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11-year-old boy attempts suicide after being bullied for being fan of ‘My Little Pony’

Posted on: 8:45 am, February 4, 2014, by , updated on: 12:00pm, February 4, 2014

Michael Morones, 11 (WTVD, FACEBOOK)

Michael Morones, 11 (WTVD, FACEBOOK)

RALEIGH, N.C. — An 11-year-old boy is in the hospital after trying to commit suicide — the victim of bullying at school.

Michael Morones remains in WakeMed Tuesday with a tube down his throat and potentially life-long brain damage.

Michael tried to kill himself, apparently because he could no longer take the torrent of bullying he was facing at school.

Michael’s parents told WTVD that he was bullied because he likes the cartoon “My Little Pony.” The cartoon has a growing, and perhaps unlikely fan club — men and boys known as “Bronies.”

Michael’s mother Tiffany Morones-Suttle said that he’s a kid who is always full of energy and always dancing. She fears this is part of the reason he was teased so much.

Ten days ago, Michael decided to do something about it.

“He hung himself off the side of the bunk bed, off the railing,” said his mother.

His parents got him to the hospital, but the damage had already been done. Oxygen to his brain had been cut off.

They say they won’t know for awhile how much damage was done to Michael.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say you need to go after bullies and hold them responsible,” said Tiffany. “But you know, I don’t think that’s what Mike would want. I would rather teach people how to do right than turn around than punish, because punishment doesn’t always work.”

Fans of the “My Little Pony” show, like Michael, try to live the motto that friendship is magic.

Michael has gotten support from as far away as Ireland, and a lot of money, which is used for Michael’s care, but also to start a nonprofit to help with bullying.

But the bullying hasn’t stopped. Michael’s parents say just Sunday night on a generally supportive website, a few people left very hurtful comments.

Michael is scheduled to have a tracheotomy Tuesday.

Money can be donated at any State Employees Credit Union under the Michael Morones Recovery Fund. Checks can also be mailed to: The Michael Morones Recovery Fund, c/o Team Trivia Inc., 1380 Woodvine Way, Alpharetta GA 30005, or through PayPal at

A fund for Michael has also been set up through

Source: WTVD


  • Praying for his full recovery, and an end to all this cruelty. Blessings to his family <3

    • lexi says:

      ook look you people obviously dont realize this but if you punish a kid for bullying or beating someone up they will go and brag about at school or juvy or whereevr u put them trust me i have been bullied even thought about suicide and came close to it its not fun in noway possible thats why now im a fighter and have been to juvy and back but that was only because the girl who was bullying me couldnt back up what she said about me and for boys and girls out thare who get bullied stand up show them whos boss

  • Rachel Mae says:

    This is absurd! How can people and even young kids be so cruel?! I pray for full recovery and I pray for his family. I even pray for the evil kids that bulliedjim and the ignorant people who left hurtful comments.

    • Michele says:

      My son is a Brony and he’s a big, near six foot, almost 20 year old, 220 lbs biker. Even when he wears his brony jacket to ride no one messes with him. Well, the baseball bat he carries in over the shoulder reach might be helping with that. Too bad we’re so far away. I’m sure he’d like to have a word with some of the little snot-noses who abused this boy and help them understand that while friendship may be magic, bullying turns into hell really fast. Batter-up.

      • Randall J says:

        I am a 48 year old father of three college age women who hang out with a bunch of bronys’ and I myself while I don’t like the My little pony shows do enjoy many cartoons and will always make sure I get to see the cartoon movies in the theater when they come out, In fact the last dvd I bought was the Turbo movie. This kid obviously lacked the confidence to say to heck with what you think you don’t like it who cares what you like I like it and that is all that matters to me. I was picked on mercilessly in school I had been the victim of an assault as a 9 year old boy and that caused a multitude of problems with my ability to see my self worth. I survived I was made stronger I had dealt with difficulty and adversity and knew how to cope Not succeeding in life leads to an ability to handle difficulties. You learn to cope with adversity. Kids today are supported in everything they do they are not allowed to fail, They have no coping mechanisms. So that even something as small as being picked on destroys them. I am sad for this family and I would give anything to not have this happen but it would not have happened if society had let these kids fail on occasion. Kids can be extremely cruel I know but then in today’s society adults are even worse.

