it for a second… 12% of $1 million is $120,000… that is just the amount they pay in income taxes. Not to mention the hundreds of other taxes, like property tax, luxury tax, estate taxes.

        Forget the fact that most are employers and providing the means for others to earn a living…

        Yeah, how about those too busy pointing fingers, that have failed to notice they have been taking and need to start giving back…

      • Kazman says:

        In response to Alex Muller,you say that in England, you have free health care? REALLY? So all the hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, assistants, staff, medical devices, medications, etc, are all volunteers, or donations? WOW, you limeys really are generous. NOTHING IS FREE YOU IDIOT. It is paid for somehow by someone. As your great PM Maggie Thatcher once said, The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of someone else’s money. Please do not visit our country, and PLEASE pay airfare for your brain dead fellow limey Piers Morgan to come home. We are sick of him and his socialist ravings.

      • towbill says:

        I hate to brake it to you ,The reason politicos give so much to other countries is the difficulty tracking the funds through yet another corrupt politicos .”KICKBACKS”

    • AmericaThePitiful says:

      Erm, people, I feel you’re misunderstanding him. Biz is pointing out a fundamental flaw within our society – living off of others. He isn’t saying this action was bad. In fact, because it’s for children (who, by their nature, MUST live off of others) he would probably agree. Regardless, what Biz said is true. We live off of other people’s successes. Welfare checks, for example. I’ve seen perfectly okay people “participate” in that program just to have extra money for (more) Ice Cream every month or for plasma screen T.V.’s. We can rob someone and, if we sprain our ankle on their property, can sue them for even more than we stole. I kid you not, look it up.

    • Amanda says:

      A man steps up and does a decent thing for SIXTY children (who are not at fault for their parents’ actions and should not be punished for them) and the best you can walk away with is “They’re looking for handouts?” People like you are exactly what’s wrong with the world.

    • Les says:

      People need help! People need help with the basics and are not all slackers.

    • Robin says:

      It’s all about the kids, it doesn’t matter to me if the parents are deadbeats, no child should have to starve. How do you throw food in the trash instead of letting a defenseless child have lunch.

      • kristi says:

        Robin it is so hard see all the food go in the trash. I am a lunch lady in utah and we have never made a child go without food. Despite how far in the hole they are. Every student who wants food gets food. I will tell you that it is not easy to throw that food away. It doesn’t get easier with time either. I always think how many people that food can feed. Totally the hardest part of my job. :(

    • GOD says:

      It’s nice of the guy but these dead beat parents won’t ever own-up to their responsibilities as a parent.They probably all live off welfare already, spend/trade food stamps for beer, and rely on people like this guy. hat they need to do is send social services to these people’s houses, they obviously can’t afford their children so they NEED to have them taken away!

      • aubrey53 says:

        Dear GOD,

        Unfortunately, you do not realize that one cannot simply live on the welfare system. It is actually designed in a way that allows people to only rely on the welfare system for 5 years maximum for their entire life. Many people do not have the privileges that many people are raised with. Some people have not ever learned to make a resume. Some children grow up in neighborhoods where the most successful person is a drug deal that is all they know to be successful. So many people in this country do not have “equal opportunity” and it starts in our school systems. Kids are separated into schools by zip code ultimately where children who come from impoverished areas do not receive the same amount of taxes coming into their school. Its really an issue that affects all but 1% of americans. Sadly, the american dream is not achievable unless you were born into the upper class. The wealth distribution in this country is increasing and the middle class is decreasing. Next time you post something so incredibly ignorant remember your own privileges as I can almost bet you are a white male.

      • Tricia says:

        First most states have tax distribution between schools. In fact the schools in poorer areas receive more tax dollars than wealthy areas. Taxes are placed in a general pool and then sent back out to the schools based on enrollment. Unfortunately what these poor areas really lack is responsible parents. The parents in the middle and upper class care about their children and want them to do better. That is why they worked 75hrs a week to get to the middle class. Most of the failing kids are just a paycheck to their parents. You cannot fix that with wealth redistribution. In fact when you support these parents you only continue their irresponsibility and make more children suffer. Liberals scream about schools that receive double the funds and still have failing grades because they don’t want to face the fact that they caused the problem. Liberals have made these poor people dependent on them so that they can continue to count on their vote. Its sick and its wrong and if people like you continue to make excuses for them it will never get any better. Our schools have been run by liberals for decades, and it is no wonder they are failing.

      • Saying that poor people don’t work or care about their children is a gross over generalization and shows that your paradigm is so far shifted in one direction as to have a hard time recognizing evidence to the contrary.

      • Dee says:

        You don’t know for a fact that these parents are dead beats. I find your comment to be insensitive. I’m sure these parents are doing the best that the possibly can for their children. I bet some of these parents are working more than one job in order to provide for their children and are still barely making it. So until you’ve been in their shoes like my family and I were when I was a kid you have no room to judge. My parents didn’t have a lot of money growing up so most of the time our lunches and breakfasts at school were extremely important. On top of that my parents were both going back to school to finish their college degrees in order to make the lives of my brother, sister, and I a lot better. Sometimes the only reason we had food in the house was because people cared enough to help us out. We even had donated food from food banks in our house so we wouldn’t have to miss a meal.

      • MJ says:

        You just said it Dee, your parents wouldn’t let you and your brother go without if it meant getting food from different places, and bless them for that, I just can’t imagine a parent, even a poor one, who was living in America would allow their child to go hungry-no matter what -I would think thats the first thing that would be on the mind of a parent “is my child in need of something to eat”?

    • chris says:

      yeah, those elementary school kids need to step up and stop being lazy right? Dont be such an idiot…

    • Melrose says:


      There was a time that I had the same sentiment, as you. People need to fend for themselves. I largely, still agree with that philosophy, however, after a stint at volunteering in a non-profit call center, I came to realize there are three Americas:

      1. Those who are self-sufficient and/or successful in life
      2. Those who could be successful and self-sufficient, but won’t
      3. Those who don’t know how (under-educated and entrenched in an environment that has not provided adequate knowledge to become self-sufficient).

      I will speak on the third America, as this is the one that caused me great shock, angst, and to a degree, a period of depression, to learn that such people exists, right here in Greensboro, NC. While working on the phones, I became aware of what I call the “hidden” society. These are people who, somehow, fell through the cracks of education. There I was listening to all sorts of calls for assistance, some valid, while others were people I considered to be “trying to get something for nothing”–I still offered assistance where I could. Then as time progressed, I became acutely aware of the number of American-borne people who truly needed assistance, but held such a poor command of the English language, that they could not, and did not know how to ask for assistance. I became aware of myself offering up words to them to allow me to gain knowledge of what type of assistance they needed. I could hear them attempting to speak a word, and I would offer the word I thought they were trying to say. Sometimes they would indicate I was correct, the other times I had to try different words before we could move on.

      There were many evenings I would return home and ask myself, “How can this be happening, in North Carolina… the education capital of the South?

      These individuals were mostly the age I am now, and were of my parents age at the time. I found myself thinking how had they managed to get through life without learning to speak English to a level of understanding. Then I began to wonder how many “hidden people” there really are.

