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Environmental activists protest outside Duke Energy

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A group of environmental activists protested outside Duke Energy’s headquarters in Charlotte on Thursday.

The group is upset over the leakage from a Duke Energy coal ash pond into the Dan River.

82,000 tons of coal ash leaked into the rover from the Duke plant in Eden.

The company said a pipe broke on Sunday at a stream station that closed in 2012. Environmentalists said they are worried about potential long-term effects the spill may have.

The Business Journal reported that Duke Energy said they plan to change the outdated way the ash in stored.

MORE COVERAGE: Dan River coal ash spill


    • Tish Merrill

      You can talk about Protesters but that deflects from the fact that this 14.5 billion in revenue company has an obligation to take responsibility for this action and take care of this in a prompt and efficient manner. The comment by the person above saying ” if they are so angry they need to stop using power generated by power company” is of course ridiculous. If you go to a restaurant that has tainted food you simply boycott that restaurant and go to another, you can’t do that with Duke Power as they are the only game in town. I wonder what hidden agenda the critics of the protesters have. and why instead aren’t they outraged by the poor practice by Duke Energy a for profit company.

      • Will Grant

        The protestors got the attention they wanted…now on to the next attention hound group…those “morality Monday” clowns…

        So glad we finally have real leaders in this state who properly ignore these losers.

      • Tish Merrill

        Or perhaps they really care about a cause, opposed to other people who care about nothing so they can’t relate to people who actually believe strongly enough about something to try to make a difference.

    • Jim Ayers

      Forgive JC, he enjoys a tall glass of lead, arsenic and mercury every morning and it’s left him a little addle-brained.

  • Jim Ayers

    Wait till it happens to you, as it can to anyone. Drink deep, buddy, it’s only lead and arsenic! Totally harmless. You weren’t using those brain cells anyway.

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