      • Dopple says:

        you’re a liar trying to justify boys/men being effeminate. No brony is a biker. If he is I would love to see his entrance into a real biker bar.

      • JaxDad says:

        This story is so sad…. I am a father of 4 and all my kids like the show. At first I did not understand why my girls and son liked it, then I watched the show and now I understand why they like it. It teaches good lessons and to be a goos person/freind. I personally enjoy the show now and would rather them watch it then some of these other kids shows that had to be created by people tripping on acid.

        Parents need to do a better job teacher their kids to be kind and respectful. It is sad how few do this. I am the HC for my son’s football team and there are Mom’s that get excited when there son makes another kid cry… I teacher my players that we are family and that they NEVER make fun of each other and that always stick up for each other. This worked and although my team was smaller than every team we played we finished with the best record. There is nothing wrong with being tough and being kind, you can be both. Ask Tim Tebow or Evander Holyfield, both are monsters in their sport and great men outside of it.

        It is sad how these bullies like to pick on smaller kids who they know will not fight back. There was a great show on TV called Bully Beat Down… it’s on Hulu. That show should be show to these punk bullies. I wish more kids stood up to bullies and quit frankly pumched then in the mouth. I teach my son to never pick on anyone, but if someone picks on him or his sisters he knows he will not get in trouble for defending himself or his sisters. To date only one time has he needed to defend his twin sister, and my wife and I saw the whole thing. Guess what, the boy that was bulling his sister has never done it again and now they are all freinds.

        My heart goes out to Michael and all the other kids that get picked on. We are all diffrent and just because someone is diffrent than you does not mean they are less. I pray he makes a full recovery.

    • Praying for Michael and his family for a speedy recovery. Thought about homeschooling until he is ready for the community college?

    • It is a very cruel world even inside the classrooms I myself would bash homosexual people in order to fit in i even knew a teacher who was homophobic i am not proud of my actions or anyone elses but it is very real. I can’t speak for the haters toward this boy but normally bullying is a major self esteem issue

  • Faye Farlow says:

    This breaks my heart.Why do poeple have to be so hateful to other people.Dear God ,please be with Michael and his family.Dear God our Nation needs healing in Jesus Name!

  • Charley says:

    I really think instead of just teaching “…people how to do right…” someone does need to be punished. Just trying to get people to learn alone doesn’t always work either unfortunately. I’m praying for a full recovery and for strength for his family as well, to have to endure the long road they have ahead of them <3.

    • You could say the same thing the other direction. Punishment, especially of other boys and girls his age …and especially by the criminal / juvenile justice system also doesn’t work .. the school to prison pipeline is and ugly joke being played on us.

      I support Michael and his message of forgiveness, inclusion and education.

  • Emilie Haas says:

    People really need to do something about their kids, people need to teach their kids respect, they need to know how to treat other people. The school my kids go to have signs hanging all over the place that says “No bullying zone” or “Anti-bullying” But kids don’t care, And the school refuses to believe that there’s been bullying going on. My son gets bullied a lot. Michael reminds me of my son. My son also likes to dance, he was in the fifth grade honors chorus, he like Kiddy shows, but he doesn’t want anybody to know what shows he likes because he would probably be bullied even more. But people really need to make sure that their kids know the difference between right and wrong. There Is like a bullying epidemic, And from my experience with dealing with my sons bullies some parents don’t even care what their kids do. Kids that bully need to learn a lesson, need to at least spend one night in juvie for each act of bullying they do.

    • Catherine Carver says:

      I agree with you. Kids need consequences for their actions just as adults do or they think, “Hey I got away with this. Nothings going to happen to me if I do it again.”

      • Joshua Selbitschka says:

        That’s actually something that does happen. I can testify to it. When I was younger I was tormented endlessly in middle school. Reporting it did nothing and as the kids figured it out their torments got worse and worse. Had the highschool I went to not had such a good anti-bullying program, I probably would’ve slipped into a very bad self-destructive cycle. You’re right, refusing to punish bullies makes them believe what they are doing is alright when in fact it isn’t.

  • Connie Pennell - Walnut Cove, NC says:

    Prayers are sent your way and hope there is not to much damage to Michael so he can recover (BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!!)

  • Stefanie says:

    This is so sad :( My daughter LOVES My Little Pony and is almost 11yrs. old…but she don’t dare tell the girls at school this because they will pick on her and call her a baby :( Poor little boy….these kids are just rotten!! I refuse to believe that the parents of these kids who do this do not see the way their children are acting. Parents need to wake up and pay attention to the behavior of their kids and teach them to have respect for other people!