      In reading stories like these, it makes me suspect there are generations of “hidden people”. The unknowns, the invisibles, who can’t work because they have no acceptable skills; and whose education level is so miminal, they have very few prospects of gaining those skills.

      This father has inspired me. While I do not have a large income, if the Guilford County school lunches are comparable in price, I can make a committment to feed one truly deserving child, until such a time as their family’s financial situation changes, or they graduate high school. As a responsible, working adult, with a little disposable cash, I’m sure I could afford $8 per month to feed a starving child.

    • Nicole says:

      Dear “God”,
      The most appalling thing is that you refer to yourself as some sort of higher power when the only thing about you is your nose up in the air at those of us who recieve free/reduced lunches for our children, food stamps, or other government assistance. First of all, I’d like to introduce myself at one of those “people” who fits into that “low-life” category. I am a 27 year old mother of two boys of which I have full custody. I am in the middle of divorcing my husband who couldn’t stop putting his hands on me. The hardest part of leaving was worrying that I would be financially unable to provide for my children despite the $17 an hour I make or my two part-time jobs I have to make ends meet. Unfortunately, because I spend so much time working (and I also volunteer for 3 organizations) I don’t have the time or energy to “trade my food stamps for beer” so it gets spent on food that is healthy & that my children like, because the alternative is hitting up as many food pantries as possible to get a stock pile of lima beans and canned spinach. I’m sorry you feel like you are so much better than “people like me”. The only thing bigger about you is your inflated ego thinking that those of us that rely on the assistance are scum of the earth. I am educated, gainfully employed, and give back to my community. Perhaps not every recipient of assistance is like me, but don’t degrade us as a group. There are others like me- young mothers trying to finish school, domestic abuse survivors who were not allowed to work because of the control their abusers had on them. Don’t judge until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. You are certainly NOT God and you have no right to spit such putrid, nasty judgment from your lips.

      • Nicole says:

        Oh yes, and as you stated, “I obviously can’t afford my children so I should have them taken away…” Your ignorance truly amuses me. You’re probably just like their dad, dodging process servers to keep from paying child support. Because I’m the mom, I should be able to fend for myself.

    • Oz says:

      the government prefers to pay 54 dollar per day per inmate than 1 dollar for one child in full education! why this world will always be bad because they value the offender more than the future of a child!

    • Rebecca says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!! What a great guy to take his own
      money to help kids that parents can’t afford to pay for their
      kids meals. I wish that I had the money to help others like that.

    • Cammra says:

      They’re too busy praying rather than taking action.

    • Sheila Noblitt says:

      The lunches were already made. Did it cost less to throw them in the trash than it did to let the children go ahead and have a lunch to eat? If you look at what the schools are feeding the children it is hardly worth what we pay for it anyway. It sure is not the good school lunches we were served when I was in school. They warm a few frozen chicken nuggets and open a couple of cans of slop and call it lunch. No cooking skills necessary to get a job in the cafeteria today.

    • ABSOLUTELY ! I wondered why the teachers/principal/workers DID NOT step up and collect the money… what a terrible thing to do to a child ..THANKYOU LORD for the person you sent to make this right !

      • AnneR says:

        Teachers in most public schools in the US already spend a ton of their own money on basic classroom supplies and necessities. I don’t see how we can expect them to step up again and start paying for kids’ lunches. Like everyone else, they have their own families – it’s hard, but they have to draw the line somewhere.

    • Helen Barker says:

      Flossie, I think you need to recognize that there is a world outside of the USA.

  • artist says:

    Sounds like a great guy!

    • Rhonda Burke says:

      YES! and we need more people to be just like him! I know what I’m going to do, how about all of you?

      • I already do it all the time. I make 70 hot dinners every 2 weeks and go out and feed the homeless. Every 2 weeks I make soup. and every 2 weeks I make sandwiches. so 3 w times a month I am trying to help other days I buy coffee give a few bucks we make homeless backpacks. I have given rides to people who have no cars to get id so they can get a food card. helped out at food pantries. I wish more people would just do something. I am not rich, ha far from it and at the end of the month we are super tight on money ecause I have spent it during the month to help people. but I cant take money to the grave with me. Good luck!

  • Joe says:

    What a great person

  • Gordon says:

    Now THIS in my idea of a good story. It’s positive, upbeat, and has an encouraging ending. We need more stories like these instead all the negativity that we see in media. Great story find FOX 8. Let’s find more like these.. ;-)

  • Fooey says:

    Thats a gooood man right there…but the bad thing is, next month all those accounts will be in the negative again.
    I think all states’ tax money and lottery money should pay for all students lunches, so no child should go hungry or worry about lunch money.
    It REALLY pisses me off that any and all leftovers from school cafeterias must be destroyed! (Or I know thats how it is here in Davidson County) Why not donate to a homeless shelter or even an animal shelter! Makes more sense than a trash can!!!!

    • JustMe says:

      Yep in your last line, “makes more sense”..What makes sense is so often the problem..

    • Fooey, you’re being way too realistic and politically incorrect :) But you know, since I’m very familiar with situations like this, I wonder how many of those same parents do find the money to buy cigarettes.

      • Bill Couch says:

        Listen Ron this is about the kids so its their fault if the parents buy smokes??? find something else to complain about.Have you ever been poor??

      • JO says:

        I agree and because I know about things like that, some of those students buy ice cream or at least try to, and the money is applied to their lunch. They can buy the latest fashions also but their child’s lunch account is in a negative. SMH!!

      • brian says:

        I have and I sure as heck made sure my kids were eating before I did and certainly before I bought any thing that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

      • Jerred says:

        Well, Bill Couch, what Ron is inquiring about is important. If you can’t afford to feed your child then why should you be able to afford a selfish bad habit. And before you ask, yes, I have been poor. I grew up poor with a single mother who worked as many as 3 jobs at a time to make sure her children were fed at school.

        Ron wasn’t belittling anyone. I think that’s a fair question to ask.

        In any account, this man is a hero.

      • Jennifer says:

        I agree with you on this one Ron. I like that this man donated his personal money to help these kids out, but I served with a lady in the Navy that didn’t have her own transportation and then when she asked me to take her to the on base gas station to get bread for the kids, she walked out with two cans of snuff for herself and a packet of tortillas. It is really sad what some parents prioritize over food for their kids.

      • Totally agree, I worked in a grocery store for over four years and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have seen parents put food back because they wouldn’t have enough to buy their nasty tobacco and beer.

    • barb sweesy says:

      I absolutely agree that to animal shelters at the least. Lets take care of children in our own country first. But I do feel that parents need to not lean on government assistance forever. Where I live You can only be on afdc for 5 years in a lifetime. I feel that is more than generous, 30 years ago I was on assistance for 4 months as I had surgery and had no income and no child support. As soon as recovery was over I got a job and got off of it. My daughter was on paid lunches during that time also but off as soon as I* went back to work. Lets get off our dead buts and lead a good example to our children.

    • Sabrina says:

      Fooey…in some areas the government does pay for all the childrens lunches. I live in TIfton, Ga. and this past year because the city had so many children on free or reduced lunches it qualified for all students (even those that could pay) to get free lunches. Not a single child in the public school system pays for their lunch. This does not affect me because my kid is at home for lunch because I homeschool my child.