  • Matthew Tuttle says:

    I pray for his full recovery….and I thank Michaels parents for being so strong in sharing his story…please keep sharing his story!!!!! we as a society have GOT to stop bullying of all kinds!!!

  • Mike Bell says:

    sounds like there is more to the story than My Little Pony.
    just another reason to homeschool your children.

  • dewey says:

    has anyone thought to question how or why an 11 year old had an inkling in his mind about hanging himself? Where are they getting these ideas? When I was 11, I can say in all honesty, that I NEVER thought about ending was football…the A-Team….BOOKS!!!…anything, including a set of encyclopedias…model rockets, model cars…… these days need a hobby, and one that doesn’t require their parents to spend more time driving them around than actually helping them with their homework, or just generally spending quality time with the kid(s)…yeah, I know I’m not the onus of tact or diplomacy, but there has got to be some reason kids today think it’s OK to kill themselves and we, as adults need to figure this out and get it fixed..maybe it’s the lead paint chips I ate, but I just can’t hurt me on purpose

    • Denny says:

      I agree. We as parents need to teach our kids how to deal with adversity better. I know every situation is different, but it seems so many kids just give up as they do not know how to deal with being made fun of, picked on, and other disappointments in life. There is a huge difference in this problem then in the past. Most people have been picked on at some point in their life. We as parents need to show them how to be strong, stand up for themselves, be confident, and to never lose sight of their self worth. So easily kids turn to hurt themselves or others as a way to make it end. Bullies have always been there in our youth and in our adult life. The question is, how do we not let them influence our lives. Yes, we need to try our best to put an end to bullying, however we need to also teach the victims how to deal with it emotionally. After all, they are just kids. They are full of self doubt and do not know how to understand nor deal with their emotions being so young. That’s where parents or other influential adults in their lives can help guide them through. Parents need to step up and get more involved as a whole, on both sides being the bullies and the bullied.

    • Catherine Carver says:

      You are so right. I think a lot of the problem today is some of the violence video games children are allowed to have. Those games teach kids how to kill and hurt people with violence. It’s frightening when I see my 6 year old grandson playing the game Assassin. It shows people being shot in the head and blood splattering everywhere. I don’t even want to play these games at my age. I erased these games from my grandsons tablet. Even the so called cartoons show bullying and violence. My opinion, even though its not worth much, is that the stores that sell these should have them under lock up and if “adults” want to buy them, let them. And the parents should be held accountable for their kids bullying others.

      • karl says:

        I do not believe it is the violent video games. That is a cop out. When we were kids, we played cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. We had cap pistols, rubber arrows, rubber hatchets, we tied people up. We shot, stabbed and played rough. I turned out normal But then. I had a Mom and Dad who taught me right from wrong.

    • Kathy Rorie says:

      Websites, news reports, video games, all these are the causes. And don’t get me wrong, I like my electronics too! BUT Kids play on something electronic instead of interacting with each other in the real world and have all this junk placed in their heads. When we were younger we got out and ran and played and interacted with other kids. If we got mad, we beat the tar outta each other, but were better friends than ever the next day. Kids don,t learn how to be with other kids in real life anymore. I am praying for this boy and the .

  • This is soooo ridiculous that anyone would be bullied over a cartoon. What is the world becoming. Michael had to feel so much despair because why else would a child do this. I think the bullies need to be taken to the hospital so they can see first hand what words can do. Bullying has gone on in school probably from the start but now we need to find a solution to this problem, it’s more like a disease eating our children ,to death.God Bless you Michael and your family.God is by your side and he will see you through your darkest days…

  • Crystal Drumheller says:

    Doug people like you are contributing to the problem. You are just as bad as the kids bullying. You are teaching them that it is ok to tease them if they don’t fit your acceptable mold.

  • Ncmc says:

    Who are we to say how a boy or girl should act or what they should be expected to like on tv? Everything we live should be based off of the word of God and one of the main things we are instructed to do is love others as we love ourselves, no wheres in the bible does it say to tease or ridicule someone if they are different from us, if everyone could just abide in him the world would not be falling to evil the way it is today! God please heal this child and give his family comfort during this difficult time, also lord forgive those who bullied him and let this tragedy not go without purpose and lessons to them so they can learn from this and lean on a better path!