  • Toolman says:

    I have been there before. Much to my dislike, I have grandkids that are receiving reduced or free meals. To defray the cost of feeding my grandkids I buy school supplies and pass them out to the teachers in the school. Its not much, but its something.

  • Chad says:

    No Ron…you missed the point. The kids are going hungry because the parents can’t afford to pay the lunch bill but I’d bet many are smokers and they certainly won’t go without cigarettes…even at the cost of their children going hungry. Saddest thing is, there’s a lot of kids out there that the only decent meal they get in a day is at school. Now schools are taking that away?

    • JT says:

      C’mon, Bill–get with the program. The name of the game here on WGHP’s comment box is “hate the poor (even though I’m one of them).” Don’t you see–all poor people are lazy, on drugs, are ethnic minorities and want handouts. See, when we categorically demonize them, that absolves us of any sort of sympathy or empathy and, most importantly, it absolves us of any sense of responsibility to help out. After all, that would be socialism, right? Now, go read your Ayn Rand/Koch Brothers propaganda, and get to hating the poor right away! I think you’ll find that you’ll be much…happier, or something.

    • Roger Floyd says:

      Talk about missing his point. You HAVE to be a smoker because those comments go right up your crawl. You are completely missing what they are saying.

    • Roger Floyd says:

      JT gets it, he’s obviously a mind reader and knows what’s in peoples hearts. I’m sure he donates food and time(like my family does) to help the homeless and less fortunate. Actually, I would bet that he just sits behind his monitor and posts about how generous he is. Maybe he should take a look at himself and stop generalizing people he doesn’t know.

    • Sarah says:

      My husband just recently got out of the military. He had two college degrees, served his country proudly, and gave his whole adult life to that job. He cannot find a job in this town for nothing!! I’m the only one working and it’s for minimum wage. We are positive and moving forward though. My point of sharing this isn’t for anyone’s pity. We KNOW we will get through this. We are considered to live below poverty, we have lots of debt, and our elementary age child’s account is negative. People who have nasty things to say are what’s wrong with this world. A kind act done by a caring man has trolls coming out and about. People are so quick to assume things about which they know nothing about. It’s disgusting. Children that age shouldn’t worry about that… It is time to see more of people in America helping each other out. We are a nation divided. It’s comforting to see the positive outweigh the negative. Just remember trolls, if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.

  • why do these children have negative accounts, did their working class parents have to decide what to pay; did they have to pay for the shelter and heat; did their hours or job get cut; did they apply for help through the school; did pride get in the way; did they fall 2 dollars over cut off point; these are things that need to be investigated and answered; were they denied the ability to bring lunches from home because they did not fit a government guideline

    • s baux says:

      “were they denied the ability to bring lunches from home because they did not fit a government guideline ” Could you explain this are children not allowed to bring lunch?

      • tmgiv34 says:

        There are a lot of schools that are now beginning to prohibit “packed” lunches. There are also limited items available for kids that pack their lunch any more. They will not refrigerate food, or heat anything up. I actually had an incident where school officials told my child that he could not use a cafeteria spoon. Needless to say, I had a visit with the school after that.

  • Class act if you ask me…..

    Any school system that would make a child go hungry is lacking in many different departments…

    • thank you Raven!! I completely agree with you!

    • Heather says:

      So true!!!! Shame on any school that allows children to starve!! And to add… Shame on any state that allows any school to make that sort of decision!!

    • Hi! Raven, Unfortunately there are Federal and State regulations requiring schools to have a point of cut off to children whose parents get behind in payment of school lunches. It is set by the school boards in many cases, school districts in other cases. The Food Service managers are suppose to send bills out and let the parents know when they have run out of funds and then allow the number of lunches or $ amount charged, then they are suppose to cut off and (as per State Trainings) make the child a PB&J sandwich. It made me ill to think of that as a Food Service manager in schools. I fed the children what every other child received for lunch. On the one hand, the Government regulates that you must not code to identify children who receive Free or Reduced lunches from those who pay Full Price, but on The Other Hand they say it is you must dump their tray (lunches are accounted for at the end of the lunch line) if there is not enough money to pay for that lunch. That identifies Children whose parents, for whatever reasons, are behind in payments. Both situations are EQUALLY Embarrassing to the Children who deal with these situations. I hope that this sheds some light on things that our legislature needs to fix in the laws that they pass. By the way on another note, The New Lunch Initiatives that are coming our way for schools will cause More children to want to bring lunches from home. The initiatives are intended to create healthier food choices, but many of the new regulations in those food items will be discarded by children, and we will have more children who are receiving free and reduced lunches going hungry if their parents can’t afford to send lunches to school. We need to follow closely what those changes to food service in schools will mean to our children. Thank you, Raven, Hopefully this helps you to understand why that school system did as they did.

  • Linda says:

    Very Sweet! May God Bless Mr.Thompson :)

  • Why take it out on the guy he is doing a good thing for the kids..u don’t see the schools. Making sure the kids eat lunch but by god u know there in the office feeding there face..let the man be an keep his job…at least he cares about if the kids eat was his own money..he didn’t use nothing from the was out of his his own money…my heart gose out to this guy for caring about the kids…

  • What an Angel!!! His heart is in the right place!

  • Rhonda Russell says:

    He should have gone ahead and prepay them up for the rest of year. It’s just going to repeat. If they truly need assistance, all they have to do is apply for it. This isn’t always the school’s fault. Sometimes a student spends his l money elsewhere and sometimes parents don’t care.

    • Ron Brown says:

      It is always the School’s fault, if they are trashing food, and there are hungry kids…

    • Suzi says:

      These kids will repeat if someone else is paying their bill. And are they buying seconds or snacks? Is this man going to keep paying for the parents to not take care of their responsibilities?

      I understand children are hungry, but with the new guidelines the food they are offered is healthier and more filling than a store bought lunchable or a PBJ from Home with a coke and chips. That is what these parents are sending to school for their students meals. Look around people we are raising kids no matter what their ages are to dictate what they eat, when they eat and how much they eat. BE A PARENT and take control of the situation and pay your bills.

  • LC says:

    Lunch should be free to all public school students. This meal is provided to public school students in other countries like Finland, regardless of a family income. Even at the reduced rate of .40 cents, someone else is already paying for it. It should be covered by school taxes. Kids need food provided at school especially when they are not getting fed properly in their home environment.

    • news2me says:


    • i agree. figuring in a tax that is applied at the same percentage means that lower income families LIKELY will pay a lower percentage based on their income and or property values. i.e., the tax could be fairly distributed. This way we hit all points. The schools won’t waste as much food because they know it’s paid for and will prepare what they need, the kids won’t go hungry, it’s a win win win all across the board. There are some drawbacks, but they are minor. i.e., if you don’t ever get lunch at school and always pack. The alternative, is to just have a slight tax that would cover a ‘free’ lunch portion. Any kid that forgets his lunch or can’t afford one get’s the free lunch (PB & J, fruit and mlik for example) That might work best. Then not everyone has to get the lunch provided but they aren’t left without a meal either. I’d pay an extra 2 bucks a week in tax ($110 a year) to cover some of that. since not everyone would utilize it, it’d probably be even less.