  • If you do not teach morality and responsibility, you cannot stop bullying. When you take away the notion that life has meaning and purpose, you cannot stop bullying. We need to get back to the basics of life. Teaching kids from a young age on that every person has value and meaning. May God bless this young man and his family during this difficult time.

  • Elisabeth says:

    This is ridiculous…God made everyone different!! If we were all alike and liked the same things, what would the world be like?? It would be just a bunch of robots walking around! The sad thing is these “so called bullies” have their own insecurities is why they feel the need to bully someone else and they do need punishment and counseling and the parents of the bullies need to be punished and attend counseling to! In my eyes the school system is also responsible! My motto is if ya can’t say anything nice then shut ya mouth and don’t say anything at all!! I am so sickened by this! My prayers are with this little boys family and him af I pray he makes a full recovery and can walk with his head held high showing his bullies they didn’t get the best of him. I pray for these parents cause this is truely heartbreaking!! And lastly I pray that the bullies get no peace until they come to terms with what they have put this child through and are probably doing to others as I type this. Parents and adults need to step up and put a STOP to this!!!

  • Dawn says:

    This breaks my heart!! What are we teaching our children? As parents it is our job to teach our children that bullying is wrong & unacceptable!! My prayers go out to this family!!

  • valentina says:

    Prayers going up for this family and Michael. My son is 16 and calls himself a bronie. He and a group of His friends are rejected around here by the good old country boys. I support him in this because I know that its just a phase for now and then it will be something new. Prayers for all our kids.

  • Bryan says:

    I am praying for this young man. This has been an issue of mine my entire life. I am a 37 year old 3 time combat veteran still serving in the US Army and I watch cartoons. Not just any cartoons! As a young man myself, I watched cartoons like Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Cabage Patch Kids, and My Little Pony. Kids can be cruel, so I didn’t publicize it outside of my home for fear of being ridiculed and teased. Let that young man know that there is no shame in watching those types of cartoons. Many young people need to be watching cartoons like these and applying the moral lessons taught within. He is not alone! So please let this young man know that he should not allow immature kids he is dealing with to influence or have any impact on how he feels about himself or the things he enjoys in life. God bless this young man and his family!

  • katie says:

    This is crazy! Im 28 years old and just last week was COLORING my little pony coloring books. By myself. Any1 with a problem, come see me. Well wishes for mike, hoping for full recovery

  • Beth says:

    The boy sounds like a very loving, caring child and I wish the best for him. It isn’t right for the children to be mean to each other but we also need to teach children how to deal with and avoid bullying. Society has never been very tolerant of those that are different in any way. You have to learn to take the abuse with a smile or hide those differences when in groups that don’t approve.

  • DENNY says:

    We as parents need to teach our kids how to deal with adversity better. I know every situation is different, but it seems so many kids just give up as they do not know how to deal with being made fun of, picked on, and other disappointments in life. There is a huge difference in this problem then in the past. Most people have been picked on at some point in their life. We as parents need to show them how to be strong, stand up for themselves, be confident, and to never lose sight of their self worth. So easily kids turn to hurt themselves or others as a way to make it end. Bullies have always been there in our youth and in our adult life. The question is, how do we not let them influence our lives. Yes, we need to try our best to put an end to bullying, however we need to also teach the victims how to deal with it emotionally. After all, they are just kids. They are full of self doubt and do not know how to understand nor deal with their emotions being so young. That’s where parents or other influential adults in their lives can help guide them through. Parents need to step up and get more involved as a whole, on both sides being the bullies and the bullied.

  • jeanie lethcoe says:

    I am praying for this young boy and the family…We as parents are the ones to teach our children not to bully other kids…The problem is a lot of kids hear their parents making a statement about someone that’s negative and they think it’s OK…We need to teach them that there are consequences for their actions,not just at home but wherever they go…This BULLYING HAS TO STOP! OUR CHILDREN DONT DESERVE THIS,THESE CHILDREN HOULD BE PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW,,,

  • Jackie says:

    I am 65 yrs old and bullying was going on when I was a child. This has nothing to do with playing outside or playing inside. Hurt people hurt people! I’d say 1/4 of parents are drinking and drugging and/or living in poverty. They take their frustrations out on their children. Hate is taught. Parents point their fingers at others and criticize others. They don’t feel good about themselves, so they put down others saying I’m better than them. Bullies are often cowards. It is getting to the point where it is out of control. Something needs to be done, maybe at school, outside of the home, to teach children self esteem and how to set boundaries! It seems that schools are the breeding grounds. One class a semester on role playing explaining how it feels positive feedback and rewards! Stop the bulling. Teachers and bus drivers have to be seeing this. Stop the bullying!!

    • Queen Bee says:

      I agree with Jackie. Hurt people hurt people to make themselves feel better. There is also a huge lack of respect for those who are different. All we have to do is look on the comments on new stories to see how judgmental and hateful people are. If we learn to respect each others differences, regardless of whether or not we agree, our children will follow in our footsteps. Kids mirror the behavior they see.

  • Michael McNair says:

    I a 30 year old man and I am not affaid to say that I had and played with my little ponys when I was a kid. There is nothing wrong with being yourself and enjoying the things you love in life.

  • Tammy Equils says:

    May God be with you all.

  • Chad says:

    We always tell our young son to be nice to other kids, that all kids aren’t the same and just because someone is different, that you still treat them well. Parents of bullies need to get more involved in what their little angels are doing when they’re not around.

  • Donato the brony says:

    im a brony in middle school and just heard about this and I’m deeply sadden. i can relate to the bullying but i just ignore them and move on,actully i use the bulling to power me to keep going… i hope he has a great and speedy recovery i wish i knew how to send him a card…i give him a Brohoof /)

  • steven says:

    Ok that’s sad. However, as mean as kids are why would this 11 yr old BOY even tell people he likes or even watches my little pony….

    • Clare says:

      The stupid comment from Mary J. And Bill Loggio’s is the reason we have those little freaking bullies in school,because parents like them don’t teach their kids respect and to treat others as they want to be treated! I blame it all on the parents that their kids are bullies!!!

    • Simon says:

      Because he has nothing to be ashamed about?

      This is the problem with society… an 11 year old is bullied over liking a show that society decides is girly, and in response people’s immediate reaction is to wonder why he didn’t keep it a secret from everybody and live a lie. Nobody should be expected to lie about who they are in order to avoid being harassed.

  • Annemarie says:

    My prayers for Michael. Everyone is different and everyone is ok because of it. No one needs to be bullied because of what they are interested in. This world needs help.

  • Mary J. & Bill Loggi'o says:

    Boy needs some mental health too.

    • Mary Wall says:

      I don’t know if the Woman Mary and Bill meant the boy that tried to Kill himself need mental help or the boys that are bulling. I think if you mean the boy in the hospital does you must be a parent of one of the bullying kids. How can you even say that” he has a right to like and live his life just like anybody else. What is wrong with people. Be very careful what you say it will come back on you.

      • Sally says:

        Mary i agree…this person says this little boy needs mental help…well DUH of coarse he does after being bullied and believed to be abnormal or a stupid show…come on people…the bullies need mental health or a life if they had to point out that this child liked a certain t.v. show…don’t they have better things to be doing with their life?? Nope because no one at home cares what they are doing, they are probably left alone all the time and feel unwanted and that is why they bully. PARENTS lets keep an eye on eachothers children lets help these kids, they are our future.

    • Dan - says:

      How about YOU get mental health treatment? You’re the scum that causes this, idiot.

  • J greene says:

    What a horrible tragedy!!! Pray that he has a speeding recovery. It’s really sad that bullying happens so much. Parents need to teach their kids that people are different and that’s what makes this world interesting. Communication is very important.

  • T. Tucker says:

    God Bless This Child!!!!!!

  • Socky says:

    This is so sad :( I’m a 20 years old, and female. I don’t care if guys enjoy the show as well. I hang out with brony’s at my college, and there some of the best people I know.. I hope you recover very Michael. *brohoof*

  • Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Our thoughts and prayers to the family and to Michael from Rowan county. It wasn’t long ago that we began the journey of a tragedy that rings to close to this story. Our hearts go out to you, for we know just how deadly this issue can be for our children. So know that those of us with Stop The Silence sends our love and support!

  • andy crane says:

    God Bless that little boy.