    • Emlynn says:

      Yes, LC! At last a useful point is made. Stop the blaming and feed the kids.

  • AGF says:

    This is a great story very few people do things like this… And he didn’t even think twice about doing it.. The school was wrong on taking the lunches away from the children and then to throw it away!!!

  • SMH says:

    I think that it is great that this man stepped up. But in defense of the parents who owe money. I have been in their shoes. A lot of times the cafeteria will send a note home and the parents never get it. I know that in Rockingham County they will make a student throw their lunch away, give them a peanut butter sandwich and still charge the parents for the lunch that was discarded. I say use that lottery money and provide lunch for all of the students!!!

  • Joe says:

    Let’s get rid of all the politicians and start over, America has lost its way. We have Kings and Queens again in State and Federal government. It’s time to march and throw all of politicians, and Supreme Court Justices in jail!!!!

  • ESU says:

    I have never been poor so I cannot relate with negative lunch balances. I just know that it is not right for a child to go hungry, no matter the school, state or country. This should not be political, this should not be about what their parents “should” be doing, this is about children that are hungry. When I was in grade school and saw someone didn’t have food, I would always share my lunch…not knowing what was behind it at that age, just knowing that someone needed food.

  • Jeff says:

    This country is so backwards, we let our own children endure this type of abuse, and at the same time we send billions to other countries for economic and military aid.. (In 2011 it was nearly 50 billion!) how about we focus on economic aid next door and stop trying to support the world!!? It’s not rocket science, we let this happen!

    • “This country is so backwards, we let our own children endure this type of abuse, and at the same time we send billions to other countries for economic and military aid.. (In 2011 it was nearly 50 billion!) how about we focus on economic aid next door and stop trying to support the world!!? It’s not rocket science, we let this happen!”

      How about we eliminate subsidies for Coal, Oil and Gas companies and subsidies for large Corporate farms? How about we eliminate tax loopholes for the 10%? How about we eliminate tax loopholes for businesses? How about we make it illegal for businesses to stash money in foreign tax accounts so that they can evade paying income tax on it? How about we fund the IRS a couple of more billion dollars so it has the power to collect the billions of dollars in tax bills that are owed by businesses every year? How about we cut 50% of the Defense budget since it isn’t our job to defend the world from itself?

      How about we increase taxes on the upper 10% to levels that existed during the Eisenhower era?

      How about we reinvest all this money into maintenance of infrastructure and creation of new infrastructure thus creating jobs? How about we invest it into free school lunches for all grade school students regardless of their parent’s income? How about we also reinvest it into re-education of those who were left behind the first time? How about a lot of things I haven’t even thought of?

  • Landon Halverson says:

    I am from Utah and was sickened at the story regarding what had happened to some of our students. Sadly I do not have the means to do what this amazing man did, but I certainly would if I could. You should feel both honored and blessed that you have an angel among you!

  • JeremyLee says:

    So, in a nutshell, a private citizen comes to the rescue with charity and compassion because Big-Government is incapable of either one. Friends, that’s what is known as a re-run.

    • aubrey53 says:

      I wouldn’t exactly call our government “big government.” This is an example where “big government” could be more beneficial. This isn’t a right wing or left wing issue it is simply an issue that affects all americans. Many people here have been blaming the parents or other issues yet no one recognizes their own privileges. Our society needs to step up in general and provide assistance to schools and families to ensure our education system improves.

  • liz says:

    It’s sad how so much negativity can be used on something so positive. You people who think so bad about others, you guys are actually the ones making our world so rough, Why can’t we help out others in need? Some of those “poor” people could have made more money then you at one point until something happened and something could happen to you at any time and then you’d be wanting help too.

  • Lisa says:

    I used to work at a daycare. We feed the kids breakfast and lunch. For some kids we knew that was the only meals they would be getting that day. I grew up in a poor neighborhood where all the kids qualified for free lunch minus like 2 kids that got reduced lunch. Where some parents would trade in their food stamps for drugs. The kids I grew up with needed that lunch. We used to have a summer program where you could walk down to the school and they had a food truck feed the kids for free. We pay enough in taxes why can’t that one meal just be free for all the kids.

  • Dave says:

    Sorry, this may sound wrong to some people, but before I’d do something like that, I’d have to know WHY the individual kid wasn’t paying for the reduced lunch.

    I ran into a situation at my son’s local school where my son would take some stuff he’d bought with his own money (earned by doing special chores, we didn’t give out allowances for doing nothing) and there was another boy who wanted some of whatever he took in. I get a call at one point from the school principal stating MY son was in trouble because the other kid was using his lunch money and when his parents were notified he’d run up a $10 lunchroom debt, the school called them.

    So MY kid gets in trouble because YOUR kid chooses to spend his lunch money on stuff other than lunch? Yeah, I’m not paying YOUR debt off. Now, if the parents TRULY can’t afford to pay the 40 cents for a reduced-price lunch, that’s a different story. But if little Johhny has a cellphone, you can afford the lunches yourself.

    • Kay says:

      Amen, Dave! I’m so tired of people who believe things are owed to them, like their kids’ latest cell phones, free lunches, etc. What happened to parents taking care of their families? I know about the economy, I’ve been laid off, and we certainly know about pinching pennies. If these deadbeat parents – trust me, I’ve seen them as a public school teacher – would spend less on cigarettes, booze, cable, cell phones, they’d be able to afford a mere 40 cents a day for lunch. I’ve seen so much food thrown away by the kids themselves. It doesn’t cost 40 cents for a peanut butter sandwich made at home.

  • S Hoggard says:

    Whoever decided to allow that at the school should be fired! It is never a wise thing to starve a child, even if it’s just lunch. Children need nutrition to do well in school, after all!

  • Norm G says:

    This man should be commended for his act. All the politics or social issues around the need for him to act are a different topic. Here I just want to say “thank you” for this man’s generosity and to praise him for his gift. Perhaps Fox could run an article about why these situations exist and we can all rant for all we are worth. But here, now, it should be about recognizing what a wonderful deed was done.

  • Kathy says:

    But it’s ok for tax dollars to pay for all the criminals in jail to eat but not the kid in public schools! It’s a shame

  • Erik says:

    He should not have had to be awesome like that.
    It’s a disgrace that there was a need for him to be. Children need to eat to be able to learn. The fact that they are not provided for is a horror.

  • Jason Hall says:

    Awesome story. Good job. Thank you

  • ropes says:

    So what’s worse the parents neglect or the school’s incompetence? If all this food has been paid for and prepared what toss it away over 40 cents?

  • N F says:

    Why does everything turn into a political argument. Everyone has a valid point and parents should do without and provide for their children first and they dont always and anyone who denies that needs a reality check.. But there was no way for this man to find that out. He did a kind , generous thing period.


    May GOD bless you that your cup overflows

  • Wow, thank god for people like you

  • The world needs more people like you, sir. Thank you for thinking of the children.

  • this guy is a great guy for doing this.

    That being said, I bet there’s more than $465 worth of waste in the property taxes collected that could be recouped and this guy paid back from the property taxes collected.