  • Dopple says:

    boys and young men need real fathers. not limp wristed effiminantes teaching them to be the same. It’s sad that this boy wasn’t taught that my little pony’s is a little girls show. He needed to be taught how to deal with getting picked on too. No one is above being picked on. It’s going to happen. Deal with it.

  • Sally says:

    Shame on you for saying “deal with it” Yes there are some things in life that we must learn to deal with but how dare you say to this child to deal with it. You yourself are a sick human. People who Bully have low self esteem and do it to make themselves feel better. The parents of the children that Bully need to teach them how to respect others for who they are…everyone is different, doesn’t make it wrong because someone likes something that others dont like. Bullies are weak, but need to realize it is non of their business about someone else likes and dislikes. A victim of being bullied should not have to deal with it on their own, I’m sure there were signs this bullying was going on way before this child tried to hang himself. Shame on the parents, shame on the teachers, shame on the children who bullied him, this poor kid needed someone to help him realize he was a normal child and his likes and dislikes are who he is. SOMEONE needs to notice these things before these children try to harm themselves. TEACHERS need to not turn their backs on this. bullying should have a harsh punishment…I hope these kids feel really good about themselves now…Little wimps with a big mouth!!! Prayers for this child who decided life wasn’t worth living because someone made him believe he was not worth it.

  • Richard says:

    My prayers are with you, as well as my support. I have watched My Little Pony and am delighted by show. The Brony’s are a great group, with nothing but love and appreciation for the message it gives. The responsibility rests with parents teaching their children tolerance and diversity. There is nothing more to the story than a boy who was bullied to the point of trying to take his own life because of his enjoyment of a show singled him out as different. Something so trivial was made into an unbearable torment, and it’s unfortunate that there was so much hate launched at him. I send love to his family, and hope that the power of the support overpowers the hurtful ignorant comments.

  • Johnny says:

    I cannot believe that this young boy was ridiculed to try and take his life. It is a sad world we live in today. I will pray to The Lord Jesus that he is healed. My little pony my not be the norm for a 9 year old boy but there is no reason for this bulling.

  • Mike says:

    May Michael and his family find peace and strength just as quickly as he finds physical recovery. I hope they find that some people in the world are with you and support your uniqueness! No one should be in this position for simply liking something different than what others expect.

  • H says:

    My condolences to

  • H says:

    Such a sad story. My heart goes out to Michael and his family. Yes, the world can be a very cruel place, but for an 11-year-old child to feel so tormented and hopeless enough to attempt to end his life is just terrible. So heartbreaking.

  • Ang says:

    Is the lady Eileen Montgomery in question for starting the gofundme page? She’s in the UK so idk if this was kinds fishy??

  • Sarah says:

    This is so sad beyond words. Over a cartoon! I pray he recovers completely I believe in Jesus’ name! What is going on with our society teach your children to be kind if it were them and the shoe were on the other foot lets see how it would feel to be bullied so badly your child would want to take his own life. 11 years old is so young to be wanting to die! Shame on the bullies and shame on their parents!

  • Sarah Mobley says:

    My heart aches for this boy and his family. Children can be so cruel and not realize the harm they are causing. My offer stands to his family, when he gets better and is released he can come to my barn and play with my horse. I’ll even paint him a bright color so he can say he’s met a real life “my little pony”. God speed little man. You will get better.

  • Kevin says:

    40 y/o Hetero married Brony here. My wife and I as well as the majority of my married friends thoroughly enjoy the show. This is NOT the MLP from the 80′s and 90′s. The show teaches solid moral values in ways that aren’t cheesy and includes a ton of Geek and Pop culture references that make it fun to watch at any age. The problem we have in the south are ingrained and institutionalized stereotypes that everyone is expected to fit into. Sorry, but that kind of narrow minded thinking is what is fueling the bullying. Saw it and experienced it growing up myself.

    My heart goes out to this kid along with a big BroHoof.

  • Mindy says:

    Dopple must be a real man! Talking smack about an 11 year old boy. Man…I bet every man reading this envies you. Equipped with your parenting skills…they would all have manly GI Joe watching boys!

    See, the way my Daddy taught me, there will be a day that you will be picked on. And when that judgement day comes I hope your Daddy did the same for you.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for bashing this child and his parents. What if it was your child? Maybe he wouldn’t be upset that his peers where bullying him…rather a grown man named Daddy.