  • JD says:

    How about we fully fund our schools w/ free lunches and all the supplies they need. Then make the prisoners collect box tops and host fundraisers for they need. Problem solved.

    • JD says:

      And I completely forgot to praise this man in my comment above… instead I got pissed off this situation even exists in our society today.

  • T says:

    Politics aside, thank you Kenny Thompson for your compassion and lovely act of kindness. I agree with many of the previous thoughts/posts about the likelihood that some of those parents probably don’t have their priorities straight and expect a pass. However, that’s not what this story is about, is it? May you be repaid in kindness Kenny.

  • ShamanPaula says:

    Bless your soul Kenny Thompson, you sir, are a hero and a man of noble character. May the universe rain abundant blessings upon you and those children in need.

  • Paul Fixx says:

    As long as wages only compensate people for less than half their real productivity and people watch fat cats earning tens of millions while they work 2 and 3 jobs to feed their families, it’s going to be a problem. Pay people a fair living wage and they will happily work. Subsidize elementary, secondary and post-secondary so our workforce is educated and the jobs will stop going overseas. As long as corportions control politics workers lose, shareholders win, financiers get richer. The guy who makes 500 times what you do can’t eat 500 times as much food, or drive 500 cars to your 1. Where does his extra money go? To some investment. I guarantee it’s not creating 500 times what your salary is. It’s not trickling down, your productivity is subsidizing him. And until we stop believing the lies smart people are going to find ways to use the system to take a bit for themselves. Get over it and fix the system.

  • Shelly says:

    Some pretty judgmental people on here; what many of you don’t realize is that not all kids on free or reduced lunches have parents on welfare. They have jobs, but their income and family size qualifies them according to the government poverty scale.

    Most schools don’t let the kids go hungry, that’s why they have a negative balance. In most schools, the kids will receive the entry or a sandwich, but none of the extras.

    Many of you sit back and judge without knowing anything. I have a family member that is disabled and can’t work, but he has a cell phone and smokes because I PAY FOR THEM, you don’t know what goes on in someone’s life, so quit passing judgement. I want to be able to reach him so I gave him a phone with internet, and I feel he has some pretty rough circumstances, so if smoking is his vice, I will buy him cigarettes, but it really isn’t ANYONE’S BUSINESS!

    We need more people in this country that think of others like this man, and less people that are quick to judge and point fingers!

    • Diana says:

      Shelly, I hear what you are saying. However, if this relative has children I would hope they would give up the $8 or so dollars worth of cigarettes (about a pack) a month so their child could have lunch. 40 cents will buy subsidized lunch or about 1 cigarette. I think that anyone who debates this in their mind should not have children.

  • Sandra Castro says:

    that was nice of this guy to that. but some of you people are saying that some parents are deat beats cuz of negative accounts? my daughter went to north east bradford in pa and she was suppost to be getting reduced luch n i cant tell u how many times she came home crying cuz she was hungry and they gave her just a peanut butter sandwich!!! the school didnt even call or tell me about her negative account till i went there bitching about it. it was the schools fault. some schools do screw up…but that was bogas that the school didnt give me a notice or anything i was pissed n seeing that the school takes the kids lunches makes me sick! why tke it out on the kids? they need to eat!!! lets take away the cafateria ladys lunches n see how they like it. i took my daughter out of that school in placed her in another one.. its horriable how schools treat kids these days!

    • Revenwyn says:

      Can you try actually learning how to spell and use proper grammar? Then perhaps someone might actually be able to read what you are saying.

  • precious says:

    For anyone who thinks those with delinquent bills are those that are on welfare and trading food stamps I saw someone put and buying whatever here is a little tidbit for you. Those that are on food stamps get free lunches at school paid for basically by welfare they automatically qualify for free lunch as long as they receive food stamps. That would mean that those children with delinquent accounts are those whose parents are probably working and still not making enough, but not receiving government handouts. In other words those that are really trying to make it without the government.

  • Revenwyn says:

    You mean they still have spelling in school? Considering the lack of spelling and grammar on the internet (and not always from non-native English speakers) I thought they got rid of it long ago.

    Anyway… kudos to what this man is doing, and I hope those who can step up and do the same thing.

  • Tonya says:

    This man is awesome! More people should be like this!

  • Lorie says:

    The schools in our district (well some of them) here in Florida are going to sstop charging for school lunch and breakfast altogether. The school district has made the allowances where this can happen and no one goes hungry.

  • really? says:

    It’s too bad that the school systems are being run like prison systems and our children are being treated like criminals before they even get a chance to find out who they are as human beings….

  • in every school I have ever worked in the free and reduced lunch kiddos buy the most junk of anyone, chips, cakes, etc. IF you are on free lunch and need it I am all for it, but if you can pay more money in junk than the lunch costs, you should be denied. Free lunch, no junk, period.

  • Reblogged this on AlabamieMamie and commented:
    Now THIS is a man with a heart!! Wish we had more people like him in the world!! <3

  • MJ says:

    I think what this guy did was very kind. When I was going to school in the 60′s thru 70′s I don’t think I ate in the cafeteria but about 10 times-I always had a packed lunch. Is that not allowed anymore? (not trying to be stupid, I dont have kids) One question- what about next month? will the kids be in the same boat?

  • well , youare right kind man i know god is call you an rightous man thank you

  • Angie says:

    AMAZING!!!!! :-):-)!!

  • Lisa says:

    I work in a school, and many of the children with negative lunch accounts in our school come from affluent families with ipods, xboxes, playstations, and houses above the median house range price. I am all for helping out those who NEED it, but as a teacher, I stopped buying snacks for kids whose parents own a home that is 3 x the price of mine after awhile of doing that. I also stopped free tutoring a child on my own time when I spotted his mom leisurely shopping in work out clothes-fresh from the gym-looking all relaxed- while I rushed home to throw dinner together for my kids after tutoring hers for free. Some kids need a hand, and I freely give it, but sadly, I find the people that feel entitled to bleed the most out of me have more than I have in the first place.

    • Cathy says:

      So you are doing the same thing as the school did in this case: punish the kids for their own stupidity. I understand the reasoning, but at least in the tutoring case discuss it with the parents first. It’s not the fault of the kids yet they are the ones suffering.

      • Cathy says:

        Oops. That was supposed to say “punish the kids for their PARENTS stupidity”

      • Tara says:

        Unfortunately that is the problem!! You can’t keep enabling these parents (in these cases) buy doing for them and their kids because they will continue to take advantage. When people stop maybe they will start. THAT is the problem!! The parents HAVE to be accountable!! Also, giving these kids a peanut butter sandwich is FAR from starving them. They are getting something.

  • Wes says:

    It doesn’t take a Bill Gates bank account to make a difference :)

  • Heather says:

    Heck yeah!!!! However if the state can afford to feed and medicate perfectly healthy non working adults… Then they sure as heck can feed these babies whom suffer from having irresponsible/low income parents!! Nutrition is key to an education! Texas needs to give this kind man back his money and step up to the plate like a BIG state!!

  • MLS says:

    Now there’s a real man.

  • Kevin King says:

    You, sir, are a hero.

  • Todd Neisig says:

    It was a very honorable act. I take my hat off to the effort this man has done. Too many people only look to the negative to the entire picture and turn a blind eye to the good done.