  • Irene Ramirez says:

    Both of my sons like this cartoon too. One is25 and the other is 14 and there is nothing wrong with it! Its a cartoon, where dose it say that its just for girls? All cartoons are for both genders! Its a form of entertainment! Most cartoons like My Little Poney are creataed and made mostly by men and there is nothing wrong with that. May god bless this family..

  • nono says:

    Hoping and praying for a full recovery.

  • nikki says:

    Many prayers being sent out to this young boy and his family. May you find comfort in God and know that He is by your side always! I pray for all those who are so mean and ugly and that would chose such a life to go around picking on others. I pray that one day you will see how hurtful you really are and how much pain that you are causing.

  • sheila says:

    It is so sad that kids think it is cool to idolize sports figures and entertainers that are using drugs, are immoral, and show negative situations in their lives, but they bully kids who like wholesome things such as My Little Pony. If you have never watched the show, give it a try. I teaches friendship, loyalty, truthfulness, and generosity. I have been to BronyCon and love the show. Both my children are into My Little Pony and are proud of it. One is 30 and one is 29, and I am almost 60. Neither one of them are “losers” . They both have great jobs and are buying really nice houses. People are not born bullies, it is something they learn from parents and friends. I know there is nothing I can say that will change a bullies mind. They believe there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, but please put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself if is this the way you would want your child being treated. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

  • shonp says:

    My prayers goes out to the boy & his Family… As a lot of people have stated that bullying isn’t something people is born with… It comes from there so called parents who is always talking negative about other people.. I’m a Teacher & when I was in college my Instructor told us just because boys play with dolls doesn’t mean anything. IT’S THE PARENTS THAT TEACHES THEM THAT DOLLS ARE FOR GIRLS… So before the negative people start pointing fingers make sure you do your research & you are raising your children to be respectful of other people.. I pray to God that he touch these negative people & give them proper teaching methods so their child won’t grow up & be a bully…

  • Cindy says:

    Michael u may not get this message but I wanted to write it just in case u may. I have 2 sons one is 11 and one is 7 the both like there hair long. They get picked on for it but its their choice and it’s what they choose. Be who you are and friendship is magical. We live in greensboro which isn’t far from you so if u ever feel like you need a friend I’m sure my boys would love to be your friend. Your not alone and never need to feel that way! I hope and pray for a full speedy recovery and I hope you get to be watch my little pony soon. Be proud of who you are and don’t allow anyone to tell you what you are aloud to like and not to like. People like that are afraid to be themselves and want to e who society wants them to be. Some of them probably like my little pony to and just afraid to admit it. You weren’t !! Stan tall be proud and never allow anyone to make you feel like your life isn’t worth it!! Take advantage of your 2nd chance and live happily being who you are!! Wish you all the luck in the world Michael ❤🙏

  • Zach says:

    Oh no! A boy likes something considered girly! Better call the masculinity police!

    The boy is in the hospital and some of you still insult him. Shame on you.

  • p maz says:

    why didn’t the kid feel safe talking to his parents about his problem? also, do parents not teach children that suicide is a mortal sin anymore? and that it should never be considered under any circumstances? i was bullied pretty badly as a kid and never remotely considered suicide

  • We just learned of this terrible tragedy. We will be praying for you, Michael and your family Tiffany. Aliyah is devastated by the news. We will be up to visit soon.

  • James McNames says:

    Life is hard but kids need to have a backbone and be able to handle the cruelty of this life. Even if the kid was bullied he should not have been so rash and extreme in trying to kill himself. Maybe if his parents would have been more there to talk to him and build him up.

  • Brony Jason Stanford says:

    I hope and pray fro full recovery Micheal, Your not alone out there, so please hang on get better, because remember “Friendship is Magic” so dont let their bullying get to you, just remember you always got a million friends when your a Brony! so hang on in there and remember you got my Support!

  • Pamela Parrish says:

    People can be so MEAN! I feel so sad that people have to be jerks to cause a kid to try and kill himself… I hope the kids that caused so much pain are found.. TRIED… And locked up! Hell I am 42 and like old school toons like Captain Caveman and Alvin and the Chipmunks/// He has my love and support////

  • Brian says:

    This so sad. Why cant someone just be left alone and be allowed to express themselves. I am a father of a brony and i fully support it. My son has been bullied as well but he has stood strong in the face of adversity and never strayed from his expression. That makes me a very proud father. My thoughts are with Michael and his family.