  • Tracy says:

    Us that don’t have kid’s in School pay a head tax any way!!! Feed all kid’s for free on that money!!!! I think this guy is awesome!! Need more people that care about the kid’s that will some day run this County!!!!!

  • Rebecca Rayburn says:

    Well in the State of Kentucky the schools have made it that all meals to the children of any grade FREE. they only have to pay for the extra’s if they want them.

  • Phyllis says:

    SOME OF THE COMMENTS ARE UNREAL! You take something so positive and turn it in to a Monday night Debate!
    Honestly, this man did such an unselfish thing an
    Felt he could not sit back and allow these
    INNOCENT kids to pay the price of something
    Outrageous between Parent & School admin!
    I think he saw somethink horrible happening and
    Thought to himself if that were my kids I would hope that
    Someone would have a heart and think of the kids! It may or may not happen in the following months, but acted for now!

  • Amy Smith WR says:

    Good for him!!!!! my only question is why were they behind? My kids went to a school that had a lot of “extras” the kids could get. Which of course any child of elementary age is going to want. I am talking salad and ice cream bars. I found out my children we getting themselves shakes at lunch. Which i didn’t have a problem with but it sank me in the hole 20.00 before I found out. I asked how do they control what children buy to make sure they are also getting a proper lunch.. they said they didnt… YYYEEAAAAA we had a little talk with the lunch program. Now i could afford that extra without a blink of an eye but i know there are families out there that can’t and sometimes this may be the best meal of the day for them.. SOOO i ask being we know our children can not handle making proper healthy choices were they behind because the lunch people do not control what these children are buying. And NO i told my children if they wanted shakes they needed to wait to get home to make one IF they earned it by eating right first.

  • Traci L says:

    God bless this wonderful man. <3

  • While it’s great that schools can offer lunches as a service or a convienience, it shouldnt be the job of the SCHOOL SYSTEM to feed kids. They can barely indoctrinate, er… educate them as it is.

  • Carrie says:

    This guy did a great thing . He isn’t the rich paying for the poor he just wants to see them fed. I don’t think these kids should be turned away because there is no money in there account . If they have no money in thier account chances are there is no food at home either.

  • jacob says:

    Some people don’t have money to pay for lunch why not feed then its not the kids job to pay we spend money on things we can live with out like I pads for every kid but u can’t feed them that’s bull shit

  • momof2cubs says:

    I think that is great! It doesn’t matter why the parents are not paying the bill….the kids should be able to eat something while at school. It might be the only meal they get! God bless him!

  • Rebecca Rayburn says:

    to the person calling themselves GOD….. Just getting this out there and off of my chest. I am a single mother of 3 children. I receive food stamps and medical for them. I work a total of 60 hours a week. My children’s FATHER was sent to prison for molesting my children while I was at work. I do not smoke, do drugs, or drink and I never have. I make 355.78 every 2 weeks. 1 of my children is in a wheelchair and another 1 of my children has complete fits of rage due to what has happened to her. I take care of my children by my self. I pay for what they need all by myself. I get no other outside help from anyone. I dare someone to come take my kids from me because they will be looking down a barrel of my grandpa’s gun…. further more what gives you the right to judge someone. YOU ARE NOT A GOD OF ANYONE JUST A PROBLEM. My children are my world. I’m a land owner I pay taxes just like everyone else does. Yes there are SOME people out there who works the system and gets away with it, but not everyone is like that. so get your facts straight.

  • Kitty Wood says:

    As a child whose lunch acct was often delinquent, even with both parents working, I thank you Sir, for doing what you did!! God bless you!

  • Billy says:

    I have worked at a prison for almost 20 years. The federal governmental guidelines mandate that the offenders get 3 meals every day with no more than 14 hours between the evening meal and the breakfast meal. It is unfortunate that the government guarantees that convicted felons get three meals a day but can not do the same for innocent children.

  • dan says:

    Even convicts get three square meals a day at tax payer expense. I say they get 2 and give lunch to our children.

  • Janel Smietana says:

    What an amazing man and human being. We need more like him in the world! <3
    Janel Smietana

  • Kyle B. says:

    Here’s an idea. Instead of everyone pitching their political agenda, blaming the parents and giving their advice…..let’s just commend the man for his selfless act of kindness and move on with our lives. I’m sorry to say folks, that the majority of our problems stem from too many people thinking they know the best ways to do things. True, our political leaders don’t always make the right choices, but could you do a better job? Sure, you say that you could, but let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t cut out for a life of politics. So leave your negative comments to yourself and start doing things that actually DO make a difference, as this kind man has.

  • Jennifer says:

    Why can’t the kids make their own lunch and bring it to school. That’s what I did…smh. And if their parent gets link card (food stamps) then they should have food in the house to make the lunch.

  • Chris says:

    Kenny did a great thing for these students!
    However it doesn’t solve the long term issue.
    Why do kids who carry a negative balance get punished
    And not fed, or fed a lesser lunch.
    Why does the taxpayer gave to pay twice?
    Once in taxes to support the free lunch program,
    And then they have to pay for lunch daily if their child
    doesn’t qualify for the free lunch program.
    If we are paying enough in taxes for schools to throw
    away food all kids should get to eat a free healthy lunch.

  • Jerry Romero says:

    pure bull shit … this guy steps up while the multi billion dollar mormon church that preys on stupid people for money, threatens them if they don’t pay there 10% in a recession while manipulating and using schools in Utah to recruit new members and they can’t pay the bill up for some school lunches ? pathetic.

  • says:

    We don’t know what these families are going through. We don’t know why their accounts are in the negatives. We can’t judge the parents and say o well they bought cigarettes instead of food for their kids. We don’t know that. Parents do struggle out there and buy everything they are suppose to and are still broke. A lot of parents go without so their children can have food and things for them. We can’t sit here and judge these people without knowing why they are in the situation they are in. Instead of bashing them, lets help them.

  • Julsofthenile says:

    The man did a good thing. Perhaps the parents and children will be thankful.

  • Rosa McElroy says:

    From the children you fed Thank you!!!!!

  • Angela says:

    Paying it forward I’m not rich. I have 5 children. I’ve will go in and pick a child or two that I know need the help and pay the lunch bill for the year. I don’t want anyone knowing my name in hornor of this man I choice to pay it forward. God will reward me in heaven.
    My child will not sit next to a child that’s going hungry. Never again.
    This same thing is happening in our country it’s a depressed area and not everyone even the struggling working single moms and dads have the money to get caught up but make to much for free meals. For shame to throw away any good.

  • We all fumble through life hoping to one day make a difference. To undo the wrongs we have done, or to be what our parents hoped we would be.

    Changing the world is a tall order.. See if you can change the world for just one person and work up form there.

  • Catherine Pickel says:

    To Alex from the UK, you are misunderstanding the post you are referencing. The United States sends BILLIONS in dollars of aid to other countries, and not necessarily countries in Africa. Egypt alone receives over 17 billion dollars a year in aid from the US. What the poster was trying to say is that these dollars would be better served at home. Those billions of dollars could be spent taking care of Americans. It’s our own government’s fault, however. They choose to do this, and usually for political reasons, not altruistic ones. Sadly, aside from voting in elections, the citizens don’t have much control over how our tax dollars are spent.

  • JB says:

    W have a much bigger problem than unpaid lunch balances here.
    Since when did schools have to provide lunch, number 1? We brought our lunch to school or our mom’s and dad’s would give us some money to purchase- there were no programs? So- we are building in a welfare system that is not motivating people to take responsibility for their very basic needs. Therefore it is difficult to see who really needs food and who abuses the system. If people cannot afford to feed their children- then the problem is JOBS! And this country should be solving that issue- creating jobs so that people do not need this welfare state and most of the time it is lousy food anyway. People need to be empowered to rise above and take control of their own lives and stop depending on this failed government of ours. People need self respect and hope- they need good work , they need education… So, to me this is a much bigger problem. Of course it was kind and nice for that man to pay for those lunches but it is not going to address the bigger issue . But in the meantime do we throw away food that is unpaid for? How sick is that. They are throwing away our tax dollars- it is already subsidized by us- so that is totally insane. But when you have 60 unpaid accounts- maybe some did not want to renew? Do we really know all the facts here to be reacting in an educated way here. But until the bigger issues are addressed – do we let kids go hungry in school- no but maybe it should not be a government thing. The government self perpetuates the poor for its own agenda. There has to be a better way. Dialogue on this level is good, we all need to lis
    ten to each other

  • sara says:

    how about letting kids eat free make prisoners pay for their food

  • tammy says:

    Back in my day you ate what was put on your tray. Many kids buy the junk food that is made available instead.i found that is what was making my childs account negative. To many bad choices on menue.schools should not have alacart..

  • Syd says:

    Whatever the reasons, you don’t punish children for their parents’ shortcomings. That’s just cruel. If kids learn lessons like this from their superiors, no wonder we have a bullying problem.

  • Gary A Poirier says:

    What this man did was wonderful ….Period, but we have a fundamental problem here. Any school administration that could think of refusing to feed a child properly or singles a child out for a reduced lunch because of finances such as this is disgraceful and each person involved in this decision should be fired. Our society needs to look at alternatives to punishing children especially by not feeding them when their families fall on hard times. $465 !!! what a small amount for a school … they could have done a fund raiser to create a slush fund to handle that amount. They could have asked fraternal organizations in help to raise money to build a contingency fund for this purpose. These children were so fortunate to have an angel to help them when the short sighted school administrators chose to take food away from them. Unbelievable,

  • Dora says:

    What angers me is most schools pay $0 for this food and gonna turn around and act like they are hurting for the $!!!! If I had to choose between giving a child a cold cheese sandwich and job YEP ID WALK OUT!!! How HUMILIATING for a child!!!!

  • Laura says:

    This Man has the right idea. Can you imagine taking a perfectly good lunch out of a child’s hands and trashing it. What message does this send to the child. “You are not good enough to eat this. I would rather trash it then give it to you. Here you go have a cold cheese sandwich” Wow! how could they do this? Give this man a metal and this school a big fat “F”

  • Candice says:

    First thank you to this man, you are a true man!!! The embarrassment part equally bothers me!! None of you know each and every childs story and a lot of their families are struggling so no negativity about their families because you dont know. My problem though is I always have a sack lunch for my daughter to take to school. S Sometimes she decides to charge her lunch, then randomly I get s $12.00 bill from the school. I have scolded my kid to no avail. I have called the school and told them what was up, I said flag her account or something. Nothing, they did nothing. I’m not rich far from it, my daughters just stubborn and my personal experience the school never helps me out and I cant hold her hand every waking moment. So yet another flawed system. No child left hungry but who cares about the parent whos daughters school lets her waste her moms money when mom struggling take care of two other kids too and keep a roof over our heads. JUST ANOTHER THOUGHT

  • That guy is an angel. There need to be some serious changes made to the whole system. I know many of those families are doing their best to scrape by, but I also know many are bad parents who would rather pamper themselves with their govt payouts and food benefits than buy food for their children. Then those poor kids fall through the cracks. If the govt reduced their handout benefit, then used the money for a free lunch or three-meal-a-day program for the kids, then maybe the money would be going to what it was intended: not i-phones and manicures, but feeding children who need it.
    Another option: parents at each school getting together and donating shelf-stable bag lunches (cereal pack, apples, peanut butter pack, whatever), so that any kid who forgot lunch can have one. My elementary school did this, and while I was in a really wealthy bedroom community that didn’t need that for hunger issues, it was great if you really forgot lunch. And no one at these school would know if you really “forgot” it or not. Parents in these districts should get together and consider this.

  • Vic says:

    Kudos to him!

  • Carrie says:

    This man is my hero! I worked as a cashier at an elementary school and was just sickened by the way the kids were treated when the had negative balances in their lunch account. One of the ladies would literally rip the lunch tray out of the child’s hands and throw a small round plate at them, with a peanut butter sandwich on it. Half the kids didn’t even like peanut butter. The food would just go to waste. I use to put extra change in the drawer, so that if someone came up short, I would cover it. The child should not have to suffer for their parents inability to pay. Why make the children feel worthless and embarrassed!?

  • david says:

    If its a law u have to send your child to school it is the local gov. job to see that the children eat they do it for inmates and that’s gov. Funded

  • History Chaser says:

    It is nice this man did this, but before people from other countries get the wrong idea they should know in most places that most students are on free or reduced (40 cents a day lunches). So the ones who owed balances had parents able to pay. If they are not able to pay they should get on free or reduced if they qualify. I do not think the supervisor should have thrown good food in the trash or anyone should go hungry, but I also don’t think foreigners and others should use this as an opportunity to criticize something they know nothing about.

  • why are there so many people offended by HOW this happened? punks! GET OVER YOURSELVES…this is the issue that hurt these kids, you guys…you’re so head over heels in love with this “Liberals VS Conservatives” debate that you ignored the fact that this man is a great human being, and REGARDLESS of sides he stepped up to make the right choice.

    Shame on all of you. this is about children. and love. and the need to see past the fog and do what’s right. Instead, we have a bajillion posts about “BLAHBLAH THE RICH NEED TO DO IT DERRRRRP”

    you people sicken me. our kids are OUR job. PERIOD. regardless of what side we stand on. be proud of this guy for doing what ANYONE should, and that’s help our young ones survive. Stop being such know-it-all trash and start thinking with your heart instead of your goddamn pockets.

  • Reblogged this on stones to rainbows and commented:
    Such an amazing outpouring of love from a very generous man. I am sure there are many grateful families because of him.

  • Joel says:

    Utah State has over $242 million in surplus and they can’t pick up the tab to feed these kids properly? This is disgusting.

  • Jneen says:

    God bless Kenny Thompson. We can all learn from him.

  • alanacalmi says:

    Reblogged this on Alana Calmi and commented:
    THIS is what a good soul looks like.