  • sonja winstead says:

    Only God knows the out come of this precious boy. Don’t give up hope!!! Keeping you in prayer!!

  • CrystalNightArtBeauty says:

    I’m a 11 year old GIRL brony/Pegasister (Girl brony name) So because I’m Micheal’s age I know what it’s like to be a fan of MLP:FIM (My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic) at age 11 considering we’re the same age except I’m a girl. Honestly,Why can’t people be allowed to like what they want to like without stupid bullies with no lifes being mean to them? I know no people are never born bullies and they may be bullies because they can’t fit in or because their life is tough but those who find bulling “fun” are the ones I’m talking about. Besides,what’s wrong with MLP:FIM? The show at first in the first few episodes back then when the show was new were ok but good but now the show has more excitement and adventure in it such as Season 2 finale with the Conaterlot Royal Wedding part 1 and 2 and the Crystal Empire part 1and 2 and the show’s creator,Mrs Laruen Faust,wanted the show for all ages and she even said that she didn’t want THAT girly at all and for everyone and the show has lately been interesting. Now I found out about this and what happened to Micheal,I’m going to pray for him until he’s OK again and I suggest that Michael’s parents transfer him to another school and make him not tell anyone he likes it and if he DOES want to talk to other fans his age,he can talk to me considering like eariler that I’m 11! (except I’m a girl) Sadly, we live in different areas,I live in USA CA Fullerton and I currently attened Richman school in the 6th grade and next year I’m goign to Parks Junior High (my mom works there so it’s no wonder why I’m going there) but if yoru Michael,happening to be reading this and the other nice comments by the other nice people :) (not to metion older people because I’m Michael’s age) then I feel sorry for you Michael and I’ll try my best to pray for you and yoru family because as a 11 year old girl My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic fan,then I’ll try my best and I’d like to meet you maybe but sadly we can’t but we can talk to each other on certain websites and stuff! My mom says I need to get off my computer now but I’ll make anoher comment tomorrow and I’ll start praying for you and yoru family toniht and I see in the picture in this artcile you with 2 Pinkie Pie toys and I like Pinkie Pie as well! (I like all the mane 6 euquallay to be honest) and report those bullies to your teacher and principal and other ways to end bullying and you’ll be fine :) I’m surprised to see more My Little Pony fans MY age o be honest and I’m surprised boy fans at age 11 because I know what bronies are and such (I’m like a expert on the sshow) but I’m surprised with age 11 here and yeah,I hope you feel better! :) :D
    (Bless your family)
    Nice meeting other fans my age even though I’m a girl! I’ll add more comments and keep praying for you! :)
    :D :P :) :D :P :)

  • Debbie says:

    I feel like there’s a little bit more to this story than what’s being told. Could he have been bullied because he likes to ” dance”? I don’t want to imply anything that this kid might take as a form as bullying as well. He didn’t have to let the kids know what cartoon he watches, but he can’t change the way he acts and behaves. If he’s a little different than the other kids that’s okay, but that could be the reason why he was picked on and be the reason why he tried to commit suicide. I have to agree with some of the others who stated that we need to teach our kids that they will face situations like this throughout their lives and they are going to have to find ways of coping with it. Kids today get coddled too much and aren’t taught how to deal with problems that they will face in life. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  • Joshua Selbitschka says:

    Micheal. I may not have gone through exactly the same thing as you, but I was bullied as well. For different reasons of course as bronies weren’t exactly around when I was getting bullied but I know somewhat what you went through and I’m hoping you get better. Now just a bit of advice for when you wake up and see all these kind comments(seriously alot of these people are praying for you and that’s an admirable thing). What was I saying again- oright, advice on how to deal with harassers. This may be difficult and even I have troubles doing this as well but one thing that you can do is attempt to ignore them. Another thing you could attempt would be taking away their leverage. If you respond positively to them, such as laughing at their insults instead of getting upset, they tend to lose leverage as they’re geared to continue bullying if you react angrily. Proceed to continue doing this and you might find you can make some good friends instead of having to constantly deal with bullies. I had to learn this the hard way and I hope you can have an easier time with it than I did. Never worry about what others will think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself. If you can learn this, you’ll have a great time in school. /)

  • Hey little buddy you hang in there. All us Bronies are behind you all the way.

  • mguel says:

    Pinkie Pie – Smile Smile good luck friend

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