  • Ally says:

    First of all parents that can’t afford the lunch for their kids can fill out a form and get FREE or reduced lunch. Secondly, kids NEVER go without food. They just don’t get a hot tray lunch. They get a cheese sandwich, fruit and a milk in my district. The school NEVER has them go without food and the parents that are delinquent on their accounts are usually delinquent due to an oversight not because they can’t afford it. There is also free breakfast at schools. Where else would you find that? Is a grocery store or restaurant going to do that for a family if the parent doesn’t pay? I’m tired of people bashing schools. Schools and teachers do a lot for kids. I have seen schools supply food, clothes, school supplies, Christmas presents, rides to dr. Appointments for parents that didn’t have a car and raising money to help a mom who became a single mom after losing her husband in an accident. Schools do so much to help their students and families. Teachers pay for things for the students they love even though they don’t make much and struggle to make ends meet in their own lives. But, I guess that isn’t news worthy and it’s more fun to bash people…

  • Christine says:

    God Bless a soul as kind and giving as this one.

  • lwoods says:

    Love to hear stories like this! It reminds me that we can ALL do small things in our own communities to make a difference. Or we can gripe and complain and point blame etc…

  • CNB says:

    It sounds as if the guidelines as to who gets a reduced or free school lunch need to be revised. if the parents can’t afford the reduced lunch and the kids are rejected at the lunch line, then why wouldn’t they qualify for free lunch where they can at least eat.

  • CNB says:

    Anyone else thinking that the reduced lunch guidelines need to be revised? It sounds as if these kids are falling between the economic crack between reduced and free lunch.

  • Joy says:

    Thank you Mr Thompson for being a real man! Shame on that school!

  • Toby says:

    Your right les not just the rich should be helping it should be anyone that can help should help

  • I was one of these kids, sometimes my teacher would pay. Often it was my only meal that day (if lucky, whatever my brother left over from a box of mac n cheese at night).

    As much as some may dispute it some of this is lazy, selfish parents — not just poor ones. $2 a week is not much. If that’s too much money, an egg, a fruit and some bread will do. How many of these parents who can’t manage the lunch have cellphones, cable, or purchase themselves a cup of coffee or smokes during the day?

    Americans don’t realize how cheap food is in the US compared to many other countries, you can even recuperate packaged food behind supermarkets all over the cities.

    That being said if you can feed 2 million prisoners, surely a great nation should manage one meal a day for school kids.

  • Michael Savage says:

    40¢ a day…you’re kidding. But I bet these parents can afford their cigarettes and liquor and whatever else they decide to squander their wealth on! That’s right…I said wealth because if you have a car, a television, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, stove, and microwave then you’re way ahead of most of the world. Go ahead and tax the rich you lazy bum. But let me tell you something you nincompoops haven’t figured out yet…the rich can afford to not work a lot longer than some waistband schuft that couldn’t control themselves from procreating before they had a plan to support a child. So go ahead and demand others pay for your absent minded choices and mistakes…that’s all your good for. Now pick up my trash and get me my food you single minded microcephalic…you aim you. It’s bad enough I pay for your problems but then for you to be an ungrateful whelp. You’re nothing to me but a parasite…A PARASITE! And you know why you are what you are? Because you’re to stupid and last to be anything else! You don’t deserve any better you vermin of little small minded people.

  • angela says:

    GOD bless this man!

  • Stacy says:

    Oh my! Such controversy and finger pointing. I’m sure Kenny Thompson didn’t give it a second thought. He stepped up and helped where he could. There’s a lesson in that for all of us to learn.

  • kristin says:

    This is about kids being able to get food in their stomachs during the day, rather than being hungry and being expected to follow what the teacher is saying. Can we just commend this guy for stepping up and caring about kids in his community rather than fighting with each other about liberal vs. conservative- left and right…blah blah blah blah- fighting doesn’t feed these kids. Learn from this caring person and look at your own communities and see what you can do- I am and will continue to do so. It breaks my heart to see a child in tears when they are hungry at school and don’t know what to do- these are kids not statistics or fodder for your arguments. Enough fighting!

  • Cara Day says:

    There are 349,086 people who “liked” what this man did to pay for the kids’ school lunches. If each person (you?) would donate $1 to your school, they could provide 872,715 school lunches. Can you spare one dollar?

  • Kim says:

    I have 4 children ages 5-17. Im a single mom and have had days that I was eithe I absentmindedly forgot to put money into one of their accounts or I didn’t know they didn’t have money in their account. Although it was my fault, my children should not have suffered even once for my oversight, but they have been denied meals or even a simple sandwich due to not enough money in their account. Even my 5 year old in kindergarten! I have since found a better way to manage their accounts, although I find it a absolute discrace that any child should be denied food because of a parents mistake or any other reason!!

    Here’s a few facts on the school district my children attend.
    98-99 Blue ribbon school district
    98-01 National service learning leader.
    2008 -09 Won “triple crown” of awards for public school districts in the US.
    2008 President Obama visited the school and on another occasion the First Lady visited the school during that year.
    2009 Money Magazine awards senior high school bronze medal.
    2010 districts superintendent named superintendent of the year.
    2012 Named one of nations best communities for young people for the sixth time.
    2013 superintendent named President of American Association of School Administrators

    You would think a district so noted would not allow something like that.

  • Kim says:

    No child deserves to go hungry due to any circumstance!!! We all know it’s a world wide problem. But in the United States it should be as much as a priority and focus as the nutritional value is.

    I praise this man. He didn’t care about the reason these accounts were in the negative, he cared about his students. Like many of our educators who serve more recognition than they recieve.

  • Even tho the LOW income people have a lower pay rate for lunches, they STILL cannot afford it!
    It’s nice to see someone came forth and did such nice thing for someone else!!

  • Shelby says:

    I have read EVERY single comment left and so many of you are totally in the dark. I have 2 elementary school age children, a husband and a dog. My husband and I both work full time jobs my husband goes to school full time. We also use state assistance for help with childcare, food stamps, and my children receive free lunch from the school. My husband and I don’t have any problems with smoking or drinking. I have been sitting here for the past 20 minutes reading several of you degrade and blame people for the situations that they are in. For most of you $.40 isn’t that much, but for the members of my family it can add up quickly. NOT everyone who has assistance is “trashy” or “uneducated”. As a family we do not drive fancy cars, wear name brand clothing, and we do not have iPhones. As children, most of is are taught to not judge ANYONE unless you are ready to receive such judgment yourself. Most of you are using something that a wonderful kind hearted man has done as a soap box for blame. Blaming everyone from the parents to the school to your own government. Why not try to be just a little bit more like him and be grateful that you don’t be on the receiving end.

  • Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of tthe issues.
    It was really informative. Your sitte is useful. Thanks for

  • April says:

    If our children are required to attend school and we pay taxes to run our schools then they should be required to feed our kids! If this had happened to my child I would have personally went to the school and made them wish they had fed my child END OF STORY!

  • Joe Blue Collar says:

    Perhaps if the parents were prosecuted for failure to care for their children, and their wages/welfare were diverted to pay for the lunches instead of cigarettes and alcohol this wouldn’t have been a story.

  • george says:

    if you dont have money to feed the kids why even have them in the first place.

  • Devlin says:

    This is for the petson in the UK that said they get free medical. Flifr and finance has always told me that nothing is for free. It came frome someone elses wallet, purse or bank somewhere. We only think its free because we didnt have to personally ask tthose persons and we certainly didnt have to know them either. Lol

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